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Mar 07, 2010, 01:28 AM
Useful Idiot
Originally Posted by 10x8
Hi Big Cubs,
I am wannabe sailor myself.
A friend and I both purchased the Phantom from H/K and the boat arrived yesterday to OZ. Mine had a non working rudder servo and my friends radio tray had come loose. Shipping is very expensive as they will only do ems. If air mail, it will be smashed, so they don't offer normal shipping.
We looked at the yachts beforehand in OZ lhs's, and they were $350 up to $400. Even with shipping, phantom is a bargain. I replaced the servo no problems and my friend reglued the tray no probs. Few other tiny probs, but I'm sure that is because we have never owned yachts before.
Now the good news. The hull is beautiful. Indeed is carbon effect and it looks absolutely top notch. Carbon look keel, hull, rudder, mast and bits of the top deck. Instructions boggled me, but I ended up figuring it all out. I am using DX7 radio.
I have it setup sitting in front of me. I am more excited over my first yacht than f/e tunnels, over powered reef racers, jet boats, nitro tunnels and even all my cars.
I am extreme novice yachtsman, but I highly recommend the Phantom mate. Tonight, it is setup and ready to sail. I have never seen a sail winch servo work before & what it does to the sails. This is adding to my excitement seeing it all work.

Peter, I'd definately recommend you to read the build thread linked in the post before yours and substitute materials that are likely to fail before they do so on the water.
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Mar 07, 2010, 04:10 AM
10x8's Avatar
Originally Posted by martin richards
Peter, I'd definately recommend you to read the build thread linked in the post before yours and substitute materials that are likely to fail before they do so on the water.
Thanks, read it 100 times.
Our boats are much different now.
Martin, if we wanted a $2000 sailing boat, we would have bought one. We wanted a cheapie. Of course we will replace things as they break, but for the mean time, we will run them as they are.
Don't get your back up please. I have seen the Phantom sail stock everything and it did ok. We are not racers, but purchased for fun.
Mar 07, 2010, 11:21 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Norman22
Hi Derelicte, US1M have and are allowed carbon spars. Enjoy the Phantom
thank you. now, what about telemetry...
Mar 07, 2010, 11:30 AM
Registered User
are these really the only rules?


it says the radio is "four functions max". does that mean 4 channels or does left/right count as 2 functions. very misleading...

those rules don't explicitly prohibit independent jib and main control.
Mar 07, 2010, 02:03 PM
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Dick L.'s Avatar
Yes -
four different channels = 4 function (not left/right = 2)

Remember, unlike many "plastic boats - this IS an organized/recognized racing class here in the U.S. and the class is a Developmental Class - meaning anything NOT prohibited is legal!

If you plan to race locally, and within the US1M class rules, be prepared for tinkering, "development" ideas, self-engineering, and of course - any $$$ that go with it.

While maybe slower, keep in mind the SOLING recommended earlier is a ONE-DESIGN with just the opposite rules - If NOT Approved, you cannot use it! While maybe slower, once you build carefully (using the jig and assuring everything is straight/plumb/in alignment - you will have a class legal boat that should be identical in performance with the others in the local fleet. You will be testing your skills as a skipper - not as an owner/builder.

Give it a bit of thought of what you future will be. Not trying to scare you off - but certainly there will be a big different between the two classes, even if they both has same lengths and sail areas.

Good luck with your choices - and be sure to talk to local owners to get a feel for costs, upgrades - and even the "hard-coreness" (if that is a word) of the fleet members. You may find all sorts of personalities in persons in either fleet, but pick the one you enjoy the class members - don't just focus on the boat itself.

In the end - good luck and enjoy the hobby.
Mar 07, 2010, 07:30 PM
Registered User
I think I was confusing the international 1 m rules with the us 1 m rules. the iom rules look to be stricter.

so, can I stick a bluetooth gps in the boat that transmits to a pda so I can see the vmg? the class rules don't seem to outlaw this.
Mar 08, 2010, 12:11 AM
Useful Idiot
Originally Posted by derelicte
I think I was confusing the international 1 m rules with the us 1 m rules. the iom rules look to be stricter.

so, can I stick a bluetooth gps in the boat that transmits to a pda so I can see the vmg? the class rules don't seem to outlaw this.
The r/c sailing classes fall into two types: the development, of which the US1M is an example, where unless there is a rule specifically prohibiting it, it is allowed; and the restricted, e.g., IOM and kit boat classes, which is the reverse, i.e unless allowed specifically in the rules, it is prohibited.
However, the stereotype of r/c sailors as mild-mannered, peaceful pensioners is quickly disproved when someone tries to bend the rules an inch in their favour. You have been warned
Mar 08, 2010, 01:40 AM
Boomer1's Avatar

Phantom - takes only a few tweaks and you are good to go

I purchased a Monsoon from H/K and a close friend purchased a Phantom. My boat had a little shipping damage, but H/K was very nice about it and replaced the damaged parts.

Both boats use the same mast and rigging. The mast has to be through bolted at the joint to make it useable. Very easy. The hatches will leak unless you get some good adhesive foam to replace the factory foam.
H/K should replaced the defective servo under warranty. Call the 800 number or email them.
I have done a few other tweaks to improve the Monsoon and she sails well as does my friend's phantom. For the price it is great way to get started!

The only boat I have owned that didn't need any tweaking was a Nirvana ll. Most of the factory produced RC Sailboat such as Seawind, Yamaha, Victoria, EMTZs etc. all need tweaking. That is part of the fun.
It is easy spend money on these things on custom sails, hardware, rigging etc. You will enjoy your Phantom with very little extra work. I do recommend getting a 2.4ghz radio for your boat. There are a number of good ones on the market. Enjoy
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Mar 08, 2010, 02:10 AM
10x8's Avatar
Hi Boome,
I know you addressed Martin, but I assume you mean me with busted servo?
Couldn't be bothered. I returned a motor and the post to H/K was similar price of the can. Not worth it. Phone, you got to be kidding? Live support, joke. I sent snail mail and will just wait. I love H/K & understand 1/10 of earth wanting everything at once?
Yep, set Spek DX7 ratchet to power sail and swapped over to other stick for rudder(Mode 1 OZ). Yacht OZ supplies - trained us via the electronic words.
It will be fun for us and I have no idea why we never got into the r/c sailboat before.
Thanks for your positive comments. I will post pics when we have mastered the basics.
Mar 08, 2010, 11:48 AM
Boomer1's Avatar

Ops! Sorry about that!

10x8 (Peter)
Sorry about that. It was late, and was trying to watch a movie at the same time as I was reading the newest posts on the fourm.

In my case the damages were such that photos I sent them, told the story, so nothing had to be returned. It did take them a bit longer than one would think to get me the parts to me. Nonetheless, I have received the replacement parts.

Another cool item I got from them is an "anemometer" (wind speed gauge)
It was about $25 and provides me with an idea of the strength of the winds I am sailing in. As close as I can tell, it is pretty accurate. (+ or - 5%) It is fun to monitor the wind speeds as well as providing some reference points to use for sail tuning. It is really just another toy, but it is a pretty cool devise.

I have attached a picture of the fixes I incorporated to make the mast stable and straight and a picture of the method I used to seal the Monsoon's hatch.
Both are simple, and didn't cost a much to do.

If you are wondering about the yellow balloons, I put the receiver in one with a wire tie and use Velcro to secure it to the underside of the deck. I also put
the battery pack in one as well. The boat does not leak, but you never can be to careful with the electronics.. If the boat is going to sit idle for some time, I take the receiver out of the balloon to avoid any condensation that might develop.

I added a couple of pictures of the Monsoon at work. The H/K boats I have seen, look nice, sail well, are priced right, and with a few minor tweaks, will provide countless hours of fun.

I have made many new friends since taking up this new hobby. All are willing to help and make suggestions to those of us who have recently got on board.

Boomer 1

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Mar 08, 2010, 05:40 PM
10x8's Avatar
Hi Rick,
No worries

Your Monsoon looks beautiful with the still water reflection.

Yep, I did the mast and the radio box and even balloons for radio gear. I surrounded them with weetex too. My mast did not even line up for the original screw? My friends mast did.
So, I have done the mods mentioned here and I am now waiting on my friend to complete his. He is re rigging with braid and will take another day. Today would have been the best day to attempt our maiden, sunny & slight wind. It is meant to rain the rest of the week.
I have been told by r/c yacht fans that the most important item needed is a neck strap. I took by old & beaten strap off and got a nice padded one.
The anemometer sounds great. I'll look into one.
I have the yacht next to my bed so the first thing I see when I awake is the beautiful thing. Mrs is fuming, but if I move the yacht to the lounge room, my tv remote won't work as there are another 8 billion models out there.
Thanks for your help,

Mar 08, 2010, 08:38 PM
Boomer1's Avatar
Next week I am going to re-rig the Monsoon using 1x7 strand SS fishing leader and adding some SS turn buckels. I did this to my Yamaha. I used 60 lb test, but have ordered some 40 lb. The Monsoon is not as big as the Yamaha and has less sail area, so the 60 lb test is an over kill. (even on the Yamaha)
I got the turnbuckels from Midwest Yachting @ http://www.midwestmodelyachting.com
Contact there is Brian. Super nice fellow with lots of experience. His pricing seems fair and his service was great.

I included a few pictures of my Yamaha that you should be able to see the turnbuckels and some of the SS 7 strand nylon coated leader.

Some of this stuff is as much for appearence as function. They do make it simple to demast the boat for transport, and make sail triming very simple.
Take some photos when you get her out on the water!

My friend that has the Phantom, will be coming out to California next month. I will get some photos of his boat and some others that sail with us.
Be well
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Mar 08, 2010, 09:40 PM
10x8's Avatar
Hi Rick,
Is your Yamaha Tamiya? That is very nice.

Yep, I'll probably be following you and my mate with the new rigging. I just thought that since our boats arrived last week, we would be on the water by at least today.

With the use of the turn buckles, does that eliminate the need for those black plastic line tensioners on my phantom? I got a stack of them lying around somewhere.

I sure will take photos. My friend has a large carry van, so us lazy pair can load the phantoms up fully rigged. I ride a bike.

I would very much appreciate some phantom photos.

Thanks again,

Mar 08, 2010, 10:38 PM
Boomer1's Avatar

Phantom re-rig with SS leader

The little plastic deals are called "Bowsies" and once you re-rig your boat with SS leader and the turnbuckels, the bowsies will no longer be needed.
I found a good place to get the SS 1x7 nylon coated leader is: southcreekshop.com
Contact there is John. Super nice guy, and has the best pricing I have found. He ships worldwide, so you are good to go.

I suggest you consider using 30 or 45 lb. test (Surflon 1x7 nylon coated SS leader in "brite") When you order be sure to order the ferrules to crimp the wire/leader. He has those too. I buy a 100 at a time so if I mess up, I just cut the line and do it over.
Hope this info is helpful
Mar 09, 2010, 12:15 AM
10x8's Avatar
Thanks again Rick,
In my Phantom instruction booklet, I did indeed come accross the word "Bowsies". I was in fear of mass ridicule if I got it wrong. Thus my explanation. Book also tells me to watch out for hidden muskrats?

I shall try very hard to get up to scratch with the nautical talk.

Thanks for the links. Everything you mentioned I have, being an angler and r/c enthusiast.

I just want to go and try my boat, but waiting on friend. When we do, we will take lunch and a chair to our pond.

Your a good person helping us out here with our cheap but beautiful boats and silly questions.


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