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Mar 14, 2010, 12:29 PM
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How to install Whistle on Cheddar Pintail Plant

First let me say that I am brand new to steam. I have aquired
a Cheddar Models Claire Steam Launch recently. What an awesome
Steam Launch she is. I am intrigued by this steam launch. Have
just about completed the 2 hours of break in time as suggested
by the steam plant instructions I got from Stuart Models. The launch
did not come with instructions so I got them from Stuart Models. They were
very helpful to me.

I want to add a Whistle to this...
Which Whistle would you suggest and from who??
How do I do this??
Does the whistle go inline with the main steam output to the engine
from the boiler??
There is what I would call an auxillary port on boiler that is plugged
up right now next to the pressure gauge. Would I use that port??

Who is a good supplier in the USA for a nice whistle???

Any help that can be provided would be well appreciated.

Thanks, Sailfish
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Mar 14, 2010, 04:24 PM
Just call me "Mo"
mogogear's Avatar
Congrats on your launch--IMHO the best whistle and valve for the money- PM Research

You may have to check their adapters and threaded nipples to match up the threads in the boiler bushing and the whistle base - but the whistle is adjustable and easy to rig a servo cable to it for R/C operation

Share some pictures with us-- and BTW-- Welcome to the group!!
Mar 14, 2010, 05:25 PM
Registered User

Thanks for the info, most helpful it is.
Do you know what the thread size is on the cheddar boilers?
I will send them an email or call them about this.
I will have to figure out how to post some pics.

Thanks also for welcoming me to the group. I have looked
around quite a bit before I posted this question.

Mar 15, 2010, 12:18 AM
Just call me "Mo"
mogogear's Avatar
No problem--I have a Pintail vertical boiler myself that I am fitting out.- Mike at Maccsteam relayed to me that the holes in my boiler were for 1/4 -32 (threads per inch) -I was inquiring about water gauge fittings etc from him.

So in addition to the whistle you will need a nipple adapter that has that on one end and whatever thew whistle valve is female threaded..

Now I will double check with you --You have Vertical or horizontal? I ask because on my vertical there is a smaller bush that is next to the gauge fitting that is smaller in diameter than the fitting on the top side..I think this fitting on my boiler is a water level height "weep hole" for manual fill level check.

Could be wrong as I am many times..I think you can see my boiler in about half way down in this thread
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Mar 15, 2010, 10:27 AM
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I have a vertical boiler. It is the fitting in between the the
water sight glass fitting and the pressure gauge fittings.

I will send an email to Stuart Models and see if they can help

Mar 15, 2010, 12:15 PM
Just call me "Mo"
mogogear's Avatar
OK then we are talking about the same now--That hole is smaller than I described. And I have not determined the size and pitch of that one--if you do find out - please share it here !!
Mar 15, 2010, 03:16 PM
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Stuart Model got back to me within 1 hour of sending an email.

Great customer service.

They said it had a 3/16-40 threads. I hope that they are correct.

I will be ordering a whistle and the appropriate parts very soon.

Pictures to come hopefully in the next day or so. Checked out your boats
and I will say nice boats. I am working on gathering some scale
detail parts to put on the launch. I have a person, would like
to find a Victorian style Lady and some other things. All things
with time though.
Mar 15, 2010, 05:43 PM
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-kno3-'s Avatar
Hi, if it is an original Cheddar boiler, then the threads for fittings are 1/4x32 TPI (except for the safety valve, which uses a larger diameter).
Mar 15, 2010, 06:25 PM
Just call me "Mo"
mogogear's Avatar
Originally Posted by -kno3-
Hi, if it is an original Cheddar boiler, then the threads for fittings are 1/4x32 TPI (except for the safety valve, which uses a larger diameter).
I hate to gently differ with you Kno3- but this one bush is smaller than the others. So there are three sizes of bushes on my Pintail boiler ..

The 1 SV bush- the largest, The 4 others at 1/4 x 32 ( water gauge included and pressure gauge plus one on top) like you said and then this smaller "fill" level bush and screw just to the right of the water gauge bush..

The screw has a knurled head/ with o-ring ..You can remove it by hand. I do not know if all Cheddar's have this small screw-I had not seen it before I purchased mine
Mar 15, 2010, 09:17 PM
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Mogogear & Kno-3,

I went to my garage and took a set of micrometers to the fitting that plugs up the hole in the side of the boiler.

The diameter was .2430 approx. That would make it a 1/4" bolt and the threads on the bolt for a 1/4" were 8 threads. So it is a 1/4-32.. Now to find a whistle and parts to use with this boiler here in the states.. Hmmm... this could be fun. Any ideas anyone.

Any ideas on overseas vendors if there are no US vendors with 1/4-32, I am not opposed to ordering from overseas if it makes it easier to install.

Time to start looking...

Mar 15, 2010, 09:41 PM
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Just looked at and the 1/4-32 tap is not terribly expensive. About $7 + shipping.. Could order the Whistle, Nipple and a unmachined Elbows or Street El and machine the adapter myself. That is half the fun of Model Boating is making some of the stuff yourself. We shall see.

Saw a very nice whistle on Mainsteam Models I like the Chime Whistle.. Would that be overkill or not??

Still looking!!!!!
Mar 15, 2010, 10:07 PM
Just call me "Mo"
mogogear's Avatar
It might take a lot out of your boiler to run a 3 tone chime whistle..

Pm Research makes adapter nipples to adapt 1/4 40 to 1/4 32 and so on..$2.20 EACH

The whistle base is 1/4 40, so all you need is one adapter nipple( 40 TO 32, 1- 1/4 40 elbow, 1 ALL 1/4 40 nipple and the whistle-- one low shipping price..
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Mar 15, 2010, 10:28 PM
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You are a life saver!!!! I couldn't find that amongst there catalog... Problem is solved and averted!!! Alrighty Then....

The cost of the 3 chime Whistle was around $114 with shipping and then the tooling would have added too much for right now.

I think I will be ordering from PMRresearch..


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