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Jan 27, 2012, 03:58 PM
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Keep me posted too. I'm hopng a T-28 prop comes in. Either way I'd love to see the "Cat" fly!
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Jan 27, 2012, 05:28 PM
Wake up, feel pulse, be happy!
Piece's Avatar
Nice to see people are getting some flying action...It's good to see this thread being so active even in the middle of winter (well, here anyway). I've pretty much hit the stretch where flying is a mostly impossible idea. Weather is all-around too unpredictable and I just don't want to charge/discharge lipos unnecessarily.

Perfect building season, though My room is nice and toasty, I've got some lipo-powered iPod speakers, and I have some balsa that just may need cutting.
Jan 28, 2012, 01:20 AM
Yea, I fly dusty planes..
zeezee's Avatar
Down here close to the gulf coast it's almost always flying weather. For the last several years I have yet to wear anything more than a sweatshirt to keep warm. But then again summers are stupid hot!! and muggy. For me though it's easier to get cool. I flew about 3 hours today with a couple friends out in my field today. One of the guys had a flying bird that was really high tech and well made, I may get one myself. Zee/D
Jan 28, 2012, 06:00 AM
Team Lumenier Pilot
Grazer's Avatar
Nice one zeezee. What planes you fly today? 3 hours is a decent session. Jealous!!
Jan 28, 2012, 11:07 AM
Yea, I fly dusty planes..
zeezee's Avatar
Hey, One guy had a 86" P-51 and a 700 T-Rex. The ole man had his Kadet Senior, a Slow Stik and a Hanger 9 1/4 scale Cub. I was flying my 40" P-51 and my S.E5a. Fixin to head out to the club field where about 20 guys are usually there. It's alot of fun when alot of really nice guys get together. Everyone of the guys in the club are very nice and everyone gets along, and we usually get the grill going after we get tired of flying and maybe a couple cold ones, not for me though. It's a beautiful day to fly..Couple pics at the field. Zee/D
Jan 28, 2012, 11:36 AM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
KaiWE's Avatar
One degree below freezing and a hint of snow in the air, but very little wind so I decided to give it a go Remaiden of my 50mm EDF MIG-15 after having fixed the tail plane incidence, finally it flew like a "normal" plane - lot of snow in the air intake after landings, so I called it a day after two batteries. A couple of hours later it stopped snowing, so I took my Stevens Aero S-POU out for its maiden. I must say that it is a very special feeling to see the first plane I have built in the air for the first time Now I really want to build a more advanced balsa kit

Greetings from Norway
Kai W-E
Jan 28, 2012, 12:18 PM
Mile High Pilot
milehighjc's Avatar
Yesterday was not such a good day. Maiden flight of my 2nd Beast 3D. It was short - after the first turn, the tree reached out and grabbed it. Flight wasnt even 10 seconds.

I have to talk to the idiot pilot who didnt plan well for where he was going to fly - oh yeah, that was ME

Oh well, its the first treed plane in my 2 years of flying, I guess it was bound to happen.

Plane is a MESS. Will required a wing kit, and I doubt if it will every fly quite right, but live and learn
Jan 28, 2012, 01:04 PM
Sloping off....
leccyflyer's Avatar
First day's flyng of the year today, with work committments and weather. Twas a glorious day, 5 degrees, 0-2mph wind, bright blue sky to the east and a thin veil of white, hight level cloud shielding the direct sunlight to the west. It couldn;t have been better

The club field was pretty waterlogged in patches, making for some interesting take off attempts and on flight number two my Tucano just couldn;t get off the ground, every time she got close to flyig speed she would hit a puddle and stop. Eventually found a path avoiding the worst of the hidden puddles and got her off the ground. Might be time to put some oversized wheels on the model for the winter time. Once in the air it was a gorgeous flying day and it was good to get together with clubmates and do some catching up.

Called in at the LHS on the way home and they had a little Parkzone seaplane that had just come in this week....hmmmmmmmm..............
Jan 28, 2012, 01:22 PM
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cwolfe's Avatar
Hoping my T-28 props come in today.
Jan 28, 2012, 01:30 PM
2 many planes & 2 little time
scootrb4's Avatar
Too breezy to fly but, I'm ready to go.
Jan 28, 2012, 05:56 PM
srt8madness's Avatar
Originally Posted by cwolfe
Hoping my T-28 props come in today.
I thinkin we should go out tomorrow. Maybe fly by spring creek bbq, the go to the pond across the street behind walmart and madien the catalina. Or vise versa.
Jan 28, 2012, 07:39 PM
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cwolfe's Avatar
I'm grounded til I get new props. The Cessna is nearing completion, but is not yet there. I'll meet you out there though.
Jan 28, 2012, 07:47 PM
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Our flying club had a mid winter fun fly today. Nothing really planned, the pres sent out an email and said "let's go". Members and any guests that they wanted to bring. Fired up the BBQ and had hotdogs, etc. Flew 3 batteries through the Switch, a bit too breezy for me to risk one of the other planes. But we had a good time watching the BIG boys fly. When I left there had been 6 crashes, 3 or 4 were maiden flights. But, about 65 degrees, bright sun, and some breeze = good day at the field!
Jan 28, 2012, 09:06 PM
Balsa to the Wall
Chuck's Avatar
61 degrees and 6 MPH tomorrow. Batteries a-chargin'

Jan 29, 2012, 03:29 PM
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Same here for tomorrow! I'm going out!

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