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May 19, 2003, 04:55 AM
FoamBoard Pilot

Simple series P51 with baby bee

My friend let me fly his Simple p51 this weekend. It was the maiden flight and i was the pilot. No throttle control on this baby, and i prepared myself for a flight till engine quits.

She flew great untill the engine quit. These babies dont wanna glide when the engine quits or maube it was pilot error. She turned on her back as the engine quits, and of course no control after that. I think i must have over controlled her on the landing and pushed her to a stall.

Can other simple series owners comment on this. Does the simple series glides or not ? I can imagine that such a small plane will be difficult to land under power off. Do the glide path have to straight down on an angle or do i have to land while i still have power left ?
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May 19, 2003, 06:18 AM
Sloping off....
leccyflyer's Avatar
I'll move this to the fuel forums.

Haven't tried this model myself but my experience with a small .049 powered model without a throttle has been that it can be a wild ride whilst the motor is running and she behaved much better once the motor has quit letting you glide down to a landing at your feet. Just don't try to stretch out the glide too much and remember you only have one go at it.

Good luck.