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Mar 13, 2010, 01:23 PM
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Plug 'n Play separates: An Esky CP2 with an E-flight 2 in 1...

I've been flying my mostly stock CP2 for years; I learned on the model. And eventhough some say, with it's motor-driven tail it's antiquated, it still has a place in my fleet as a dependable, friendly backyard flier.

Over the years I have been modding the model to suit my tastes. In the beginning I went straight away from the stock tail to the double tail motor configuration, and then eventually to a DD tail-I ran a long term test on the DD tail with good results. Oh, and I run a stock mm.

Anyway, I recently replaced the Esky 4 in 1 with an E-flight 2 in 1 for a CP Pro2. For a tx I use a futaba 6EXHP and I added an Esky FM receiver and Telebee mini zoom gyro I had lying around to complete the build. The servos are Esky digitals and the model is powered by TP1320's.

After seven packs the results are good. In my opinion, the model, as presently configured flys better than in any other configuration I have tried. In addition, for this application I suspect that the ESCs in the E-Flight 2in1 are better suited than the ones in the swapped out Esky 4in1 unit; of course the Telebee gyro is an improvement. Note: With this set-up I run the gyro in rate mode, with a normal Normal Throttle curve set at 0,25,85,85,85 and with blade pitch at -9/+9.

In summary, for anyone who still has a stock CP2 in the air but who is using a computer radio with it, I suggest you get an E-Flight 2in1( and go the plug and play separates route. If you are interested in a dependable, sport-flying set-up for a CP2, I highly recommend the set-up described above...
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Mar 18, 2010, 06:32 PM
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As of today I must have put at least twenty packs through this set-up. It seems to me that, even-though the model is heavier with the separate components; therefore the disc load is higher and the model is for sure a bit less nimble- by the way, this nimbleness is one of the attributes I love about the CP2, the little telebee, even in rate mode (which is what I've been flying in; I like to "weather-vane) is much better.

I've been debating about whether the reduced response due to the added weight is outweighed by the improvements to the model's tail. Well, the jury seems to be in. today I got the model flying well in heading hold mode and in some ways I am impressed.

The Esky CP2 may have been discontinued but I have a boat-load of parts, therefore it was no sweat dedicating to this test one of the 12 stock motors I have lying around. I increased the throttle curve on my computer radio to a flat 90% (stock mm and pinion) and this seems to have done the trick. I was able to get the tail to lock at about 68% gain (in previous tests I wasn't able to get the tail to lock very well at all, that's why I was running in rate mode). My guess is that this higher head-speed has reduced the blade pitch necessary to hover the model, lowering the load on the DD tail motor. This in turn provides the model's tail some "head room" for gyro inputs that it previously couldn't respond to.

Any way, with the higher head speed the mm runs warmer but not that much more so; lipo recharge time hasn't changed much with the higher head-speed so at this point I'm not that concerned about motor life but time will tell. My plan is to run a bunch of packs through the model in HH mode and fine tune the set-up and then do a long term test.

The early results seems promising through. This little CP2 frankenheli flies real nice...
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Mar 18, 2010, 10:18 PM
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I am currently working on getting my Esky CP flying again. Actually, its ready to fly except that I am having trouble with my gyro.

2S hyperion litestorm 1200 mah
Himax 2015-4100 on 10t pinion
DIY cdrom tail with a 5030 prop
MS44 HH gyro
2 x CC10 esc's
Stock servos and radio gear

The heli flies great with the Himax on 2S. Plenty of power with a headspeed of around 2100.
The problem is that the tail hold fine during take off, but it will randomly surge to full throttle every 10-20 seconds, causing the heli to piro anywhere from a few degrees to a full 360.

Haven't tried rate mode yet...just got my futaba 7c heli radio the other day, so I'll get to it eventually. Too busy building my Shogun V2 and working right now
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Mar 19, 2010, 09:51 AM
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That's a nice looking heli. Good luck with the build...

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