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Mar 02, 2011, 03:17 PM
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Wing frame

Here we go with the main frame of the wings.

All the parts should fit smoothly. If any pressure is needed to fit the parts together they are too tight. The ribs should just about drop down onto the crutch with only a bit of guidance from you.

It would be nice to have 3 or more hands while squaring and gluing, but since I'm not an octopus or a freak of nature 2 hands will have to do.

(jkarpy) I recommend a dry fit of all four wing sections so you don't make a mistake with the strut support ribs. All aileron servo mounts will be on the bottom of the wings. For the lower wings, the strut mount is facing up and on the upper wings the strut mount is facing down. The struts lean forward from the lower wing and back from the bottom of the upper wing.
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Mar 02, 2011, 03:41 PM
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Thread OP
Hey, watch who your calling a freak!
Mar 02, 2011, 04:17 PM
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The 2 right halves fitted together
Mar 03, 2011, 05:25 PM
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The vertical and horizontal stabilizers and rudder and elevator are just like the wing tip and ailerons. Lay the parts out on the plans and glue together. It's like putting together a 3D puzzle.

Plan protector is good to have and use. It keeps your plans clean and you won't glue the parts to the paper.

You should now have a bunch of empty parts sheets. All that's left is sanding, covering and final assembly.
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Mar 03, 2011, 07:09 PM
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Wings temporarily assembled together.

(jkarpy) At this point you want to sand all surfaces that touch the model covering with 150 grit paper. I like to sand just until the laser burn disappears. Round-off your leading edge and all outer edges of the wing and tail. You should also surface sand your ailerons and tail section. The leading edge of the Ailerons, Rudder and elevator need to be beveled from both sides to form a "V".
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Mar 07, 2011, 10:53 AM
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My wife went away for the weekend and took her digital camera with her. Since the battery in my camera is shot I had to wait to get some more pics.

All the parts are sanded and ready for covering. That will have to wait til late Thursday or Friday as my LHS is out of one of the colors I want and won't be getting it in until Thursday. I will start covering The tops of the wings and whatever else is going to be the top color.
Mar 07, 2011, 02:59 PM
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James told me to use lite covering to help keep the plane as light as possible. I'm using Ultracote's Parklite covering. This is my first time working with parklite and I'm finding it easier to work with then regular Ultracote.

Covering the wings is much like covering the wings on the SSX. Wingtips should be done after the main part of the wing. It takes a bit of work to try and not have wrinkles on the tips. When tacking down the covering on the wingtip, divide the wrinkles fairly evenly along the tip. Then stretch it and work the wrinkles out as your heating it with your iron or heat gun. While stretching it make sure to support the underside of the wing tip with your fingers..
Mar 14, 2011, 02:24 PM
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Covering finally done.. On to final assembly

I'm back. Had a bit of a delay since my LHS was closed due to flooding. I finished covering the parts Sunday. Now it's on to the task of final assembly.

If you need help with assembling the X-Gear check out the X-Gear Build thread

I forgot to take pictures while doing it, but remove the covering from the slots in the bottom of Horizontal Stab where the tail mount goes. Also remove covering from the bottom of Vertical stab where it mounts into the Horizontal stab.

Once the tail is assembled together I added a fillet of medium CA where the parts join just to give it a bit of extra strength.

I decided to use spray paint to paint the wing mount parts. I'm sure you could color them lots of different ways (sharpie, wood stain, clear sealer, crayons, etc..) or you could do nothing with them and just leave them natural.
Mar 15, 2011, 03:07 PM
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Final Assembly continued

A quote from James: The most important thing in the final assembly is that the wings are square to the fuselage and to each other. Don't think that it will naturally line up, it will not. Insert all the carbon without glue check your alignment and tack glue the carbon. disassemble the mid section and complete gluing on front and cross struts. Now reassemble the wings to the fuselage and check alignment again. Now glue the wing mounts. Be sure wings are aligned from Top view.

The battery in the camera died last night as soon as I started taking pictures, so I didn't get pics of squaring up the wings and center wing mount. I'll describe what I did as detailed as possible.

I had the lower wings bottom spar lying flush on my table. I installed the lower wing mounts and the lower front strut support onto the fuselage (I recommend also sliding the servo brackets on before gluing the wing mounts to the center wing). Once the wing mounts are on the fuse dry fit them onto the lower wing. Next I installed the wing struts, center cross braces, front struts and the upper wing with upper front strut mount dry fitted on it. I used my 11" sanding block to weigh down the rear of the lower wing so the assembly would stay in position. You may need to hold the rear lower wing mount down to keep it in position while squaring up the wings.

I checked with my square to make sure the lower wing was square with the fuselage. To check if the upper wing was square with the lower wing I measured with a straight edge ruler from the table top up to the center of the leading edge at the end wing ribs and where the wing halves meet the center wing mount. I also sighted from above to make sure the rear of the upper wing was inline with the lower wing. A slight nudge was needed on one side to bring it inline and even out the measurements at the leading edge.

Once everything was squared and aligned I glued the cross braces and front struts at the center wing mounts. Instead of disassembling the center wing mount to glue everything and risk knocking anything out of alignment I added a bit of CA to glue the wing mounts in place. After it was all glued and the glue had dried a bit. I disassembled the wing halves from the center mount and added a bit more CA to the wing mounts and struts. I also glued the rear carbon rods to the center wing mount.

Clear as mud?
Mar 15, 2011, 03:33 PM
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More final assembly

Once the center wing mounts are squared and glued it's time to start assembling everything together.
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Mar 15, 2011, 06:05 PM
Let the vortex pull my weight.
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Looking good Doug! I am about to do final assembly on the SSX, I'd love to build one of these SSX bi's; maybe down the road a bit.

Thanks again for the build info.

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