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Feb 16, 2010, 10:37 AM
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How dose ESC work, and how dose it deal with Brushless Motor?!!!

Hi everybody, i'm a new here.
i want some help about ESCs and how it work, specially about THROTTLE signle,
- how dose ESC deal with it ?
- what signles outlet to the Brushless motor?
- how dose Brushless respond to the Throttle (PWM Signle)?
- what are the modes of brushless motor ?brake,...).
- is there a certain width to the throttle pulses (is it just low throttle (1ms), mid ...(1.5ms) and Hight throttle (2ms)).

i want ask if there is anybody try to operate brushless motor via ESC without using Transmitter / receiver? that what i'm trying to do....

please help, and thanks all
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Feb 16, 2010, 12:56 PM
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A simple servo tester such as this one will allow you to control a brushless motor without a radio system
The brake function is usually for allowing a folding prop to fold when the throttle is closed on a glider, this is a programmable feature of most ESC's.
Good luck,
P.S. There are less expensive servo testers than this one from places like Hobby City, shop around
Feb 17, 2010, 11:18 AM
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thanks pilotpete2,

what i want to do is to operate the brushless motor(align RCM-BL650L) via the ESC(RCE-BL100g) without using Transmitter / receiver:
I know that the receiver support the throttle signle to the ECS, and its vary from 1ms(low throttle) to 2m(high throttle). the ECS is programmable and has tow modes: user mode (low throttle sent for seconds for this mode) , and Setup mode (high throttle), and you can choose what mode you want. lets suppose that we choose the user mode by sending a train of 1ms pulses, then after we enter the user mode: there are about 5 options (brake, electronic timing, Aircraft status, throttle response speed) and every option has also 3 option we can choose by varying throttle (low mid high) .
my problem is how to choose from the 5 option.
Feb 18, 2010, 07:13 PM
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You'd have to read the instructions on your ESC, as how to adjust those settings varies from ESC to ESC. Some have you select the mode by going full stick, some have you select the mode by going half stick. I also recommend you have the motor unplugged when you do this setup, as if you mess it up, drop out of programming without realizing it, and go full throttle, you're in for a hurting.
Feb 19, 2010, 07:12 AM
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Maverick3n1, thanks for ur reply.

i finally finish what i was looking for and had it successfuly. i'm glad to share my work here, because it was diffecult to try this thing (control ESC without Tx/RX) and no enough info on that in the internet.
i used Atmega8L to generate a 50 hz (20ms) PWM signal with a variable resistor. i supplied the ESC with a Li-Polymer Battery (7.4 V - 1,9 A).
first, you should keep a train of low throttle pulses(1 ms) for a seconds (may 2 or 3 sec) then start to increase the Pulses width (1ms - 2ms) and the BL motor start move and increase its rpm in a high speed. it was amazing to try that. then to decrease the speed, you reverse the the pulses width from (2m - 1ms) till the motor stop turning.
i think that the power supply isn't enough more to supply the motor, may you should use the recommended battery specification for the ESC.
for any help and codes, i can attach it here.

i'll try after what i did, to programming the ESC in its modes.

Good luck for all.

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