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Oct 24, 2010, 08:48 PM
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Thank you for the explanation.

Have fun with the Typhoon soon.

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Nov 05, 2010, 03:07 AM
Soggy Scotland
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Hi All, just wondering if anyone has had time to progress their electric Typhoons, are have any more flight notes, what the performance with their power setups is, etc... :-)
Nov 05, 2010, 01:10 PM
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Well, I should be ready to maiden the Typhoon this weekend if we get some warmer, sunny weather.
Had some snow earlier last week, and later in the week it did warm up but receiver install wasn't ready, and I wanted to wait for my son to shoot video.
So now the receiver is in, just range check to go, and re-check C of G then control travel. I would like to find a larger field for the maiden too.

Here are some pics of the receiver/antenna install. I did get some nice flying with a new 2m Purple Pulsar last week, maiden flight was on Oct 26th
Nov 06, 2010, 05:32 PM
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More Typhoon pics. Had new Lipo all charged, C of G check done with Rx and LiPo in place. I still have the flap servos buzzing a bit, at full flap. Will adjust end points again.

Had planned to maiden today, video cam ready, but skies got darker and darker, and cold 3.3C or 37 F. Low ceiling too.
Finally decided to scrub the maiden, and wait for a sunny, warmer day. Video will come out better, too.

Flew the Ultra Stick instead (off the road!) with my son and his friend giving me traffic updates for landing again. They flew their Piper Cubs
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Nov 06, 2010, 05:34 PM
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Love this plane :-)
Nov 11, 2010, 02:50 PM
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Light Typhoon setup recommendations.

There are no AUW's given by on the sellers websites so I'm having some difficulty deciding on a setup. I've read over thread a few times and would like some clarification. I don't have alot of electric experience and have read between the lines as much as I can. I know, I should just call Bob at SUSA, but I'd like to go in with some info first.

I'm hoping to get some suggestions as to a light, simple, Typhoon setup. Thermalling capability is the priority, high speed passes would be nice but I don't want to sacrifice the thermalling in any way. And if cheaper does the same thing, then fine.

First decision is glass or carbon layup. I'd like the carbon version if it's not too heavy.

As for the guts, I'm thinking:
Motor: NEU-1105-2.5/4.4/1, or whatever is lightest/no tailweight.
ESC: whatever ESC is best. I've never programmed an ESC and don't really know anything about them.
Batteries: I have a few 3s 2250 lipos that I could use if they are appropriate.
Servos: Hyperion DS09 AMD servos all around? This is what the skip miller site recommends for the glider version. I've never programmed servos either. Do these need to be programmed? Is it worth learning how? I could see how programming servos could actually make it simpler. Are there other servos that would save enough weight to make a difference? Or other servos that would be better or easier to install?
Prop: No idea
Spinner: No idea

If the Hyperion GS2218 outrunner is lighter and doesn't need noseweight I would consider going with that, but not if the NEU will run better and longer. I'd spend the extra $100 and go with the NEU if it's worth it (simpler install too?). Is there a lighter NEU or other motor that would give me any weight advantages that I should also consider? Medusa?
thanks for any help.
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Nov 11, 2010, 11:05 PM
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Maidened my Typhoon !!! (finally)

finally maidened my Typhoon today. Weather had warmed up a bit, and sunny; my son was along to shoot video. Went to an AMA club field with lots of room, corn fields to circle over.
Launch was a bit exciting, my launch partner gave it a bit of nose down pitch, when he released the tail boom, "exciting" to say the least. After that it climbed out vertically just fine, then I looped and power off dove back down to build up some energy.
Flew down the corn fields, then back overhead for more vertical climbs. I noticed at higher speeds a bit of sensitivity in pitch. I had programmed 60 % expo on elev and ailerons. Did two or three more vertical climbs, with a low pass down the field and back again each time. ( hit the flap stick by accident on one pass, Typhoon stayed super stable, no violent pitch up)

Trim on launch was perfect; thanks for numbers, mstone and drjim.
I had the C of G at 84mm, leading edge of horiz stab at 63 mm from bottom of tail boom was right on the mark. In fact, during the flights I never touched any of the trims.
For fun, I did one fly-by at 1/2 throttle..very stable, so if I get too far away, or low on energy and want some thrust (without a wild vertical climb) , I know the mid point on three position throttle switch gives a nice, stable high speed cruise.
Coming in to land, I couldn't believe how well it slowed down. With full flaps out, and butterfly, sink rate was a little high, not something you want to do too close to the ground. No pitch change with moving flaps up and down, just a higher sink rate. Pitch attitude stayed constant.
my first landing was ok, not great, so I launched again, for some more circuits.
I had forgotten to program on/off motor switch to display cumulative run time, so had to guess how many seconds of WOT I had used. Decided to be conservative, with 6 climbs to maybe 500' used a total of 724 mAh out of the new TP-3S-2250 45C LiPo.

Whew!! will post video later

drjim on page 6 of this thread set up his Typhoon with the Neu 1105 motor. Here is a link to his setup

I used the larger 1110/1Y/6.7 motor with an ICE Lite 100 ESC, RFM 14.5x10 prop. Spinner is RFM 36/06. I have all HS65HB servos (except for HS65MG on flaps)

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Nov 12, 2010, 03:46 AM
Soggy Scotland
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Congrats on the maiden, sounds like it's a great setup!!

I'm pretty sure all the Hyperion digital servos are programmable via the USB interface via PC, DS-09 included. I had the DS-095s for a project and as certainly able to adjust end points etc - handy if you have to use a Y lead to two servos into one RX channel if you run out of outputs etc.

Nov 12, 2010, 11:31 AM
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I have problem with my setup.

FYI , mine is the same as yours ... motor 1110/1Y/6,7 and ice lite 100 .....

The problem is when i connect my 3 cell lipo to the esc it just make two beep sound ... and then when i moved the throttle there is no response from the motor.

I'm using Futaba 12fg anayway. I know that need to reverse the channel on the tx for the motor ... but still the motor just dont response.

I did try to plug the esc to my 4 cell and the continuous beeping sounds emitted from the motor .... but still no response when i try to throttle it ..

Think that u have the solution for this prob? ... i'd tried all the tricks in the book to no avail ...
Appreciate your feedback.

Nov 12, 2010, 01:20 PM
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thanks pilotrcuk
You are right, I don't have the DS-09 servo, elev servo of my Flash 2 is the Airtronics 94802 servo. Thanks for correcting this.
By the way, with the stress of a maiden flight, I "thought" I raised the flaps on the two landings, but watching the video, they were still down. So HS65MG (metal gear) servos on flaps were a good idea.

It might be that your Lipo is discharged/low voltage under load.
In the Phoenix Error codes, it lists
[quote]"2 Beeps and flashes, Low Voltage Cutoff : Your batteries are likely discharged. check that batteries are fully charged and that Phoenix detects the proper number of cells at power-up"[quote]

I had a similar problem with an Ultra Stick and PHX 45. When I put up the throttle stick, with a charged Lipo same thing happened. What was wrong, is this older LiPo was starting to fail, so when it was loaded up the voltage drop was too much for the ESC, then it sent out this error code. The fix in this case was a new Thunder Power, Pro Power 30C lipo.

For the Typhoon, ( and same setup you have?) I am using Thunder Power Pro Power 45C Lipos. I also have big castle 6.5 mm connecting plugs from LiPo to ESC.
Have you played with the Phx esc program? It may be your Lipo Low Voltage Cutoff is set too high..or a bad connection somewhere.
Let me know how your Typhoon balances out with that power setup. Even with the small 2250 LiPo pushed up against the wing joiner, mine is still a bit nose heavy, (even with a 7 gm weight in the tail).

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Nov 12, 2010, 02:28 PM
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I have some time; you asked
[quote]Motor: NEU-1105-2.5/4.4/1, or whatever is lightest/no tailweight.
ESC: whatever ESC is best. I've never programmed an ESC and don't really know anything about them.
Batteries: I have a few 3s 2250 lipos that I could use if they are appropriate.[quote]

here is the same motor setup you mentioned above which I have on my BulleT hotliner, Neu 1105/2.5/4.4, ICE LITE 50 with RFM 13x9 prop. (this setup was advice from Bob at SUSA, where I bought the BulleT). I would suggest a good (new?) 30C LiPo. I like the Thunder Power 2250 Pro Power 30C lipo for my BulleT. You can see the ESC data from this setup below. Bullet climbs like a rocket, (but this is much lighter than the Typhoon). You can PM me for programming notes on the ICE 50 ESC.

As for servos, I put in HS65HB for ailerons/rudder/elevator, with HS65MG on flaps in my Typhoon. These servos fit very well. Hyperion DS 09 are better, but more expensive. drjim, on Typhoon thread used the same HS65 setup on his Typhoon.

For the Typhoon you will need a 36 mm spinner, for a 4mm gearbox shaft (for the 1105 motor) or a RFM 36/4/8 spinner.
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Nov 13, 2010, 01:19 AM
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No luck for me ... when i connect the lipo to the esc ... only 2 beep sound emitted from it.
But the initial sound/tone indicating the esc is initialize was not there ...and i tried it many times ... btw the battery is new hyperion 3s 3300 mah 35c ... so battery is not the problem.

Im puzzled and dont really sure what to do next . Lets hope CC will reply to me soonest.

Nov 13, 2010, 02:48 PM
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connections to motor are good? Don't know what else to try...
maybe connect the Castle link dongle, and "revert to default settings" or something in ESC?
Do you have another ESC to try with your motor?

ps. had to add two more pic. Typhoon, far away, and go-around
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Nov 16, 2010, 10:11 PM
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Thanks for the help. I'll PM you when get ready to buy. Probably won't be until Feb.
Nov 17, 2010, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by mstone
Mine arrived today from Andrew at www.falcongliders.com.au in a strong well padded box.

As noted earlier by Rob the new Typhoons have incidence pins at the front and rear of the wing saddles so the E-Fuse will work with older and newer wings.

You can see from the photos below there is plenty of room for many power and battery options. For those going to the extremes standard 3S 2000mAh packs will slide under the wing joiner so you can get 6S with two series packs if required. I'll check a bit later if you can actually balance the model without lead this way.

Also for the power hungry people a Neu 1500 series with P32 gearbox just fits in. I did have to smooth the joint between the two halves of the fuse to get it in place.

As for the Turnigy 35 series and the Hyperion GS3025 they would go in if you ran the wires through the outside of the fuse it is very very tight and the wires would have to go right back past the motor before you could bring them back in, I wouldn't do it.

The Hyperion GS2218 will fit without a problem.

To start with I'm going for a Turnigy 2836-100 will be set to run at about 300W, with plush 40A speedy and a 1350mAh 30c pack. Don't think I can push it quite as hard as the GS2218. Just have to make sure I can balance it without lead in the nose.

Servos: for the elevator I'm going for a JR DS368, because I already have it. It will need spacers under the lugs but should fit. The 368 is about the same size as a HS85. The rudder I have some GWS Naro + BBs which fit the holes but again will need spacers under the lugs. HS65 fits without need for spaces.

Andrew also included a nice bag of quality MP-Jet clevises and adapters to go on the end of the supplied carbon push rods.

Hi there Mark, I'm thinking about getting this bird and have been following this site and is really is helping me to make a decision. Question, is there any reason you decided not to go with the Neu 1506/2d/6.7 you had previously test fitted? I have a spare 1506/1D/6.7 and was wondering what your thoughts are regarding the use of that motor in the Typhoon..

thanks... Ken

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