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May 30, 2003, 08:24 AM
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Originally posted by D W
No, Fred, NO!
Don't give up this great hobby just 'cause of a bad covering job. Like I said I couldn't get it to work either, stripped it all off and went with Solite.
Get a good nights sleep and try something else.
I gotta recommend Solite (or Nelson Litefilm- the same stuff). It shrinks unbelievably well. Surprised you can't find it in the Great White North as it is made in England. I searched the few model shop sites I know of in Canada and couldn't find it.
Somebody please help.
Yep, a good night of sleep helped... I WONT GIVE UP !

Paul at oldschoolrc.com can ship Solite to Canada. Shipping is 10$ though!!! Higher than the price of the Solite itself... this is due to the oversize of the package.

In the end, 3 rolls would cost me 56$ Canadian...

I finally found a Canadian dealer for this Solite stuff.
A&J Hobby. They sell Solite for 12.90$ Canadian but its 1.27m x 0.7m... Isn't that sold in 2meter rolls usually?

Anyways, it looks like ordering from oldschoolrc for 3 rolls of 2 meters, including shipping is still cheaper than if I buy it in Canada... I think I'll make the move.

Question about Solite... It says in the product description that it has super-shrinkability capabilities... on very light wing frames (1/4" foam formers, 1/8 x 1/8 balsa ribs, 1/8 x 1/2 LE & TE)... will it warp the whole thing when I shrink it, like my regular Monokote does?

Thanks again for all the help.
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May 30, 2003, 01:34 PM
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I don't mean to take your thread off on a tangent here, but I have a question for you. Is working with coverlite like working with tissue and dope? I ask because I have some to use on a clancy ladybug, and I've done a few FF stick and tissue jobs, but I've never actually done a whole plane in plastic film (yet...it's only a matter of time), but I'm somewhat comfortable with the tissue and dope deal.

May 30, 2003, 01:45 PM
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The coverlite is different in the sense that (following is the Coverlite product descriptionit):

it is...

Factory "doped" with a totally fuelproof resin, CoverLite Iron-On Tissue Covering is super lightweight as well as stronger and more puncture-resistant than normal doped tissue.

It doesn need an adhesive, such as Stix-it, Balsaloc or Balsarite, which is heat activated with an iron.

It does have the "tissue" look and feel, which is really good looking.

Hear this... yesterday I was about to throw everyting in the trashcan, I decided to go to sleep instead, good choice.
Then this morning I thought of a way to apply it as tight as possible the first time and IT WORKED!!!

I even used 3M 77 spray adhesive instead of the real expensive adhesive thing and it worked fine too!

Let me finish this wing then I'll post the method I used...

May 30, 2003, 02:11 PM
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Cool! Looking forward to hearing it!