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Dec 04, 2010, 12:25 PM
I meant to do that!
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Very cool videos Ivan
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Dec 04, 2010, 02:38 PM
I meant to do that!
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Here is some pics w/ new paint. Ill do decals as soon as I get my printer working again.
Dec 04, 2010, 02:40 PM
I meant to do that!
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LOL my wife just saw the new pics and said "Did you have your tank sitting on my clean table mats!" So I told her that the tank was also clean.
Dec 04, 2010, 02:50 PM
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Nice it!
You are gonna have a ton of fun in the snow.

We got some nice snow here too.
Gonna be a very nice weekend

Dec 04, 2010, 03:28 PM
Advanced Heli Collector
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That tank is COOL!!!!
Dec 04, 2010, 05:25 PM
Life is always craptastic!
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Got home from the flying field a while ago and man was it COLD! Thge only one brave enough to put anything up was Oly and his wide range of Strykers. I tried to vid the flights but they are just way to fast for these old eyes to keep up with. I will try to edit what video i got and post them up sometime this weekend.
I did do one flight with my trusty old GWS E Starter and had a heck of a time keeping it flying, the wind was steady at about 15 mph and gusting at times up to 30 or more. It was more an exercise in tacking across the runway and speed flights downwind. We only flew for about 45 minutes and decided that was enough. Oly's friend Mike had a new Stryker and had Oly maiden it for him......wilnd was steady at over 20mph and as soon as he launched a gust hit it and rolled it over into the grass runway. Sorry, no pics or vids of that one as my hands were too cold to continue to film. The "mayhem" was evident, broke the plane at the fuse in front of the wings and ripped the entire motor mount area of the fuse off. The wind was just too much and we should have waited for another day.
However both Oly and Mike both just purchased thier AMA memberships and wanted to check out the flying field. Hopefully they will both join and find just how enjoyable it is to have a dedicated flying site to go to anytime. For $35 a year its very reasonable and the field has very little use. Usually only one or 2 other pilots there so no waiting to fly. I find it a great investment and will continue to renew yearly so I always have a place to improve my skillz.
Will add the video after editing in a future post, some good video of Mike and Oly, yours truely is just too ugly to reveal his true identity so behind the camera keeps the Moral majority from censoring my video handiwork,,,,,,heh.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Of all the things I ever lost....................................... I miss my mind the most!
Dec 04, 2010, 06:11 PM
My dog is PERFECT in my eyes
LMAO...aint NONE of us here gonna win a "hunk of the year" award. At least women have "makeup" but I've got an old saying. "You can throw as many roses or as much perfume on manure you want, it's still manure. My wife married me cause she felt SORRY for me (the ugly little dog nobody wants)

Yeah, when the wind is blowing and it's in the low 40's or less, it's intolerable. Cold wind makes my eyes water like a faucet, and they feel like they're BLEEDING when it's that cold.
Dec 04, 2010, 06:42 PM
Got Helis
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The tank is looking good. Looks like you got about the same amount of snow we did.
I think about 3 inches, had the grandson shovel the driveway. Lol! When it gets to 6 or 8 inches, I'll fire up the snow thrower thingie.
Dec 04, 2010, 06:43 PM
Got Helis
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Man, the night flying video was awesome. First thing that came to mind, was there would be some UFO reports in todays paper.

Dec 04, 2010, 08:13 PM
Advanced Heli Collector
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Dave, here is a better video with a fresh battery.. it BOOKS with a nice new lipo!!

Alex flying the F-22 at night (4 min 8 sec)
Dec 04, 2010, 08:42 PM
Got Helis
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Another great video, I could tell by the sound of the motor and the speed of airplane, that it had much more power with the new lipo. People driving down the road in the back ground, had to see that and wondered what the heck it was. Your buddy did a nice save at about 3:44 minutes, a little to low and a nice save with a hard Left in it. He seemed thrilled. You take a mean video BTW. Right on target.

Dec 04, 2010, 10:05 PM
My dog is PERFECT in my eyes
That's gotta be a heck of a rush flying at night!!!
Dec 04, 2010, 10:07 PM
TIME is so things last longer!
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Hi Guys,

Ivan, your videos are great! Real guts I tellya flying at night and in light snow, brass ones baby! I was at the LHS today and inquired about white tape like the factory uses on the T-28 to cover servo wires for the ailerons, they had none to cover my light wires. He said some guys use a white tape sold in a drug store kinda for bandaging someone, I'll have to take a look. I wanted to come home and start the setting my lighting wires but my heli parts came in so I have to finish my 500 new frames and get her done before I start the 28.
Again the video are really GREAT!

I'll say this in as short a fashion as I can. I/we were sitting in the ER waiting room last night (everyone is ok). My wife was in a room with her sis who 86 and needed some care so I am sitting alone in the waiting room. So I am using our two iPhones as I have run my battery dead. So I moved over to her phone to see what you guys are doing. There you are talking about your project and genius-ness to fill it with water, the pump and when you said:
Ruled out the option of having water trucked in because I'm about as cheap as Vic and Dave are!
I "burst" into out loud laugher! People in the ER turned around and looked me like I was nuts and rude all at once. After I composed myself I read later posts and when Chopper said "why didn't you borrow a pump" I did the out loud laughter again. You guys were killing me last night I tell ya but you made my 6.5 hours there tolerable.
OBTW the skating ring truly is an accomplishment Jim....KUDO's on that, your kids are lucky to have you.

Kyle, your tank looks absolutely scale in the first snow picture. The second shot I could see the car in the background but all in all it too was a good shot. She looks "real" no doubt about it.

Dave, take care out there in that snow and keep that Grandson in plenty of HOT Coco. I just sanded my 500 frames to remove all of the sharp edges and should have the 500 flight ready by the end of tomorrow or Monday noon. I have been looking at used 600's for a camera ship as I am taking my present 600 and upgrading to a Castle ESC and a Scorpion to give it some power. I have seen used 600's ARF even with the Align BEC still and CF blades for $250.00. With that I can put my old Align motor and ESC and cheap servos and gyro and the heli cam all set up. Then there is the HK 600 too. My buddy just bought one and I have not laid hands and eyes on it yet but that will happen this week so I will check out the quality and see where I am going.

Smiles JPEE
Dec 04, 2010, 10:28 PM
what ya mean i have to land?
yep was a very cold day today lol my strykers were all i would take up in that wind,swear we had gusts of 40+ or more that was moving things around quite a bit today lol maybe next time it will be better,mikes stryker is already back together and ready to paint,i just have to find some way to counter the torque roll on my stryker,when at full throttle the right stick is full left and the plane is still torquing to the right i think maybe something is wrong lol.not too much power tho gotta be something else,never too much power hehehehe take care oly
Dec 04, 2010, 10:33 PM
Got Helis
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Hey Bob's

I screwed up in another thread and apologized for it. But the curious thing is that, Hobby King wants to take over the market place. Similar to Wal-mart and Meijers. I know Hobby King is in China, but I do know they have a Warehouse in the USA and Austraila already.

My bad here:


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