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May 02, 2011, 09:05 PM
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Man bad luck for Spies! One of the mechanics left a tool on his bike right by the brake lever.So Spies was distracted and was trying to remove it during the race. Somebody is gonna get FIRED!!!!

Man Dani played Lorenzo like a harp.
Stoner said his back completely locked up.. Man i hope it doesn't go down like this for Stoner the rest of the season????
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May 03, 2011, 01:42 PM
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Good on Dani, I want to see someone challenge Lorenzo directly this season so its good to see the Spanish rivals go at it.
May 03, 2011, 05:47 PM
I never thought I'd cheer for Pedrosa..lol, but he played Lorenzo to a "T" !
May 11, 2011, 08:02 PM
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Can't wait for this to come out!

May 12, 2011, 11:52 AM
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YES +1
I have the other movies and they are awesome, every MGP fan should own these!
May 12, 2011, 12:40 PM
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Yup, I got the others, too. I just watched the The Doctor, The Tornado & the Kentucky Kid the other week and was thinking they need to make another documentary. Then, I see this? Awesome... Hope they have a screening here locally. Got the fiance to a race last year and she knows most of the riders. She actually wants to see this with me. I won't complain!
May 12, 2011, 12:58 PM
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She's a keeper!
May 13, 2011, 09:50 AM
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Oh man bring on the drama!LOL

This was copied and paste.

Lorenzo responds to Rossi 'pussies' jibe

'Young MotoGP riders are pussies' - that was the controversial claim made recently by seven time champion Valentino Rossi.

Rossi made the comment in response to criticism by the likes of Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo about the on-track conduct of Rossi and hard-riding fellow Italian Marco Simoncelli, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, the comment arouse during the pre-event press conference at Le Mans on Thursday, beginning with class-veteran Colin Edwards being asked if the claim was true:

“[Yes] they are just a bunch of pussies!" replied Edwards. "No, I retract that statement...

“There's obviously been some statements in the press about this and that, but I'm still working on my pace to be up there with those guys to talk sh*t about them!”

24-year-old reigning world champion and 2011 points leader Lorenzo, one of the main targets of Rossi's words, was later asked for his response.

After being told that the phrase, in polite terms, meant some young MotoGP riders were behaving like 'kids', Lorenzo - in a presumed dig at Rossi - replied:

“I don't know. I guess it must be a little shame to be beaten by 'kids'. Every race...”

At that point 37-year-old Edwards couldn't resist jumping in: “Yes, it's a shame! And I didn't even call them pussies!”

Meanwhile, Rossi brushed off his latest clash with Stoner, who is said to have obstructed the Ducati rider during the post-race Estoril test:

“In reality it was nothing special... nothing happened... No problem,” said the 32-year-old, whose feud with Stoner was reignited when he brought the Australian down in a race-accident during round two at Jerez.
May 13, 2011, 11:46 AM
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Chris Nicastro's Avatar
Ohh.. its gettin hot-in herr!
May 13, 2011, 12:01 PM
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Torrance's Avatar
after watching the WSBK Monza round i agree with Rossi... gp guys = pussies. well at least the ones who cry when another bike comes within 1 meter of their bike.
May 13, 2011, 02:04 PM
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Chris Nicastro's Avatar
Yeah are you kidding me, you dont repeat 7 times without having some scuffs and swaping paint from time to time. Rossi has more experience than the whole young class combined. I recall Lorenzo complaining when he wasnt winning races and Rossi was dominating on the Yamaha. That bike wouldnt be what it is if it wasnt for Rossi and his team so for Lorenzo to have an attitude about it and brag that he is winning is hollow in my opinion. Rossi moved on to yet another manufacturer to develop yet another bike and give it time he will win yet another championship.

If it wasnt for Rossi being a charismatic champion we would probably all be watching only WSB now. So those "pussies" need to suck it up and learn how to make the sport something to keep the publics interest after Rossi is gone or they will have something else to complain about.

Look at Hayden, as far as I know he has been very professional and quiet and learning and in the hunt. No drama. I respect that.
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May 13, 2011, 02:47 PM
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i agree with the last comment rossi will have the duccati up on the first row soon not only is he still recovering from an injury but it is a new team he is the best rider our generation has seen he cant and should not be taken lightly he has single handedly turned the sport around and made it more appealing to the masses
long live the doctor
May 13, 2011, 07:28 PM
1 Rossi is Da Man !

2 Much respect to Hayden for his never die attitude!

3 Spies will bounce back!

4 Lorenzo will eat his words
May 13, 2011, 08:22 PM
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swheels's Avatar
I love the way Rossi's looking at Lorenzo.LOL Could it be the look of : I should reach right over and bitchslap you.OR wait till you see what i got planned for you if we get close enough in this next race.LOL
May 13, 2011, 09:15 PM
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"You win a championship on a bike I developed, and you think your $#!T don't stink?"

Originally Posted by swheels
I love the way Rossi's looking at Lorenzo.LOL Could it be the look of : I should reach right over and bitchslap you.OR wait till you see what i got planned for you if we get close enough in this next race.LOL

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