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Mar 02, 2010, 08:41 PM
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Help with HK 500 gt


For christmas my wife purchased me a hk 500 gt which i think is awesome. I just recently had the money to purchase the rest of the parts to make it fly. Here is what i have purchased so far.




Cyclic servos:



Tail Servo:


Now ive never flown a helicoptor before. Ive read that a lot of ppl are haveing problems with the tail and cyclic ball links on this heli. I was hopeing to that someone could enlighten me on the problem and give some suggestions on how to rectify the problem before i break me heli. Im not going at this completely blind sided, i can fly a helicoptor on real flight and hold inverted flight for a while so i hope im ready for at least hovering. What parts have to be loc tited on a new heli? What pinion should i use for this setup? Thanks for any replies.
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Mar 03, 2010, 09:06 AM
Airwolf57's Avatar
Hi this the problem with us newbies .. Ive found out with the HK450 look man just put it together... test fly and then if you got problems ask,,,
So many rumours each chopper will behave differently.. good luck with the build and enjoy the flying.. Just take like me stage by stage ..
The Airwolf
Mar 07, 2010, 03:45 PM
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ball links go on one way only ussaly with a logo facing outwards.
Make sure you do a range check (motor disconnected from esc) and get a training gear (cross with balls on the end) so keep the heli up after not so good landings.
and search for radds school of flight (if i recall it well)
Mar 08, 2010, 07:22 PM
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thanks for the input. I think im reading too much into it and siking myself out. I just ordered 50$ of Aligne parts to put on my 70$ chopper because those were the parts that everyone was haveing problems with. i still would like to know of a 13t pinion will work and if anyone has experience with this tail servo.
Mar 09, 2010, 03:37 AM
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Sorry, I can't help you with the specific parts you've linked except to say that with a 5S battery I believe the 13T pinion should be okay. Oh, and all metal-to-metal screw connections should be loctited including, as I found out, the screw that holds the servo arm onto a metal-gear servo.

But a 500 size heli is a very big step for a beginner: I spent a couple of years flying a small coaxial heli, just to get my brain and fingers coordinated so they would react automatically to give the right controls, before I jumped up to a T-Rex 500. Now, a year later, I find my T-Rex more stable than my Twister Bell, but I'm still just practising the hover, and for the first few weeks it was a real struggle just to stay upright. With plenty of SIM practice you'll probably manage, but I'm sure you'll find the real thing much more twichy than a SIM, so take it very easy initially.
Mar 09, 2010, 09:51 PM
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dkennedy35's Avatar
I have bought my first real helicopter this year as well. It also was a HK500GT.
I found the videos from Helifreak excellent. Also there is a build thread for the HK500GT that was worth reading, or at least skimming. Mine came off the board without incident and I now have about a dozen flights on it.

Build Thread

Good luck and use good blue lock tight.

- Don

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