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Oct 06, 2012, 10:50 AM
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You're right! Some clever photographer or mathematician will probably tell me it's an illusion caused by relative distance. I'd like to get an answer from the teams about how much they flex but I bet I'd never get a straight answer ( ''Yeh, erm, it flexes by 90 degrees at a loading of 25 cows etc, etc,'' )

The line I should have drawn was this.

Dah dah!

My new Kyosho HOR. Do you like it?

Name: My new Kyosho HOR.jpg
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Just as I looked at the initial picture, I just thought 'now that's hangin on!!!

If I could nail lines like he can I'd be RC world bike champion in a week!

Another thought.

Instead of all those die cast 1:20whatever models just being of a bike maybe they should just do models like that first picture. Now thats a model I'd be more interested in. The original photo behind him, with the saying ''Yes, he really DID ride that fast!''

Whoever wins this championship, will know they got damn lucky because you just don't get more ''I'm absolutely at 100% every mm of the track'' than that first picture. It really was his championship for the taking as he still had that edge over Dani, and with Honda' (factory) dominance over Yam in the recent GP's, it makes me wonder if he'd have had the title in the bag by Philip Island.

I do hope he doesn't stay from the bikes for too long. You can't ride that fast without loving bikes. He won't go back to GP's of course but I'd bet he'd have a ball doing the historics. Give everyone a chance to see him do his stuff. Can someone book him for Goodwood? better still, Oliver's Mount nr Scarborough. <cool as ...> CHUFFING 'ECK! I think I've become a big fan of his!
Why couldn't he have mellowed that bit sooner... ?

Looking back at Ducati's MotoGP history, It would appear Casey really has been carrying that bike for a long time. Just where the hell does Ducati finding itself in such a huge whole that despite having a bike that CAN go fast (with a few days extra tinkering and where no one else really tested)

Did they REALLY(?) listen to Casey Stoner, etc about what was going on with the chassis or did the team become an 'Look Sonny, I'M the engineer here so just tell me stuff I can put down in some complicated maths you stupid dummy rider you...''

Was he inconsistent with feedback? His race results showing that? it will be some mystery to me about just what happened with him and Ducati over those years. They seemed a strong team, but the bike has just got progressively worse and only now seems like turning a corner (just realized what an awful pun that was, though it was not intentional, as a pun or otherwise).

Ducati, just what did YOU do?

Is it you need 'Carl Fogarty types' around that will make sure you get a winning bike somehow or other?

Just how the hell did you produce such an (overtly obviously) one man machine that eventually started to bite against the hand that fed it so to speak) Just how much has Nicky Hayden got to do with all this? How has he manage to steer the ship from his side of the pitbox because he has been there quite a while now and I don't see how he 'fits' into Ducati's mind. Are they just not taking any notice of him too? Are they both crap 'test/research/development' riders? I'm just curious if there is any viewpoint that differs of the possible scenarios that may occur that I hadn't considered.

Just where did it all go wrong for them?
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Oct 07, 2012, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Lukey B
And if you haven't fallen asleep yet... Here's my dream season...

And there's plenty more I'd love to see out there, but the grid is probably starting to get a bit crowded...
See what happens when there's no bikes on for a week... My head starts doin all crazy things... Just count yourselves lucky I'm doin this on my phone... Other wise there'd be pages and pages of mindless dribble...
Get on your PC! That would just about complete a dream grid! I'd have to have Mike 'the bike' Hailwood, Phil;Read, John Surtees and Giakomo Agostini in there though too.

All to ride a 1979 Yamaha/Suzuki 500.

Oct 07, 2012, 07:29 AM
Me Likee Motorbikee
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Those guys are before my time, so unfortunately I didn't get to see them in action...

My Baptism was at about 7 or 8 years old... Watchin Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts go at it... And I remember sayin to my Dad, " that's what I wanna do when I grow up Dad"... And just got the total love affair from then on... And I guess that woulda been mid eighties... Don't remember who finished where, or what teams they rode for... But just loved it...
Oct 09, 2012, 07:16 PM
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[Just how the hell did you produce such an (overtly obviously) one man machine that eventually started to bite against the hand that fed it so to speak) Just how much has Nicky Hayden got to do with all this? How has he manage to steer the ship from his side of the pitbox because he has been there quite a while now and I don't see how he 'fits' into Ducati's mind. Are they just not taking any notice of him too? Are they both crap 'test/research/development' riders? I'm just curious if there is any viewpoint that differs of the possible scenarios that may occur that I hadn't considered.

Just where did it all go wrong for them? [/QUOTE]

It all started to wrong for them when he was having medical problems along with the arm pump where Ducati never said it outright but gave the impression he was pulling a sickie
He said after moving to Honda it felt more like a family than previously
Oct 10, 2012, 09:37 AM
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It was before even then. The state Casey was in after he finished those races, he looked like he'd just run a marathon, with 60 lbs in his bergen, all with a heavy cold. He was totally finished physically. I'm no doctor by ANY stretch, but I recognise a physically drained and shattered person when I see one. Why didn't Ducati?

Maybe this observation (outside the box) makes me conclude that Ducati MotoGP need an overhaul in team staff. By a stroke of luck, Audi are here and if they don't sort Ducati out, then Ducati are a bigger lost cause than the multi, multi million Lottery ticket, that has dropped from your hand by the gust of fate, and landed into the gutter drain where the torrential rain has deposited your life of unbelievable wonderment and flushed down the storm drain of despair.

I might crow about Audi here ( and I am a fan of the Ur quattro and all it's derivatives massively), but they have been but a success ever since that Ur Quattro first landed into the Motorsport world. ( I think it was Stig Blomvquist who 'debuted' the Quat as a course car, and beat the times that the competitors were posting).

They don't do losing. The Ur, A4 BTCC Quattro (which got banned after it's dominance in slippy conditions) R8 (the most successful Le Mans protoype to ever race, R10 (a turbo diesel!) and won many times, now the R15 etc.
They have the know how, they've done it for decades. It all remains to be seen how long they sort Ducati out. In short order I should imaging. The Italian temperament wont prevail for long, they soon turned Lamborghini around (though the Diablo will forever have a place in my heart. Despite the stupid pedal position, and the control column stalks lifted from the Morris Marina)
Oct 14, 2012, 05:52 AM
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Stoner is back... Woo hoo...

Pedrosa did another good job... Jorge needs to push him to finish, even if it's for second place still, but runnin around behind without challenging can't do much for the confidence... And Stoner was there the whole time, then maybe he wouldn't be sittin so comfy...
But I guess he is... So he can...

Poor Cal... I was lookin forward to see him bang a move on Bautista...
As for everyone else... Seemed sorta boring...

Moto2 was another good race...

And moto3... Real good to see Danny Kent fight to the end... So many times he has been beaten up in last few laps, was lookin that way again, but Salom taken down Folger gave him an opertunity... And he jumped on it...
Cortese' lil tantrum was totally mis-guided... He made the mistake, and was very lucky to finish...
Roll on next weekend...
Oct 28, 2012, 06:00 AM
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Well that race wraps up the season for me. Valencia is now just a thrash fest!

Is Casey riding injured?! He was 3 years in front of Jorge.

Dani,Dani,Dani. oh dear...

Cal gets a podium again and well deserved.

Ben Spies out for the last races and the Valencia test. He needs to find a priest, a white witch and anyone else who can lift the curse of 2012 from him.

Now the season is wrapped up I'll run through the teams. I stand by all my rider assesments posted previously, the Philip Island race just seemed to confirm everything I posted.


They've had chatter issues all season which are still unresolved. Despite that, the bike has been the class of the field all year. If they can solve that one issue, then they can be confident of having a world championship winning bike again next year. Even as it is, it is still a race winner. Should they choose to give that kind of equipment to the satellite Gresini/LCR teams then Honda will be filling up the top spots with ease.

It must be nice having a situation where they only really have one issue to sort out, meaning Valencia can be one long test session for them for 2013 to try a few new things.


They have been playing second fiddle in the works factory stakes all year. Jorges' consistency has kept them up front, and there is no doubt that the satellite team of Tech 3 has been THE satellite team of the year.

My concerns have been that they were on their last engines long before Australia and they have not been the dominant bike at the front in the last half of the year. The bike handles sweet but they have a lot of work to do. How the return of Valentino and Jeremy Burgess will affect things???... Somehow, Yamaha has to bring on the M1 quite a bit to win the factory battle. They have been marginal on fuel and have not had the race pace of Honda in the last half of the season. Heads down and test new bits lads...


They need to start from scratch. From the tealady to the top, everything needs a major overhaul. Time for them to get Audi in to sort things out and work on a 3 year plan to get back to the front again. Half measures simply wont do, it has to be a thorough job this time.

If it wasn't for Ducati having some money, the team would have folded the same way Suzuki and Kawasaki did. There simply can't be a continuation of what has gone on before.

The CRT gang:

Still work in progress, 2013 will be more of the same. However...

Now DORNA control WSBK, the rules will alter dramatically for 2014. There is no way WSBK can continue with using 40 engines a season against CRTs' 12. With luck, CRT should be a slightly faster version of a superbike in 2014 and I can also see more riders making the transition from WSBK to MotoGP.

Like I say, still work in progress, but when everything settles down I see more manufacturers running works teams in MotoGP which can only be a good thing because as it is, it really is a 2 horse race. If you're not on a factory Honda/Yamaha you don't have a prayer of winning. I do hope the might of BMW can be convinced to join they fray in a serious attempt, along with Aprilia and KTM. Maybe even Suzuki and Kawasaki could be tempted back, I hope they do.

Anyway, that's how I see it what about you?

Bring on Valencia, Casey's last race, Valentino's last race on the Ducati, Dani's chance of restoring some pride, Cal's chance of showing Herve that he backed the right horse, Bradl and Bautista's last chance to shine, should be a good race.
Oct 30, 2012, 07:17 AM
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Casey Stoner... Still can't beleive he's retiring... Like a lot of people, I'm very sad to see him go... And honestly... Over the past couple of days I've found myself questioning the championship too, having lost the biggest draw card Australia had seen for a long time, or ever...

The series has really lost it's appeal... Boring races, and now we ( us Aussies ) have lost our Hero... What is the point of watchin now..?

I know I can watch Stoner race his V8 super car around Australia... But that's not a motorcycle is it... So that don't appeal to me much eigther...

Don't like Rossi much... And only like Pedrosa a little bit more... So who else can take the challenge up to Jorge Lorenzo..? Maybe Marquez... And another favorite is Hayden... And Edwards... But sadly these guys ain't gunna do squat with the bikes they're ridin...

As you say... It's a two horse race between Honda and Yamaha... That's four riders... One who is rookie, so let's take the championship down to what is... A title bout between Lorenzo, Rossi and Pedrosa... I'm already bored just thinkin about it...

Carmelo Ezpoletta... You have turned the sport into a corporate pile of shite... And now the Dorma -Bridgepoint-Infront amalgamation has taken affect, I only hope that WSBK can retain it's hard arse racing edge that everyone loves...

Hmmm... Maybe I'll come back tomorow with a bit more of a positive outlook...
Sooky whining baby rant coz he lost his Hero is over for now...
Oct 31, 2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Lukey B
The series has really lost it's appeal... Boring races, and now we ( us Aussies ) have lost our Hero... What is the point of watchin now..?
You are in good company...

VR Even Vale reckons it's boring.

Sad though it is that Casey is leaving, there is still much to look forward to. The progression through the ranks of the young guns like Arthur Sissis, Danny Kent, Sandro Cortese, Scott Redding etc.

At least you've had a couple of Aussies up front, we Brits have not had a winner in the top class since 1981!
Oct 31, 2012, 05:46 PM
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I think the first test will be Valencia.

Will Jorge race for the win, now he has the championship in the bag, or does he carry on with the "I have points in the bag, I don't have to win this".

And it will be Casey's last race so youv'e gotta watch it, he will definately be going for the win.

Oct 31, 2012, 07:01 PM
Me Likee Motorbikee
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Yeah I recon on paper it should go off like a frog in a sock...

Stoners last Hoorah...

Lorenzo with nuthin to protect...

Pedrosa will try to carry his current form... And like Jorge is at home...

Bautista at home might have something for them too...

Looking forward to see how it all pans out... And of course the following test... Namely Dovi on the Ducati... And Rossi back at Yamaha... I've said before, I recon he'll be straight on the pace... And we'll see how Bradley Smith goes on the big banger... Ohhh... Nearly forgot about Marquez...

As usual the action will come from moto2 and 3... That'll be good to watch for sure...
Nov 09, 2012, 12:36 PM
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Haha! Cal does 1/5 stockbike rules!


Name: cal.jpg
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Jan 01, 2013, 02:02 PM
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Oooh, MotoGP.com have been releasing some full races on YouTube.

I've got up to 20:15 so far and I'm screaming at the screen for Jeremy Mac to do well, even though I know the result... and Garry McCoy on the grid!!! ( YES!!!! )

Jan 02, 2013, 06:10 AM
Me Likee Motorbikee
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Hey there... I sorta forgot about this thread... glad you bought it back...

I'll have to check out you tube out... I went to see my Mum for Christmas and found some old boxes in storage...started digging through, and I was actually digging through a whole bunch of VHS tapes that I recorded nearly all the 500 races on, from early 1988 up to... I dunno when...but there's a heap of videoes there that's for sure...bummer is they're all recorded from comercial tv broadcasts, so I had to try and pause the recording when an ad break came on, and they were on real late at night over here, so sometimes I'd fall asleep and forget... or worse still, forget to un-pause it and miss half the race...

so I'll check these you tube ones out, and watch it on the telly... surely it will be better quality than my old VHS bootlegs... and to see the hereos of yesteryear will be cool too...

Lookin forward to next year gettin underway too... I see Marquez is already on the pace... Bummer the factory Yamaha boys had dodgey weather... was very keen to see how they (alright... like everyone else... ROSSI) shaped up...

thanks again for diggin the thread up... and for the link...
Jan 02, 2013, 10:03 AM
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We got Ducati's telemetry truck in the work shop for the hydrolic's pipes to be relaced, An old Ferrari unit they bought. Not allowed to say to much but the weather station alone will blow your mind,

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