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Apr 25, 2001, 04:57 PM
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multiplex..... software up grade

I have the cockpit mm, I emailed and asked some mixing questions, they said to send in for the new software upgrade, all good, but they gave me an address in az for the maint. dept. Is that legit? when their site says CA? Just asking cause I got a bunch of email intercepted by punks ass's, long time agao, but still, I love my radio, And dont want to have to go to jail when i found out and beat them down....(sorry, rought day at work)
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Jun 03, 2006, 04:30 AM
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cocpit mm memory

Hi there,

Sorry I'm hungarian, and my english isn't very good I have got a cocpit mm radio. If i change anything in the model's memory, and i exit from this option, everything is set back to the original set. There is a problem with the memory.. Maybe i should upgrade the software? I haven't better idea. I found a description for how can i make a service cable. But i don't found any software for the cocpit mm. I think there is a V.2.4. The service is too far from me. Anyone have got an idea to what should i do?

Here' a link for a cable:

Jun 07, 2006, 06:47 AM
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Jun 07, 2006, 07:56 AM
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try asking your question on the Venders, Hitec/Multiplex forum. Its near the bottom of the RCGroups home page.
Jun 07, 2006, 12:47 PM
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Hey now,
I don't know about the cockpit radios. But I have an Evo and when I wanted to upgrade the software I was able to connect the thing to my computor, log into their site, and download the new software directly into the transmitter. Can you do it that way?
Jun 07, 2006, 09:06 PM
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(note that the post at the top of this thread is over five years old)

No - the Cockpit can't be updated by computer like an Evo.

I sent a used Cockpit I bought here on the Ezone to Hitec in California for a checkout and upgrade a year or two ago.....

Now that's not practical for a fellow in Hungary - and I doubt that a software upgrade will solve the problem being described. It seems the only recourse is to send it to Multiplex in Germany unless they have a service agent closer to Hungary. There MAY be information on
Jun 11, 2006, 07:30 PM
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I think i will send it to the german service by my friend. The software upgrade is a solution for my problem? I wouldn't like spend a lot of money for this radio..
Jun 11, 2006, 10:03 PM
EDF all the way!
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The guy in Az is a Multiplex trained service rep. Multiplex usually ask that he works on Multiplex radios.