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Jun 04, 2010, 05:02 AM
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The Saga continues . . . having received one shipping notice, orginally on 18th May, today (4th June) I have recieved another no explanation. Only difference the tracking number has now been removed. [while typing this recieved a reply to my query on the new shipping notice "please check your account later". ]

KV6 - I would like to go out with my boat this weekend only problem NO BATTERIES. Now I wonder where they could be ...... Oh! now I remember

More to the point for KV6 and one or two others seem unable to work it for themselves. This thread is not about bashing Hobby King. We do understand that we are getting a good low cost product. As a result their organisation has problems from time to time. What I object to is that instead of telling us the truth about what is going on Hobby King is treating us like idiots and feeding us one unbelievable excuse after another.
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Jun 04, 2010, 08:22 AM
12S Or Bust
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Finally got some results from my shipping #

Have no real idea where it is but now it's registered and apparently being handled by Swiss Postal Service. Hope it shows by next weekend when I need it for a FunFly.

I beleive we all will get our stuff, it's just traveling the great circle route. In other worlds round and round here we go where it stops nobody knows

Other than not being forthright about the problems I believe HK is probably bending over backwards to get these orders out.
Jun 04, 2010, 08:43 AM
Hey Guys, Watch This.......
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Originally Posted by WReid
A word of warning to everyone who is thinking or planning to order LiPo batteries from Hobby King. I was just on the HK forum and the ban of shipping LiPo batteries by airmail and EMS by Hong Kong Post is real. They are not allowing any packages containing LiPo batteries to be shipped. From what I read HK knew this would be in effect as of Dec 2009. Right now HK is trying to find other methods to ship the batteries.
Just to confirm this I called Hong Kong Post and they confirmed the ban on shipping LiPo batteries by airmail. I would hold off ordering batteries to this gets sorted out.
The good news is HK is supposed to be opening a warehouse in the US. Not sure how that will help us in Canada but it could mean batteries will be easier to get.

Wayne R
They have had a warehouse here for some time. Problem is there's never any stock. Seems like it would benefit them to stock Li Po's here with all the hassle they are going though.
Jun 04, 2010, 10:24 AM
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Well I figured I would post an update on my order. Originally the order me and my wife placed was marked shipped on May 25th by EMS to Canada. We were even given a tracking number. Yesterday morning we got an email from HK letting us know our order was dispatched from the warehouse June 2nd and a new tracking number was given. Just like the first tracking number it did not work and was not a Hong Kong Post tracking number.
My HK account showed the new tracking number. Well that is till this morning. This morning we got another email saying our order was dispatched from the HK warehouse June 4th and no tracking number was supplied. The second tracking number we were given June 2nd no longer shows in my HK account.??????
I tried HK Live Chat this morning and was told we SHOULD get a new tracking number in a few days. I was also told it could take 45 days for our package to arrive.???? So much for the $34 trackable EMS shipping.
Well I guess I should be happy with the fact they say our order is on its way. But a tracking number that proves it is would be nice.

Wayne Reid
Jun 04, 2010, 02:24 PM
Airliner Builder
WAGliderGuy's Avatar
Got a new tracking number last night starting with EC and ending with SG. Probally being shipped out of Singapore this time. Where should I go to track it?
Jun 04, 2010, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by WAGliderGuy
Got a new tracking number last night starting with EC and ending with SG. Probally being shipped out of Singapore this time. Where should I go to track it?
Same here.My Tracking number started showing as "processing" as of this morning

hope this helps
Jun 04, 2010, 02:28 PM
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WAGliderGuy's Avatar
Thanks! Mine says no info available but it can take up to 48 hours.
Jun 04, 2010, 02:28 PM
12S Or Bust
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Originally Posted by WAGliderGuy
Got a new tracking number last night starting with EC and ending with SG. Probally being shipped out of Singapore this time. Where should I go to track it?
If it's regular registered airmail: www.usps.com

If it's EMS I'm not sure but probably the same.

It takes about 48 hrs to come up on the system.
Jun 04, 2010, 02:35 PM
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I payed for EMS. That last couple of orders I made with EMS woulden't show up in the USPS system. I hope that the speedpost will get my package to the US soon!
Jun 04, 2010, 02:43 PM
12S Or Bust
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I just tried my # on Speedpost and nothing so they're shipping anyway they can. Mine shows to be in Swizerland on USPS tracking which is hard to believe. They may have to resort to carrier pigeons.
Jun 05, 2010, 06:22 PM
nakelp86's Avatar
Well guys ,
I think I have to eat all I said about HK. today I received my order :-))))).
once it got to USA it was only 2 days in transit.
I am also impressed with great packing . Will give them another shot sometime but the shipping (mine was $40.00) kind of kills great prices they offer.
Jun 06, 2010, 08:45 AM
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My Update

Don't get excited....still no delivery yet..

BUT, looks like HK now has a formal statement on thier site about the shippng delays.

AND, the new tracking number that I've had for almost a week now (that never worked as it was still linked to hong kong post) now has a NEW tracking link that goes to Sinagapore's Post site.

There, my tracking number finally works and notes it's in transit. So, at the very least SOMETHING once again is showing for my order....

Just more wait and see.....I guess.
Jun 07, 2010, 01:11 AM
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WOW. Now my order was shipped out for 3th time. And this time I get an email that they inform me my order can take up to 45DAYS TO ARRIVE!!!!. 45DAYS!? And this time I havent even got a new tracking number. "Nice work Hobbycity". I been a loyal customer for long time and spent over 3k$ on they site. And what do I get..?
Jun 07, 2010, 02:19 AM
lurking in the HOLE :)
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Norwegian, you are getting what everyone is getting at the moment, you have not been singled out in any way and I mean that politely. Imagine this scenario:

You place an order for something with "anyone". That "anyone" has your bits in stock and in a day or two neatly packages it all up and hands it to the smiling folk at the post office (in hobbycitys case the Hong Kong Post guys that work at the warehouse where Hobbycity have all their stock). First question:

Who is now responsible for your stuff?

Anyway the local Postal folk move your items onto the next place in the postal chain. Oh deary me, all hell has broken loose at the next place because the local customs authorities have decided that they are going to dilligently inspect all packages and if there is the slightest issue with it they will be returning it to the "anyone" vendor as they want nothing to do with it.

Anyone vendor gets the package back.... Question:

What do you want the vendor to do with your package?

So the vendor does it's best to now find another method to move your goods onto you, even if it means they have to pay 2 lots of shipping, 1 local to another country and then an additional amount in "speedpost" or some other form of post to get it out to you. Again, question time here:

Who caused this problem and who should be blamed?

So your package is finally on it's way. By the way with your 3 grand of orders, how well did your previous ones go? Sorry that was a question out of sequence. The new postal method, which by the way is probably the only method available at this time warns that it could take up to 45 days, this is like the 7 to 14 days for registered airmail that has never taken more than 4 days for me however they like to quote an absolute worst case just to cover all bases.

OK now.... to give another example. I sell something on ebay that I have and promise the buyer I will get it posted the next day. I package it up that night and think to myself, right I'll take it into work with me tomorrow and walk it accross to the post office accross the road from work at morning tea. I do exactly that the next day and they take it. Have I not posted the item? Have I done something wrong?

I doubt very much it will take 45 days for you to get your stuff. Do you still want your stuff? Do you want Hobbyking to cancel your order? Do you want Hobbyking to refund your postal costs and then charge you the new cost?

Apparently there are about 3000 orders a day through Hobbyking, so picture this, 3000 orders plus whats being returned by Hong Kong Post to be sent some other way. I believe your comment should probably be:

"Nice work Hong Kong Post". I been a loyal customer through Hobbyking orders for long time which has put a fair bit of money Hong Kong Posts way. And what do I get..? Well at least Hobbyking are trying to get me my stuff even if Hong Kong Post are making it difficult.

Just my opinion

Jun 07, 2010, 03:43 AM
lurking in the HOLE :)
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Originally Posted by Trevor_G
KV6 - I would like to go out with my boat this weekend only problem NO BATTERIES. Now I wonder where they could be ...... Oh! now I remember
Trevor, I sympathise completely, however what has transpired has indeed transpired and has nothing to do with being fed false info. I have Lipos delayed just like everyone else.

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