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Mar 26, 2010, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by tigerbay

Hot glue and boat modelling don't mix.

But it made me smile.
Hot glue ===== opc orn:

Not enough emoticons to express my amusement.

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Mar 26, 2010, 05:06 AM
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Some of the hot glue made from hooves and hide etc. back in my youth smelt far from amusing.
Aug 06, 2010, 06:04 PM
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I have the theory that the Phantom/ETNZ/Voyager hull with IOM rig and appendages would be competitive in the IOM class at least in soft winds. Many work to improve the boat, but a cheap well designed hull.
Aug 13, 2010, 07:50 AM
Good Better Best quest.
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A mate has one and I also will order when back in stock as a little extra work its a lot of bang
Aug 13, 2010, 01:37 PM
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Food for thought

Another sailing mate just received his Phantom just before leaving for a vacation. We'll be putting it together when he returns. After seeing the recent posting by "lipdaddy" it might be a nice thing for him to install the Seawind rigging and Carr custom sails. (Since it wouldn't be my money!)

I agree that the hull is nice looking and nicely made. A flaw in these boats, (from my own experience) is the servo tray lay out. It leaves few if any options, should you want/have to replace the factory sail winch with a faster servo arm style. Don't get me wrong, the winch does work, but they are a real pain to re-wind, plus the line that comes with these boats is more like kite string.

If one were able to remove the factory servo tray without damaging the hull, it wouldn't be too difficult to install and after market servo tray which would permit the installation of a sail servo and arm.

Looking at this boat as an inexpensive way to get into RC sailing, these ideas all come with a cost. I don't know how much "lipdaddy" paid for the Seawind hardware, so I'll guess $70. I know the CARR sails are $120, plus a battery holder at $6 to the original purchase price of $196 to the $160 for the boat, that brings the total to:$356 give or take a few bucks. I guess that is not to bad.

Just for fun, here is comparsion to build a new Seawind 1M. A new ABS Seawind sells for about $250, you'll need to add 2 servos, say $90 and a simple AA battery set up $6, so that puts you @ $346 and if you add $120 for a set of Carr sail the total is $466.

Both boats require radios and servos so I didn't factor that in the prices. So whats' the point? Not sure, but it is interesting when you run the numbers. This comparison shows about $100 less for the upgraded Phantom.

There are other boats we could add to the discussion which might add additional things to consider. ENTZ /Vogager and a few others. I think if you put these two side by side with a Phantom, you might see a similarity.

My take on this is, if you buy one of these HK boats, you just fix those little things we all know need to be addressed, at little or no extra cost, and then just enjoy sailing the darn thing knowing you haven't bankrupted the household, and that you may even have a little money left over to buy a few adult beverages for your sailing pals. If you should want to go racing, how about building a 1M Soling?

Food for thought
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Aug 13, 2010, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Boomer1
So whats' the point? Not sure, but it is interesting when you run the numbers. This comparison shows about $100 less for the upgraded Phantom.

I guess there are very two strong points - if the owner is inclined to race - not just day sail.

1. The Seawind is an AMYA recognized class here in the U.S. - and might just be in other countries too.

2. As it is a recognized class, has held several US National Regattas, is sailed by a number of AMYA clubs, it is a legitimate "race" boat - and as such (along with point number 1 above) I would suggest it has a higher resale value and the owner might recoup more of his investment - than trying to sell a non-recognized class boat, that has no way of being included if enough were to form a 1 design, once "modifications" are made.

Perhaps a $100.00 savings today - but Mike Eades (Seawind AMYA Class Secretary) might be able to offer an email answer as to what used Seawinds are going for - and factor the resale into the equation for a true "Cost-to-own" comparison.

Eventually - It still goes back to the owner and future expectations. I guess if it were my friend, I would encorage something that might have residual value and steer him toward the Seawind.


I just did a quick check - and the IS an International class for the Seawind. And - you can decorate so it looks like this ( a New Zealand boat - what else)
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Aug 13, 2010, 08:17 PM
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"Spot on"

Your comments are as the "Brits" say "spot on" as usual. I was going to mention the class for Seawinds, but it might have seemed that I was promoting rather than being academic about it.

FYI- My friend brought the Phantom without sharing his plan with any of us. He is just starting out, and will use the Phantom as his introduction to RC sailing.

He did get a very good deal on it, so his cash outlay is minimal. Knowing this fellow he'll be moving up the ladder pretty quickly. All his toys are first class.

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Aug 21, 2010, 12:17 PM
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larrykin - Great Video -Thread #49 worth a 2nd look

Hey larrykin
I realized I hadn't commented on the terrific video you posted (#49) on this thread.

To me with the music is matched perfectly to the grace of the boat gliding over the water, capturing a part of the RC Sailing experience some folks might not get.

If they watched your video, they might sense the peace that can accompany a solo sailing experience like the one you captured in your video.

It might make good viewing for people who are stressed out about life, or some current dilemma they are facing. It would certainly be a calming experience for them.

Like to see one of your videos that captures the other side of the sailing experience. I enjoy the serenity aspect, but the even more the excitement that is generated when sailing in heavy winds, racing other boats to the turn buoys, dodging the other boats, missing the buoy by a hair. Really fun.

I have a few power boats, and enjoy them, but they provide only a few minutes of fun, then it becomes boring. When compared to the sailing experience, I think you get a lot more bang for the bucks in RC sailing.

I am not putting down the hot boat experience,(I have 4) just pointing out that there is an alternative to the 5 minute you get from high from flying or from racing HP Cat around a lake, that lasts longer and might even be a richer experience. (Sailing)

If you really are in to being nuts, RC flying is right up there! I am learning to fly those things, and have to say, if you want a rush, that will do it. One little mistake and find yourself taking the once beautiful plane home in a bag!

Even the Hot boats are can be salvaged when the flip at high speed. Not so with aircraft. I have seen a few crashes where the planes could be rebuilt, but it is just a matter of time before the planes end up in a trash bag.

I think boating is generally a little less “nuts”. All of it is great fun.

Any way great video

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Aug 25, 2010, 10:55 PM
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I'm not suggesting that the Chinese boats are anything other than cheap.. and they are definitely not in the same league as the more expensive quality boats.. But if you are just wanting something that wont cost an arm and a leg.. Ok..maybe the arm.. and you don't mind a bit of work to do to make them both hardy and sailable.. then don't be put off by single-minded comments. If nothing else it might launch you into rc sailing and maybe further ahead, buy a quality boat. Believe me.. they can and will sail very nicely in 25 kph hour breezes if set up much better than they arrive. Here's a site dedicated to making sure you don't totally waste your money ;.) http://shipshape.bendigocommunity.com/
Oct 10, 2010, 04:50 PM
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HK's site now has country warehouses listed below the products and are highlighted if they are available. Phantoms are in stock at the U.S. warehouse for $102

Mar 18, 2011, 06:04 PM
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Solings are great!

In case anyone is still looking at this thread, I'll add my 2cents...

I've been racing the Soling 1M in a club for 5 years. I've built two. They are a hoot to race; very responsive, handle up to 20MPH winds well. Many of the club guys also race micro magics and EC-12's (25 lbs). Everyone enjoys the solings.

They are much cheaper than other 1 meter class boats, and have strict class rules, so the hot shot who is willing to put $thousands into his RC boat cannot get an advntage. Some guys have bought custom sails for $135. but they don't go any faster than the stock ones. The soling kit is a tough build. Those with model plane kit experience (balsa, ply, etc.) can build the soling. Takes me a couple weeks. Ready built solings are available from Victor, for around $500 complete with radio.

Now the Phantom..a lot of boat for the price. If you are not going to race in clubs, or if you can get friends to buy and race them, it should be a fun sailor. Any sail boat must be rigged and tuned properly, or trouble may ensue.
It definitely needs more than 2 KG weight in the bulb.

Mar 21, 2011, 02:50 AM
G'day guys,Ive been lurking in the shadows reading the posts on h/k yachts and recently bought a victoria (for the grandkids--heh heh)also have a phantom on back order,I'm new to rc yachts being an acomplished "destroyer"of rc planes.Can't afford the boats that I've seen at sailing venues (read šnti aircraft, and now anti shipping missus!)but have just joined a forum dedicated to modifiying (sink proofing) chinese yachts , at least, if it does'nt sink it's better than arriving home with a crumpled wreck,("wow, ya'shoulda'seen pop's crash the spitfire!). Any way the model boaties I've asked about getting into rc sailing just "bag"the h/k boats, comments like ˇou need three grand to get started"was a real "put off"until I found other guys sailing the h/k boats and enjoying them.
the forum is: www.ShipshapeRC.com going under the name 'greybeard'
Cheers Col
Mar 21, 2011, 03:22 PM
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G'day mate. (groundlooped)
Welcome aboard! With your flying experience, you will have no isses in upgrading the Phantom.
Once you have made the "fixes" you should enjoy many hours of good fun sailing this and the Vickie.
That boat requires some tweaks to get the most out of it. Very few of these boats are every really
ready, perhaps with the exception of the Nirvana ll.
The good thing is that you have joined a good group. RC sailors are among the nicest folks in the RC world.
If you have any questions, just let us know.
Mar 21, 2011, 07:15 PM
G'day mate thanks for the welcome,i've done some research on the victoria and found several good sites with parts, accessories and comprehensive building guides this will get me started,i 'tweak/modify everything i build (can't help myself!)the phantom is a long way down the track as i'm way down on the waiting list.
This is a good site:www.okaganmodelsailboat.org this site also contains longbow racing yachts, an online store with a comprehensive list of 'go fasts'for the victoria.
Another good site is:www.omyc.org
Mar 21, 2011, 07:34 PM
oops! my bad!the site is:Okanagan Model Sailing Assn hope i've got it right this time
Cheers Col

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