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Mar 22, 2010, 04:34 PM
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JR 9303 and 11X 12x for sailplane

I am presently using a borrowed Airtronics Stylus on 72mhz. I have been looking at the 2.4 ghz 12X and 9303. The North American version of the 11X is also of interest but I'm not sure if it will be available in time.

The main thing I like about the Stylus setup is the left hand 3 position camber switch for reflex, camber and launch and the ability to setup the left and right side levers to fine tune the camber on the left and launch camber on the right. If anyone can offer their opinion on which of these JR radios would be best suited to setup similar to what I'm using with the Stylus it would be appreciated. I understand the Heli version of the 9303 may be better suited to this.?

My other question is which 2.4ghz receiver will work best in my Carbon Supras (Spectrum AR7600)? I will also be wanting a lightweight 2.4RX for my Blaster hand launch (glass fuse) as well.

It would be a bonus to be able to use my old JR 72mhz TX modules in this new radio. Any restrictions?

The last question is with RX power. I have been running a 5 cell NiMh 1500ma pack for RX. Extra servo speed is very important to me and I've been considering a 1350 or 1400 lipo for the RX and the new DS378HV servos. Comments?

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Mar 22, 2010, 05:26 PM
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The standard 12X and 9303 with 2.4 will be 2.4 only. You won't be able to use the 72MHz TX Module. The old modules will not fit into the 12X version that does both 72 and 2.4. You actually would be picking a 12X or 9503 today for JR choices. For the closest to Airtronics switch setup, get the 9503 Heli version. It's switches are closer to what you want. It does not matter for the 12X. It has several 3-position switches to choose from.

You could try to find a module type 9303 which would let you use either a 2.4 module or 72mhz module. But the module looses some nice features like model match, where each program is bound to a specific model. If the model and RX don't match, it won't work. And you will find the 2.4 tx latency is lower. I don't miss 72mhz at all. Power up and fly.....

The AR9300 would be the best case for the Carbon Supra fuselage.

The 7600 or 6250 could be put in variouys DLG's.

If you are considering Lipo's then you want to look at the DS378HV and DS388HV. That will let you run the Lipo without a regulator. I'm not sure what you need extra servo speed for.

The 9503/9303 is plenty of radio for most pilots. The 12X adds in a few more features and mixes like 6 wing servos or rudder to dual spoiler servo mixes. It's more interesting to Scale sailplane pilots or those who like the 12X style case.
Mar 23, 2010, 03:14 AM
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There is not much difference between the helicopter version of the 9503/9303 and the aircraft/sailplane version. They have the same programming and switches except some of the switches are located differently. On the helicopter, the left three-position switch is moved from the left front of the transmitter to the left top corner. If you are flying helicopters or only using three flight modes (cambers) on your sailplane then this is of some advantage. But if you wish to use five flight modes, you have to use the right three-position switch. It is in the same location for both configurations. I have an A/S version of the 9303 and have never found it difficult to locate both flight mode switches while flying. The helicopter comes with a smooth drag on the throttle/spoiler stick. I prefer the ratchet. One small detail but possibly a major irritant is that all versions of the transmitters come with the same manual that illustrates only the mode 2, A/S version. You have to use trial and error to find where the switches are on the other configurations.

The 12X programming is very similar to the 9303. If your sailplane has no more than two control surfaces per wing, the 9503/9303 will easily handle it. And probably you could program it to handle three surfaces. Where the 12X shines is for flying giants where two or more servos are ganged together to control a single surface. While the 12X has a sturdier construction than any other in the JR/Spektrum line, it is a determent when it comes to launching a 3-meter sailplane with one hand and holding the transmitter with the other. My 12XMV weighs 10 ounces or 30% more than my X9303. Knowing the 12X costs more than twice the 9503 adds to the concern of dropping it during the launch.

Mar 30, 2010, 01:43 AM
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Radio choice

Many thanks for your replies. I have decided to go with the heli 9503. Your descriptions helped me a great deal.

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