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Jul 23, 2010, 12:41 PM
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One setup question, do you mix aileron to rudder, with your Typhoon? or have rudder mix on a switch?
My only hotliners, for now, have no rudder, so this has never been an issue before. My floaty electric sailplanes, and Ultra Stick have aileron mixed to rudder.

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Jul 25, 2010, 08:09 AM
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I feel the need for speed

Had a great time out with the E-Typoon today.

With the bigger motor now fitted with a 13 X 7 the E-Typoon goes like a skun cat. The Turnigy 1800mAh 3S 40C battery came out cooler than the motor.

Attached is the log file from the ESC.

The E-Typhoon flies well in this warm line roll, the energy retention is good with hugh loops and bunts after diving. Didn't try looking for thermals. I will need to look at some cooling for the ESC when summer comes around.

Jul 27, 2010, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by millikenrob
Alright, so heres the deal (i need some help analysing this - i think it may be over propped).

Motor: gs2218-10
Battery: 3s 1800mah flightmax 40c
Esc: Phoenix 80amp with switching bec
Prop: aeronaut 14x8

I did three motor runs, each about 7 seconds. The motor is VERY hot - too hot to touch? I dont fly electrics, i dont know what this means, but im pretty sure its not right.

According to the wattmeter it's pulling 761watts, and 72.66amps.

The battery dropped to 10.23volts (can someone tell me if this is too low?) should i be worried about a brown out with the ar7000 receiver?

The other two readings i got were .249Ah and 2.5Wh. The first one i'm guesssing is 250mahs, i dont know what the watt hours represents.

So guys - what you reckon, should i go down a prop size - there is a strange smell coming from the motor compartment.


Hows that gs2218-10 holding? recommended for this setup?
Im looking at getting the same.

DEcent power or not?

Jul 28, 2010, 11:56 PM
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Oh - i thought i had posted the details.

I ended up with about 45amps on a 12x6.5 - The climb is good - but far from spectacular. Probably 10-15 seconds to get to a thermalling height.

I'm going to bump it up to 13x6 -
12x6.5inch is getting 45 amps, 14x8inch is getting 70amps splitting the diff should get me close to the 55amps max rating.

It does sound fantatic though but im still getting used to the landings. im used to a much slower (groundspeed) landing so a couple of times i have nearly stalled it on landing. It doesnt help that im landing in a pretty tight area.

Last week i damaged my blades trying to power up before landing in either a) a puddle/lake b) a gravel walking path. I hit the gravel walking path, ruined my blades, then slid into a very wet patch of grass.

Does the plane deserve a bigger power setup? If you have the money for a neu/hacker setup then i go for it - otherwise the hyperion is a nice option

Jul 29, 2010, 01:37 PM
Sure it'll work
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Hi Guys!

Just jumping in to soon join the Typhoon party/club/or brotherhood of storm chasers here. I should be going over to pick-up my new Ty' from SoaringUSA Friday.

The set-up I am going to try will/may be....
Aveox 1015/2Y 4.4-1 with 3,4,5, or 6S (prop size to be determained after testing)
CC 80A esc with DE Sport bec (more than I need,but will be there if I need it)
Servos to be decided when I get to SUSA.

I'm trying for a warm/hotliner set-up. I already have a very fast F5D. I will try and keep my findings/experience posted here. It likely won't happen very fast because my free time is so limited....see...gotta rush to work now.

Peace-out, Bill
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Jul 31, 2010, 01:28 AM
Sure it'll work
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I guess I won't be getting the Typhoon right now like I thought. After Bob showed me the Typhoon, I decided it wouldn't accept the larger power set-up (for sick power). I decided not to use the Aveox, and went with a Neu. A Typhoon will be in my future though. It's a very sweet ship...looks even better in person too.

Right now, I opted for the 2M electric Weasel. I wanted a bit more room in the fuse, a one peice wing, and didn't really need the rudder for what I want to do. It was still a hard decision to make.

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Aug 01, 2010, 09:29 PM
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320pilot, yes I use aileron/rudder mix. Just added until truns were coordinated better.

Mike Richards, yes it slows down nicely. No apparent tendancy to tip stall. Stalls are
straight forward with my setup. If you let it fly (stay off the elevator and
don't mush around) it will thermal nicely and rather tightly. It is not a
Gentle Lady. If you look at the wing loadings you will see that it will fly
faster than the typical TD type ship. Good luck with your ship.
Aug 04, 2010, 10:12 AM
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Thanks, Jim. I was just worried that rolls, (with rudder mixed to ailerons) would go screwy.

Aug 12, 2010, 12:49 PM
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this will probably be the motor/ESC for my Typhoon. Just arrived today from Esprit.

Neu 1110/1Y/6.7 on 3S Phx ICE LITE 100 ESC

should I grind a flat spot on the G/B shaft?
Aug 12, 2010, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by 320pilot

should I grind a flat spot on the G/B shaft?
Well that depands on the spinner you use. If you use one of the grub screw types, yuk, and it is not super tight on the shaft and you don't put 609 on it then yes.

If you use a compression type then no.

Either way that should be fun.

Aug 15, 2010, 05:32 PM
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One more question (for now) . I am thinking of a RFM 12.75X 13 prop, for the Neu motor 1110/1Y/6.7 ; PHX ICE 100 combo above. On 3S LiPo

Would that be a suitable prop? I could put throttle on a switch, might try it on the left stick, too.
Aug 17, 2010, 12:21 PM
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pictures of my Typhoon, just unpacked from SUSA.

I plan to use some 3.2mm carbon fibre rod for linkage from elevator and rudder servos to tail. (see last two pictures)

Things I like about the kit;
good hardware set, clevis, threaded rod, etc. all metric though.
all servo covers, bellcrank cover are beautifully fitted
stabilator bellcrank (with clevis) already installed in tail
rudder control horn (with clevis) already installed.
all control horns are epoxied into ailerons and flaps.
wing is opened up for linkage from servo boxes to top driven aileron/flap control horns.
canopy already has a wire clip epoxied inside to hold canopy on.

something I would like too;
A factory epoxied motor mount, or at least a built -up lip, to hold a motor mount in place. Fuselage is just cut off at front.
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Aug 20, 2010, 12:00 AM
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I'm guessing the 12.75 X 13 prop will work fine. I personally prefer not to use over square props and would go with a 14 X 9.5 for about the same power level. It will not be as fast but should be easier to launch and and climb better.

That setup will take alot more prop 16 X 10 or 16 X 13 if your game. I personally have my throttle on an interlocked switch with a slow startup ramp.

I prefer metric hardware.

I'm guessing the reason they don't put the firewall in is that no two motors have the same mounting holes or need to be positioned the same distance from the the nose.

Good Luck
Aug 21, 2010, 02:07 PM
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thanks, Mark
should be starting with the build soon.
I'm guessing the 12.75 X 13 prop will work fine. I personally prefer not to use over square props and would go with a 14 X 9.5 for about the same power level. It will not be as fast but should be easier to launch and and climb better.
are you worried it will cavitate too much on the launch?

Overall I am very pleased with the kit, and careful packing by SUSA. I was just mentioning some of the highlights of the kit. Many steps in the build have already been done.

I have a 13X9 RFM prop on a BulleT warmliner. It launches beautifully, right out of my hand. Just at little hard to see up high, with only a 58.5 inch wingspan, versus 78.5 inches for the Typhoon, so I bought the larger Typhoon. (Bullet has a Neu 1105/2.5Y/4.4 motor with a Ice Lite 50.)

ps, I do have a spare 13X9 RFM prop, too. I could get a 14.5X10 RFM slim, for later. Thanks for the ideas, now I just have to get this Typhoon flying
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Aug 21, 2010, 07:55 PM
Which way is it going now
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Originally Posted by 320pilot

are you worried it will cavitate too much on the launch?
Not so much cavitating but it will not pull out of your hand quite as well. So when you launch you would have to give it a good heave.


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