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Apr 01, 2010, 09:12 PM
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Spring Fever!?! Just don't tell the wife...

Near the end of last year, I found myself buying parts and planes for some extensive FPV experiences. Winter this year was one of the worst I have seen in 25+ years. Life then took over, went through some illnesses and the hobby ended up being put on hold.... then the Sun came out this week; so did my wallet.

Ugh! I think I almost enjoy just buying / researching / building more than I do actually flying. As it stands now, within the next week I will have the following laying around:


1) MPX FunJet. I just purchased this on 3/31/10.
2) Fully Built MPX Twinstar II (Had a nicely built one, crashed it last summer - been sitting in the corner since). Purchased a new kit on 3/31/10. I will transfer the equipment from the old one to this one. This has an AttoPilot unit installed, works amazing!
3) Fully Built Borjet Maja. I purchased this last winter, started the build and it has sat pretty on my wetbar sense. I want to fly it, but would rather start with something small until my skills have the rust removed.
4) Nearly built RiteWing. I actually have two of them. One is 90% built (needs covering), and the other is waiting to be built.

- Just ordered 4/1/10:
--- (2) KA450H 3200kv brushles motors
--- (2) Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 30C Lipos
--- (5) TGS Sport 5x5E Precision propellers
--- (1) Turnigy Watt Meter and power Analyzer
--- (1) Immersion RC 500mW 2.4GHz Transmitter
--- (1) KX-550 Camera (NTSC)

- Brand New Parts (ordered before Winter):
--- (1) GoProHD Camcorder
--- (1) Immersion RC TinyTelemetry
--- (1) Immersion RC EzAntennaTracker
--- (1) Range Video On Screen Display v3.0
--- (1) Tanic 25-30 C 3S 5000 mah
--- (1) Tanic 18-23 C 4S 4250 mah
--- (1) Tanic 20-25 C 3S 2150 mah
--- (1) Tanic 10-12 C 3S 2220 mah
--- (1) AttoPilot autonomous flight system
--- (1) 785 Servo Power Gearbox (3:1 Ratio) <-- for ground station
--- (1) HS-785HB Servo <-- for ground station
--- (1) Standard Gear Drive Tilt unit (5:1 Ratio) <-- for ground station
--- (1) HS-645MG Servo <-- for ground station
--- (1) Aluminum console (11x8x3.5") <-- for ground station
--- (1) DPM LCD <-- for ground station
--- (1) Diversity Duo receiver
--- (1) 1w Lawmate video tx
--- (1) 1w 9xTend modem
--- (1) 8dbi Flat Patch Antenna
--- (1) 4dbi Omni Antenna
--- (1) ATI all in wonder video capture card

I am excited for the FunJet. I plan on using the KA450H 3200kv motor and 5x5e prop, along with the 500mW TX. If I have enough room/weight allowance, I will try to put in the RVOSD.

Anyhow... anyone have their Spring Fever hit?
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Apr 01, 2010, 09:18 PM
Mums the word.
man2000me's Avatar
Well yeah,

Thomas LRS
New GoPro HD Hero

Apr 01, 2010, 09:34 PM
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Man2000me, we gotta get together and fly!!!
Apr 01, 2010, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by man2000me
Well yeah,

Thomas LRS
New GoPro HD Hero

Nice setup. I was going to wait another 2 weeks or so, and see how well Sander's UHF system worked. Yet, the Thomas LRS looks very nice as well!

One thing about the GoProHD & RVOSD - I have seen many people report it doesn't work out of the box. Some have changed the resistance (removing 75 ohm resistor) to get it to work correctly.

I was going to order tomorrow from GoPro another case unit. Then I was going to mount that on the TwinStar II; swapping cameras between the Maja and Twinstar. Right now, I have the camera mounted on the nose of the Maja:
(sorry for the crappy quality, iPhone pictures)

I need to put a final piece of coroplast on the nose area to ensure strength, but the case is in there strong. As much as I cut out, it is still very stiff. I had laid a piece of roofing cloth down, seated it with Gorilla Glue (white). I then mounted and put epoxy in the nose to mount the GoProHd case. Finally, I used a black sharpie to make it all match again.

Anyhow, this plane will be a fun camera ship. Not sure exactly what I want to do with it though.
Apr 01, 2010, 09:56 PM
Mums the word.
man2000me's Avatar
Looks like a clean setup. Now I'm just waiting on Trappy's L1D vario.
Apr 02, 2010, 04:46 AM
Houba ! Houba !!
rcmonster99's Avatar
Well I have a few tough choices of my own.
I want to treat myself to either :

-Duo diversity
-another OSD (torn between remzibi's and the RVOSD)
-skywalker plane

choices..choices...wallet is poised and ready but which one ???

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