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Apr 24, 2010, 09:56 PM
No motor, no fuel, no problem!
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Maidened my Eureka- Great plane! some minor issues with my build tho

I finally had a chance to fly when the winds were up, and I got my Eureka into the air. The first two flights were iffy, as the wind was really light and on the second flight it just fell out of the sky and I had to crash land it. The whole tail broke off! So, I epoxied it back on and gave it another toss after the wind picked up. Tail heavy this time. DUH. Crashed again. Broke off the tail. Again.

This time I used strapping tape and clear tape to hold it on, and put some loose pocket change into a bundle and taped it to the nose. PERFECT! Oh did I mention one of the fins broke off on the second crash? So, it was single-finned. It didn't seem to mind, or even notice. It was as stable as I could have asked for. I'm going to make the horizontal stab/elevator smaller as well to make the rear end lighter. I need to fix the foam area and sand down the h-stab so that I can glue it down again.

I really wish that I could make something that was a little more sagebrush proof. I thought about a t-tail but realized that the inertia exerted by the h-stab on a rough landing might break that right off, putting me back at square one, and at the same time being heavier than a standard cruciform tail. Any suggestions on keeping it light and strong?

Lastly, once I got the speed up there in a dive, one of the control surfaces fluttered. I think it was one of the ailerons, but I'm not really sure. Is there too much hinge gap?

Thanks! And, thanks Dean (steelhead) for easy to build and fun to fly models.
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Apr 25, 2010, 03:36 AM
No motor, no fuel, no problem!
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I tore into the plane tonight to fix the issues. The hinge gap on the elevator was pretty large and it wasn't lining up right so I beveled one side of the elevator and hinged it with tape. Its got almost no gap now, and lines up perfectly straight. I haven't built a new vertical stab yet, but its going to be hinged for a rudder also. I've got a micro servo for that.

I am also going to re-hinge the ailerons the same way I did the elevator, and they'll be much more precise. I'm hoping to solve the fluttering problem in this way.
Apr 29, 2010, 01:52 AM
No motor, no fuel, no problem!
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Been doing some work on the plane over a couple of evenings. I re-ran the elevator pushrod so that it is below the h-stab so that I have room for the rudder pushrod and control horn. That setup is coming next. I re-glued the h-stab to the fuselage after putting some reinforcments to compensate for the foam lost. It adds weight, and I know it, but there's no much I can do. I built a new rudder out of 3/32 light balsa. It will be installed later tonight. It had been installed already but I had problems with *ahem* alignment *ahem* so I figured out a way to get it perfect this time. I have limited tools so getting it right isn't as easy as it should be. I also have a small building area in a corner of my bedroom on a small desk, made smaller by the books sitting on it.
Apr 30, 2010, 10:50 PM
No motor, no fuel, no problem!
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Up and running again

I tore down the Eureka after last Saturdays outing and got it done last night. It now sports a canopy made from a 2L soda bottle, re-hinged ailerons and elevator, and a new fin/rudder. I added a micro servo for rudder control. I reduced the size of the tail feathers as they were too big before, and I added a switch to the wiring. I'll be adding a charging port soon.

How does it look?
May 24, 2010, 03:46 AM
Slope Sauce
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I dig the soda bottle canopy. If you continue to whack off the tail feathers you might consider building a new set out of coroplast.

Tons of ideas at Spad to the Bone

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