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Mar 25, 2010, 12:06 PM
Just Fly it

California Jets 2010 - Buttonwillow California

Since i live in Bakersfield, decided to drive by Buttonwillow and fly my Flash, and see how the set up was going.
Wow, but it is going to be a good year this year, with so many people already there! The tents were up and nearly populated with people, and lots of jets! It should be really amazing today as the setup completes and the sky fills with all kinds of Jet aircraft.

I saw at least two really fabulous UltraBandits take a several turns in the air. Wow what an ultimate aircraft. Great finish, easy to see all the way up and very capable fliers (is it the craft or the pilot?). On the other end of the spectrum, the Habu seems not to be embarrassed to fly among the Kero burning jets, and high end composite electric 50V jets! I saw some really amazing vertical in the Habu, probably not stock. I will be asking about mods and checking this little Jet out some more. I saw at least 7 of them, almost one at every tent! It had to be the most popular foamy electric jet.

There are also many scale jets that are absolutely gorgeous! A-10s, F-14s, Panthers, and sport jets of all kinds.

There is a rumor of two jet engines being given away Sat to those signing in. Maybe this is what accounts for the high spirits and anticipated turnout for this event. JetCat, and Evo Boost i believe will be the benefactors for this excitement.

Representatives for the BIG suppliers of aircraft and engines will be there from all over the world. What an opportunity to see and ask questions. Maybe i will be able to take some pictures, and place them here.

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Mar 26, 2010, 03:53 AM
Just Fly it

California Jets 3-25-10

I saw a lot of really great fllying today. Not sure if it was the planes or the pilots but wow impressive. The cleanest knife edge passes, and rolls in between. Most landings are so consistently smooth in spite of cross winds. All pilots just so accomplished. A few gear up landings, and off runway hard landings, with a puff of dust to pinpoint the location, and people wandering around looking for loosed precious parts. But rare.
End of day eleven Habus took to the air, and more children giggling on the side of the runway. Probably the most fun of the day. Most were bone stock, either with or without their landing gear attached. And there were retracting gear on some of the Habu. One person didnt seem to remember if he had gear or not as he skipped his Habu down the runway. More big laughing out loud. They all seemed to come back, with all planes back to their original pilots. I wonder how that works with so many planes looking alike, and they dont get confused. Do penguin chicks remember their parents or the parents their chicks? That sort of thing.
I saw the tiniest little JetCat engine on a very small little plane with the sweetest little landing retracts. 230,000 rpm or so. I also saw the new Evo Jet Booster engines. Nice, Nice.
I like scale jets, but not for myself. I like the colors, and bold flying of the sport jets. The most impressive to me was the Big Ultra Bandits, but Bandits of all sizes, down to the new e Bandit. Also impressed with at Big red white and blue Ultra Lightning. Really a crisp flying plane.
And a plane that crossed over in so much of the best of both. The big MiBo A10. Twin engines, big, aerobatic, big, and bold, just doing everything!
The best of the day was the Habus. Maybe people will come from all over N America, and the world to fly Habus some day. And we can get 50 of them in the air all at once. I ordered one for myself today.
Mar 27, 2010, 09:03 PM
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ca jets

i just got home from the ca jet show
the a 10 was fantastic in the first 20 minutes i was there 2 crashes and one flame out with a small crash

the parkzone edf s were cool but most looked alike and it was hard tofigure out whos was whos

but of all of them i really liked the super balsa bandit and the red super bandit
those jets are wicked fast and roll like a dream plus the vertical wow those jets really smoke
looks like the show was a success this year im sure the flying tomorrow will be fantastic too wish i could get back out there but can t make it going flying tomorrow

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