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Feb 06, 2010, 12:44 AM
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New Product

Fat Shark FS-HD1 Camera

I figured it'd be better to start a new thread so the reference information could be all on the 1st page and I can control the updates:
You can the product specifications and download unedited raw onboard footage here:
Key features are:
- 37g (including IRC plug/play cable, 24g without)
- Dimensions: 30mm X 90mm (DVR board only, not include lens).
- 720p, 60fps
- MicroSD tested to 16Gb (theoretically can handle 32Gb)
- High quality CMOS imager and Media chip (Texas Instuments)
- Stable Linux operating system
- 4.6mm interchangeable lens
- 90 degree FOV (diagonal) HD image, 70 degree FOV analog out
- No automatic power shutdown
- Low power (300mA @ 5V)
- Downloadable upgrades

The camera currently records at 6Mbit/s and outputs NTSC analog out. I will be releasing a downloadable upgrade that will allow the data rate to be selectable (up to 12Mbit/s) and NTSC/PAL AV out selectable. The 6Mbit/s data rate was chosen as current default because I personally don't see any image improvement at the higher rates, but the file sizes become unmanageable.
The original intention was to have the camera head connected by a longer ribbon cable for use with a pan tilt. Unfortunately I did not anticipate the amount of RF interferrence that this generates and thus could not be released as such. This is too bad because I actually opened up a really neat pan and tilt tooling that had a rubber friction clutch to save the tilt servo on impacts (see photo). I am still working on RF suppression and if can be acheived, will release a pan/tilt version (but no way to say right now if it will be possible).
-Fat Shark
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Feb 06, 2010, 01:54 AM
Registered User
Shield the ribbon and no more issues.
At least, so was solved for Aiptek.
Feb 06, 2010, 02:04 AM
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fatshark's Avatar
A shielded and grounded tail does help, but not to the levels that I would consider safe for putting on an RC plane. Trust me, lots of effort has gone into a solution. I would've released the camera a long time ago if was easily solved.
How are you certain that the shielding of the Aiptek cable eliminated all the RF? How did you measure it?
-Fat Shark
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Feb 06, 2010, 03:08 AM
Registered User
nice cam !

itīs possible to see a ORGINAL file (link for download) ? not from vimeo ....

Feb 06, 2010, 03:35 AM
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Daemon's Avatar
As he states above, there's a copy of a raw file (whole flight) on the web page linked above.
It's very large, and not a super fast pipe so it'll take quite a while to download.
The raw file looks very good and there's lots of detail. It's just really bumpy due to
the wind. That plane seems to waggle side to side quite a bit too. I've been feeding
the raw file to Virtualdub, and seeing what DeShaker can do with it, and so forth. On
my new 3.0Ghz Core i7 920, it's still pretty slow re-rendering HD files this big.
Some may find that any HD resolution files will thrash their box when trying to do
video editing. My old Pentium D DualCore box won't touch it.

Feb 06, 2010, 07:15 AM
Registered User
ok, i have downloaded the file.i have a rar-file now..

but i canīt extract the file.i get error "this is no rar-file"
Feb 06, 2010, 09:25 AM
Registered User
Download it again, might have got corrupted on the way. Worked purfect for me first time.
Feb 06, 2010, 10:19 AM
Registered User
wallaguest1's Avatar
i downloaded the raw file,

it got a FourCC called "FMP4" (what a strange fourCC...)

Complete name : D:\2010-1-17-_full.avi
Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 329 MiB
Duration : 7mn 47s
Overall bit rate : 5 893 Kbps
Writing application : Lavf52.7.0
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Format profile : Simple@L1
Format settings, BVOP : Yes
Format settings, QPel : No
Format settings, GMC : No warppoints
Format settings, Matrix : Default
Codec ID : FMP4
Duration : 7mn 47s
Bit rate : 5 816 Kbps
Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 720 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16/9
Frame rate : 60.000 fps
Resolution : 24 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.105
Stream size : 324 MiB (99%)
Format : ADPCM
Format profile : U-Law
Codec ID : 7
Codec ID/Info : CCITT U-Law
Duration : 7mn 47s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 64.0 Kbps
Channel(s) : 1 channel
Sampling rate : 8 000 Hz
Resolution : 8 bits
Stream size : 3.57 MiB (1%)
Interleave, duration : 128 ms (7.68 video frames)

Some frames got a lack of gradient, they are pixelated, but just in some light transitions,

the video still looks washed out in colors, i would like to see two videos recording same footage, one video recorded with FSHD1 and another one recorded with a digital camera.
Last edited by wallaguest1; Feb 06, 2010 at 10:30 AM.
Feb 06, 2010, 10:30 AM
Registered User
60 fps ? The video looks jumpy...
Feb 06, 2010, 10:39 AM
Registered User
it looks like to me the software running are GPL modified binaries which should then be redistributed as source with modifications if that would be the case.

Can you clear this one up?
Feb 06, 2010, 12:53 PM
Registered User
I'm sure they're working their tails off but it's too much cash for me.
I'm tearing down a small HD cam with a SD card.
Feb 06, 2010, 02:08 PM
Registered User
Daemon's Avatar
Originally Posted by RENATOA
60 fps ? The video looks jumpy...
How's your CPU usage during playback? Other than it being very bumpy from the wind
it plays totally smooth on my machine. No stutters or slow fps.

Feb 06, 2010, 05:46 PM
Registered User
wallaguest1's Avatar
Daemon between 4:25 and 4:30 there are some kind of glitchs, did you see it?

i wonder how good the image would be with MJPEG codec,
grass and trees are blurry in fact, i am sure camera catch much more details that what they are shown in the video due to video compression artifacts,

i find MJPEG is one of the best video codecs (fact aside is the big files this codec generates)

for example... did you ever see a video with such details ?

what about a firmware wich record in MJPEG ? or some kind of update utility to select the codec and resolution of the recording video?
Last edited by wallaguest1; Feb 06, 2010 at 06:00 PM.
Feb 06, 2010, 06:21 PM
CASA Certified RPAS Instructor
The_Mongrel's Avatar
I also have the entire movie, and it plays perfect on my MacBook Pro!

What I really like about this bit of kit - Even if you don't always want to fly FPV, you can use it as a stand alone High Def DVR. Because all the recording is done onboard - you can leave your FPV gear at home, and still get HD video.

Feb 06, 2010, 06:43 PM
Registered User
What would be the price? men it looks great!

Or am I overreading or missing something?

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