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Sep 21, 2010, 03:03 PM
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OK, thanks for letting me know. I presume you're using 99% alcohol. I will give this a try and see how it goes. I still need to work up the piping on my PZIII so it exits in the scale locations.

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Sep 23, 2010, 09:33 PM
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Hi Guys!


Yes, I had a friend that obtained some 1 watt 6.8ohm fire proof resistors and they are working(or should it is working) great! Nice amount of smoke and I have yet to burn through the first one. :-) So, thanks for your calculations, as they were bang on! He also obtained some more of the 1/4 watt 10ohms for me, but I really don't see the point in using them. I will probably have him get me some more of the 1 watt units(maybe another pack or two) and call it a day. I am extremely satisfied with the results and everything is working well on the tank now.

And I am using a glycerin and alcohol mix also. It is kind of a hodge-podge concoction, but I don't drink and we have a litre of absolute, so the wife is ok with my tank experimentation. I, actually am using a mix of fog fluid(for the effect of falling smog) that I purchased and at about 10%, glycerine 50% and alcohol 40%. I added a small amount of distilled water also, but for what I spent, I have run a good 6 hours or more and my little 4.00 bottle of glycerine is only 1/4 empty, the fog fluid, is pretty much full, my distilled water gallon is still extremely full, and the Absolut, I am not sure, but I mix the fluid in small batches, and have cut a little small recess hole for refilling. It works out great and the results, I am more than happy with.

With that resistor, I am actually getting good smoke out the back, and a little out of the underside/front of the tank, which, looks pretty good in the grass. It's not an insane amount of smoke, but, it's good/quality smoke that hangs around nicely.

Sorry for the late reply, but I am not on that much like I used to be.

Thanks again guys for the great replies and fantastic suggestions,

Talk with you soon,

Nov 01, 2010, 09:12 PM
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blue puffs of smoke

Hi !!! Here's an update on my project trying to develop a more realistic smoke unit ....I manage to get blue smoke by using " Pure " 2 strokes Outboard Motor Oil as fog juice ...It smells like burning oil when you get close to the exhaust but it doesn't spread into my apartment to the point of being uncomfortable ...

I also modified my unit to obtain 2 levels of smoke ...A low level for normal running condition of the engine and a hight level for start an acceleration ...
I still have to design the electronic to get a pulse of smoke controlled by the throttle for acceleration and deceleration ...
In the following video , I'm using a timer to create a 2 seconds puff of high intensity smoke to mimic acceleration ....

blue smoke puffs 2 (3 min 20 sec)
Nov 02, 2010, 04:43 AM
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Very nice Strmnd! And, it looks like you now have the smoke exiting the scale locations. Did you drill out the plastic "muffler" or just replace their fake "pipes" with real tubing? It's hard to tell from the video.

Nov 02, 2010, 09:28 AM
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I replaced the fake pipes ; but it wasn't easy ...The scale size is 5/32 " O.D. and as you know it's a 90 degrees elbow with a very short radius ...
I tried to bend pipes ( aluminum , copper , and brass ) without satisfactory results ...I've seen your work with brass and you will probably be able to obtain better results ...
I finally have to settle with flex straws with an O.D. as close as possible to
5/32 " ; but in order to maintain the shape I had to cover the elbow with plastic epoxy witch brought the pipes a little bit over-sized ...I should be able to compensate with the paint job to make them look smaller ....
Here's a few pics to give you some ideas ...I'm sure there's more than one way to do it but so far It's working for me ...
One good side effect of the oil , beside the color ; is that there is no liquid residue at all ;since those fuel additives are designed to burn as clean as possible to meet environmental guide lines ....
Nov 02, 2010, 05:12 PM
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Hmm, well those straws aren't a bad idea at all, since the flexi ones can be bent so easy in any direction. The epoxy trick is a good one then for covering up the "accordion." I have a small tubing bender so I will give it a go with brass probably, but if that fails I'll try your straw trick. I haven't had much time to work on the tank lately but when I get back to it the exhaust is one of the few things left to do before I can begin the painting.

It will be neat to someday see your final tank in action!

Nov 08, 2010, 02:28 PM
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I'm trying to build a smoker for a 1/16th scale church that I can hide in the rubble and smokes profusely.Anyone know where the best place to start would be? I have some resistors and kevlar string. I want to use a 3s LiPo battery with a small fan

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