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May 20, 2003, 05:05 PM
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Which BL ESC for LRK-outrunner?

I will be playing around with cdrom/tape BL motors and need an ESC to bench test it until I get one just right for my parkflyer/wing models. These models are currently powered by IPS/S280/S300/S400 motors (some geared, some direct) that draw from ~4A to ~15A. and draw from Based on my preliminary understanding of BL/LRK-outrunners, I expect my current draw to be in 25A or less. I want one that can be timed for the motor as required (at this time I don't understand how that's done, but I will figure it out - easier programmability will help of course). My first priority will be replace my geared setups (IPS-A, Dual IPS, 100C, 300C - hence the LRK), I can get to the S280/S400 directs later. I think I have posted the parameters required to make a recommendation for an ESC, if not please tell me what else I need to provide.

I have narrowed the choices down to:
1. Jeti GOLD II BL ESC 18A (could also go with the 30A instead)
2. Castle Creations Phoenix-25

Budget being limited at this time, I can go with only one of them. I do understand that the Jeti is 18A and is probably borderline for an S400 replacement BL. Which of these is better suited for my task? Or is there another alternative I need to look at?

Thanks - EF
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May 21, 2003, 02:11 AM
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Of the two, only the Phoenix has any timing options at all. Others that do are the Jeti Advance (but nothing smaller than 40A) and the Hacker Masters (also Jetis!) available in all the ratings of the Jeti golds plus several others.

I've seen in other LRK-related discussions that 30 degrees of advance is most suitable for such motors. The most advanced timing setting of the Phoenix isn't quite that aggressive.

I will say the P-10 runs the little PJS 300 outrunner VERY nicely.
May 21, 2003, 04:45 AM
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I have used in many different LRK-motors Master-Hacker
controllers without any troubles,from very small CD-rom
up to 1600W motors. In region of 25W Master 18-3P or 30-3P
would be a very good choice.