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Jul 13, 2010, 09:57 AM
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Barrrick.. thanks for the recommendation dude. and i loved the video I myself aspire to crash like that one day as well seriously though, ur msr looks pretty sweet with that body. did you make that urself?

Jay.. am doing major research!! loaded up a sim today and connected an xbox controller to the pc (since i dont have a heli or a tx yet) and damn.. that st is hard!! lol

I think i will be putting in many more hours on the sim before i take on the likes of a CP.. im all like

Anyways.. back to the sim

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Jul 13, 2010, 10:03 AM
That looks about right!
Wnuk's Avatar
Jay- A sim is one of the best trining tools you could have. It helps greatly with orientation and stick inputs. Just remember to keep having fun!

Jul 13, 2010, 11:16 AM
Life is always craptastic!
ArrowNaughtic's Avatar

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.............. what a ride.......heh!

Hi ya men!

Sadly my hobby time has dwindled to just 3 outings this year, and after the level of addiction I was in this is just not acceptable. I still have all of my original BCP's as well as a whole plethora of planes from small parkflyers up to the TF At6 .60 size.
I have been really wanting to maiden the at6 but have just not been happy with the motor I purchased for it. I bought a Grim reapers GR 60 thinking it would handle 6S lipos and come to find out it is not recommended to fly on anything over 5S and really is happier on 4S. I have 2 of these motors and will probably sell them (one was purchased for the Tf F4U corsair kit I am still building) Niether has seen any air time with one still being new in the box. We finally started getting decent flying weather here and have had one of the club members take over flying field maintenance resulting in the best field surface i have witnessed in my 3 years as a member.
As a result I have been trying to delegate some of my time to getting the fleet ready again. This must include learning how to set up all my helis on the JR X9303 without the disaster I had last year of not programming in the Throttle Hold curves on my Swift 16. 1100mm of blades doing the funkey chicken wasn't pretty. Working on my Trex 450 now and only just figuring out the gyro gain setup to dial in the logitech 2100LT gyro I have on it.
I did purchase a "Flying W" airframe from our clubs vice prez and am loving the way it floats and am now learning how to harrier it. Running a Suppo 2814 / 6 with the ESC that originally came with the TREX on a 3S 2200mAh 25C Shida battery purchased from RC Hot Deals out of Oregon. This guy has the best motor/ESc combos pricing that rivals Hobby King when coming to shipping prices tossed in from China. (sorry for the shameless plug but the motors have been by far every bit as reliable as any Eflite motors I have ever used)
Anyhows.......just leaving for a job up in Seattle and dropped in and saw that this thread has already zoomed to 183 pages! Great to see all you original (and newer original) members of the BoB's still so active! I plan to delegate more time to the thing i learned to love so quickly (RC) and get back in the saddle.

PS: Jay, Was wondering if you ever came up with any plan sets for your $8 pink foamie. I have the foam and all the electronics salvaged from the old Cermark Sukhoi and want to build a 56" version of yours. The pink foam really covers nicely with Econokote and stiffens up really well with very little CF reinforcements.
Dave.................. Jacki says Hi, she no longer lives here but comes over for a visit a couple times a week.
Vic............ Ya old dog, hows things going for ya? My original RC forum buddy still so active!
Rick............... This thing you created, the BoB's, has really shown its worthiness and the test of time. Great ideas come from those who have the experience and knoweledge to lead us "youngsters" in the right direction and walk the proper path. Kudos to you!
Jim, I see you are getting to be one of the knowledge guys here. WTG buddy!

Ok .....ran out of time and must go. I will check back in tonite and try to do some more catching up..........Miss ya guys!

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Of all the things I ever lost....................................... I miss my mind the most!
Jul 13, 2010, 11:30 AM
I meant to do that!
Oracus's Avatar
Nice to see you again, sometimes a break for RC can be nice or is needed. You'll get back into it when you can.

Well it must be a good day. Why? I am typing this from work LOL The site is no longer blocked for me.

Jul 13, 2010, 12:39 PM
That looks about right!
Wnuk's Avatar
Uh oh Kyle, Your boss will be seeing less productivity from you now

Tracy- good to see you stopping in. You are the originator of this thread and as such the grandfather of the BOB's. Flying time has been tough for mee too but still keep hoping to find some soon.
Jul 13, 2010, 02:54 PM
Registered User

Zeus himself

after roaming 'round the heavens for a year or so,
looked down upon HIS creatures and saw that they
thrive and populate the earth all over again.
And he decided that it is GOOD.
And he planneth to continue in the long established
tradition of R/C controlling the little demons which
pleasureth HIM. And HIS name is ARROW, and thusly
is recognized as the true originator of this Motley Crew <----=
of misguided tumb-confusers. Most of whom have learned
to FLY, not so the most ANCIENT ONE
and that is bad...

ARROW-NAUGHTIC ...... so great to see U R back

and the chop and the vic and the wnuk and the jay ALL SHALL REJOICE

Jul 13, 2010, 03:24 PM
My dog is PERFECT in my eyes
Tracy....I cant believe you don't have the Corsair done and have flown the beans out of it by now.

Haven't been doing much, too hot most of the time and lack of motivation. I did manage to purchase a package of 9" steel leaders because of these massive pike I've been hooking into...I'd be happy with decient sized BASS, but no, I have to catch these fresh water barracuda that if yer not careful, they'll turn your hand into ground round. Dont get me wrong, hauling out a 28-30" pike is a real rush....lots of fun. It can be a little dangerous if you don't watch yerself.

Right this minuet, the winds are about 5mph and that's pretty tame for a 450. But to stand in the blaring'll pass.
Jul 13, 2010, 05:45 PM
Got Helis
choppersrule's Avatar

Glad to see ya checking up on us, we're trying to be good.

Sounds like you've got a lot planned for the future, but , sometimes it's good to take a break from the hobby and tend to others things.
It's a hard hobby to get away from. I remember one of your videos with the Blade CP where you cut power, and the heli kept running, and one of your buddies ran over and you too, to unplug the battery.

Next time Jacki drops in tell her I said "Hi!"

Take care and be safe,

Jul 13, 2010, 06:02 PM
Got Helis
choppersrule's Avatar

I'm curious to see how long those EMAX ES9257 servos take to be shipped. Lucky us, huh!

Jul 13, 2010, 06:15 PM
beevous80002's Avatar

Free to good home

Have a 10 + year old nitro powered Raptor 30. Have crash kit and a set of 550 carbon blades, some upgrades. Looking for deserving individual. Would appreciate a micro heli plus shipping, but will take shipping for the right individual. Great trainer, my first heli. Just add rx and batt and off you go.Name: 004.jpg
Views: 47
Size: 62.9 KB

Name: 002.jpg
Views: 54
Size: 82.8 KB
Description: It's the big one................. It's gone, sorry but my 11 yr old wanted to try it before I got rid of it, I let him (on a leash, of course) and he hovered it like he had done it before! He looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, surrounded with the blue marks from an altercation with the boy down the street (best friend) and said "can I have it?"
Last edited by beevous80002; Jul 15, 2010 at 12:45 AM.
Jul 13, 2010, 06:16 PM
Luvin' Life
1Radioflyer's Avatar
Good to hear from you! Busy is good but bad for hobbies. It sounds like you have a lot going on but I hope you get some more time to play.
I bet Real could point you in the right direction for a good 60 size 6s motor
I'll have to check out the website where your getting your motors and ESC's

I never did a plan set for the foamy. 56" would be a hoot! Give me a little time and I can draw something up for you and send it out... but that means you have to stay in touch

God Bless Ya!

Jul 13, 2010, 06:23 PM
Luvin' Life
1Radioflyer's Avatar
You cut the tips off of the MXS You must be on to something good Keep us posted.


Jul 13, 2010, 08:45 PM
I meant to do that!
Oracus's Avatar
Ivan and Randy

Let us know how those servos do when ya get em
Jul 13, 2010, 08:49 PM
Got Helis
choppersrule's Avatar
Originally Posted by Oracus
Ivan and Randy

Let us know how those servos do when ya get em
10-4 Keith, LOL! Suppose to be like the Futaba 9257. I'll put it on the 450 and see what happens.

Jul 13, 2010, 09:58 PM
Registered User

Interested in raptor 30

Originally Posted by beevous80002
Have a 10 + year old nitro powered Raptor 30. Have crash kit and a set of 550 carbon blades, some upgrades. Looking for deserving individual. Would appreciate a micro heli plus shipping, but will take shipping for the right individual. Great trainer, my first heli. Just add rx and batt and off you go.Attachment 3357030

Attachment 3357031It's the big one.................
WHY DON'T YOU WRITE ME AN E-mail about your Rap.30
there's ALL KINDS of electric helis you can pick in return, or "WHATEVER" floats your dinghy.
we can always Xchange ideas, right ?
Helis you could have: HBK2/ HBK3/ BELTCPv.2 // BladeSR / WALKERA FP #4 / AXE 400
even mSR ....most all of these are SET UP by METALBENDERUSN and FLY TOTAL PERFECTION !!!
"""""""""I prefer paying you a price, (ncluding shipping)"""""""" if you don't mind
< b/coz I truly love all my smalls helis.>
well ? ...............YES "one" is flown, "two" still new in box unopened


p.s. I own 2 Raps.V2 already a third would fit just right
Last edited by BARRRICK; Jul 13, 2010 at 10:50 PM.

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