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Jun 01, 2003, 11:09 PM
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Run for your lives, the slowstick UFO's have landed (longish story of stupidity)

Well, it's springtime and thats when young mens thought's and actions turn to,... you guessed it, putting lights on their slow sticks and scaring people. SO, after being inspired by the fantastic, creative people here on this forum, I decided to put some led's on my slowstick. I made the trek down to Hosfelt electronics to buy some bright led's. I spent more than I wanted and sort of backshelved the whole project. The other night, I hurridly rigged them up. If you have never flown at night, do it now because it was AWESOME!! My folks have a farm not too far away with wide open spaces. I had great flight times with my stock motor and li-poly 1400mah. I was excited to take it back to the "big" city of Cleveland and try it there. I had waiting all week for the weather to break to fly down in the local MetroParks. During the sunlight hours on Friday, the weather was turning progressively nastier and nastier. I waited, paced, and finally, at around 10pm, the rain stopped to a gentle mist. I grabbed the slowstick, ran down to the truck and away we go to the park. I chuckled with delight at all the folks I would confuse/spook with my new "flying UFO" slowstick. I get to the park, a little voice (decidedly different from the usual voices I hear) tells me maybe this isnt one of my better ideas. The voices be dammed, we fly on. I get everything ready and I notice BAD glitching on the rudder. What the ??? I tell myself, it's only misting, why would there be glitching ??? I naturally figure, maybe it will go away once it's airborn. I fire it up and hand launch. It immediately is in big trouble. The winds aloft now have grabbed my slow stick and I have next to no control. It is being pushed all over the place. It is now way higher than I ever planned, above the trees that ring the field. I am getting scared as I somehow muscle her back down. I am still trying to mentally figure out the glitching as she had flown perfectly only days ago. A sudden gust of wind pushes it high up straight into the notorious "big tree". Awww, now what ?? The rain naturally picks up as I stop, look around and see that maybe three vehicles had been watching the proceedings. Now Im in a real pickle. The "park" closes in 15 minutes, it's pitch black, raining, my fully illuminated slow stick is firmly implanted in a tree. I go to the "Polish Sanford and Son" mobile (my truck) to fish for something to help the cause. I dont know about you, but the back of my truck looks something like the trash compactor scene in the original star wars movie. Lots of things are swimming around back there. Charcol lighter fluid, no. Camp chair, maybe to stand on. old rotor, no. WHite water rafting paddle, no. I found a length of webbing, 20 feet long. Back to the tree we go. I rolled up the webbing into a roll and try a few gentle tosses at the plane. Nothing. Im now convinced the tree is now mocking me. The nearest branch is maybe 8 feet off the ground. I chuck the webbing over the branch and I use it to pull myself up. I dont know what kind of tree it was but I never remembered getting this filthy climbing trees as a kid. Up into the tree, out we go onto the branch. Right about this time, I hear voices, something stirring below. Teenagers now have spotted the show and decided to find out if they could pelt me with empty beer bottles. Maybe it's a Cleveland thing (throwing empty beer bottels). I decided at this time to NOT engage them in a battle of wits since I was at a distinct disadvatage. Anyway, I ventured slowly out onto the offending wing. At this time I remember hearing tires peel out and teenage voices receede into the distance. Im thinking, ok, easy street, knock down the plane, grab your stuff and get the devil out of here. But no, the next problem was park rangers who for some reason, had a problem with a 35 year-old climbing trees after hours in a pitch black deserted park yelling incoherently about "kids throwing things". They INSISTED that I climb down immediately or face arrest. I tried my best to plead my case, all the while, shaking the branch, shaking rain down onto to them standing below, shining their light on me. Finally, as if the e-gods decided I had had enough, the stick came to life. I heard the motor fire and the servos move. It tumbled out of the tree when I finally understood, the ranger now had the transmitter and was in control. I made the climb of shame down to face the law. I was hoping that once I got down, the rangers would see what was going on, see what a great guy I was, they would pat me on the back, promise to buy me a beer, introduce me to their hot, unmarried sister who had a thing for guys who hang around parks after hours flyting model airplanes, or at the very least, we would all share in a good laugh and they would tell me to fly here anytime. Uhhh, not exactly. I tried some fast talking and I was let go with an extremely stern lecture. It seems that somebody had reported me via those cursed cell phones. Sorry for the long, rambling story. Im not sure what the moral of the story is other than,... hey,... wait a minute,... it's not raining out, it's around 11pm, I wonder where that transmitter is at ?...see ya...
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Jun 01, 2003, 11:40 PM
Registered User
GREAT story!!! : - ) It sounds like the same sort of thing that **I** might do, except that for ME, the plane is destroyed AND I get a ticket!! Glen Priest
Jun 01, 2003, 11:47 PM
Patrick Mahoney
Great story! Glad you got your SS back.
Jun 02, 2003, 12:47 AM
characters welcome!
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I fly my LED DuskStik (aka StealthStik) around the neighborhood at night quite often. A couple of nights ago I was orbiting the neighborhood from across the street setting up for a landing after ensuring the area was safe from Al Queda when I noticed a woman standing in front of my house staring open-mouthed at the plane. I must have moved at that point because she suddenly became aware that I was standing there with a funny looking box in my hand. "Is that your airplane right there?" she says. I affirmed the fact and she immediately looked immensely relieved. Apparently she thought that the Dusky was a full scale plane with engine trouble looking for a place to land since she couldn't hear the motor and thought that Port Royale Drive was about to become an ad hoc landing strip. After I made my landing she thought it was very cool after all.

Jun 02, 2003, 01:15 AM
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daycat's Avatar
Great story...I can see that kind of thing happening to me only the branch would break just as I got to the plane.

Jun 02, 2003, 01:42 AM
Smooth Air
Morb's Avatar
That is a GREAT story. You're a lot braver than me to climb up onto that branch.
Jun 02, 2003, 04:09 AM
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Carnifax's Avatar

No bravery involved at all

Not brave at all. I have my AMA # taped to the wing. Had I left the plane, I think the authorities my have "taken the necessary steps" to remove plane, and subsequently put me in shackles or at the very least pony up some $$$ for their rescue efforts. Plus, had I fallen I would have been ok 'cause the men in my family are known for their thick skulls. Got some weird looks though when I stopped for gas on the way home. It appeared as though I may have attended some sort of "run and dive down a grassy hill" seminar as I was filthy, wet and generally a mess. What makes us do these things ? Next time I will get some pictures.
Jun 02, 2003, 06:04 AM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
Carnifax.. your a riot! Great story..
Jun 02, 2003, 08:35 AM
Get a brian, moron!
Zephyr's Avatar
did you say that the park ranger had the transmitter - did he fly them himself? Surely he should have been more understanding
Good tale though
Jun 03, 2003, 12:04 AM
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Rangers definetly NOT understanding

Soooo... back we go to the park to fly the slowstick again. As it turns out, my meatpack tray elevator was a partial source of earlier control troubles. Glitching still nearly out of control. I am still working on that problem. Im thinking possible source of trouble is cheapie GWS receiver. Maybe possible external interference.

Lots of interested spectators tonight including a park ranger who says "Oh, yeah, we heard about you, youre the airplane guy".,"We dont allow toy planes or rockets or anything here". It seems last Fridays previous encounter made the rounds amoung the rangers. The rangers from last Friday in reading me the riot act neglected to mention the fact that it was expressly forbidden to fly in the parks. The ranger was all in all pretty friendly about it. I asked who made the rules and it turns out the parks commision made this edict. Tomorrow, I am going to try and see if I cant get this rule changed. I thought maybe for the interest of all involved, I will detail the process here.

Can an everyday guy get the rules changed to let him fly his planes in the park ? Find out, in the next exciting episode of "Carnifax-the fly guy". More to come...