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Sep 03, 2010, 10:02 PM
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70mm Cast alloy skyworld housings are available on their own for all you DIY guys out there!

Only AUD$59.00 for the set!

Yup we are offering the housing with motor cone ready to take any 70mm rotor you care to play with!

Shipping up to 250 gram small packet registered air:
USA/CAN: AUD$24.00
EU: AUD$26.50
NZ: AUD$18.00

Looks like we can ship 2 housing sets within the 250g weight too!
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Nov 03, 2010, 03:30 AM
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90mm CNC Alloy housings back in stock!

Yup the 90mm Alloy CNC housings just arrived today so we are stocked up again! After backorders are covered there should be close to 2 dozen left from the looks of it. I would get in quick if I were you though, they clear out as fast as they are made!

Another new fan unit also arrived today, something I have been working on for a few months, soon as I can sort out the photos and listings I will post up the details...
Nov 11, 2010, 10:24 PM
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This is the new Extreme 127mm fan unit, designed in house to suit any aircraft that takes a Dynamax or Ramtec ICDF fan unit!

Stepped intake lip is designed slightly undersize compared to the ramtec, adding a 2mm foam rubber tape creates an interference fit into the ducting and dampens the housing from the intake duct work. Dynamax housings are 0.2mm larger afaik, so a drop in fit.

6 Stator housing with a motor tube that can take up to 45mm motors, countersunk motor mounting holes to suit popular 39mm motors as well as the larger 45mm motors. Two piece housing with screw on intake section. Also included is a motor cone with 45mm bore and both end and side wiring exits. We will have sleeves available for 39mm motor installation, I will be working on lightening these with lengthwise slots to reduce material bulk.

Rotor consists of DYNAMAX blades in a custom CNC alloy hub machined to suit 8mm motor shafts. I will also be looking into a Ramtec rotor option with a custom hub for those who want the more aggressive rotor option.

This is one tough fan unit that will take a high power input and provide good cooling and a great sound!

Will come with alloy mounting brackets either attached or loose so you can set the mount up to suit your installation.

Nov 26, 2010, 08:59 PM
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The new EXTREME CNC ALLOY 64mm fan units are now in stock!

Designed in house to suit all the popular 64mm EDF models on the market, the fan features a custom Wemotec rotor machined in house and a precision Wemotec shaft adapter kit and alloy spinner. Also included is machined motor cover. Finally a strong lightweight 64mm fan that can handle Oodles of power!!

4 cell setup runs ARC2848 series motor at 1000 watts and 1.4kg thrust, approx 54K rpm.
With 52mm (90% FSA) thrust tube: 950 watts and 1.38kg thrust at 50,700rpm and 322kmh efflux.
In Concept X Vextor jet this combo is doing 125+ with huge verticals.

6 cell setup runs ARC2858 series motor at 1400 watts and 61,600rpm, thrust yet to be checked on stand.
With 52mm (90% FSA) thrust tube: 1456 watts at 58,600rpm with 370kmh efflux.

These are just initial tests, I want to test the HET 1W30 as well as its a little hotter than the ARC2848.

Also just come in are some of the first of the new CNC Alloy Straight Inlets!!
These are an optional part you can purchase which screws to the front of the housing to replace the curved inlet lip, perfect for that pre-existing ducting that needs straight inlets!

Nov 29, 2010, 03:33 AM
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EXTREME RC 127mm Scorpion fan unit

Today I machined out one of the housings ready for when my first Scorpion samples arrive end of the week.

Was very simple to mount the rear section of the housing up on a spigot, effectively supporting the motor housing only and leaving the more delicate stators and shroud well alone!

Machined out to 53mm which will give me a 1.6mm gap all round the 4035 bell. Should be enough clearance? Cannot imagine the bell expanding very much even at 25-30K rpm.

The good news is the fan lost 60 grams doing this!

The projected AUW for the Extreme RC 127mm Scorpion fan unit complete with Dynamax rotor set is 860 grams!

Pictures will come soon as the motors are here and I have worked out where to mill the motor wire slot.
Feb 16, 2011, 01:57 AM
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New fan testing now underway!

Finally got the new thrust stand together enough for some quick testing, have been running the Stumax fans the last 2 days, some interesting numbers from the SM100-45 fan unit, the 11 blade rotor definitely likes to have a nice smooth intake lip.

The Stumax with an intake trumpet 50mm long and bellmouth end pulled 5100w on 12s5000mah 35c packs for 6.6kg thrust!
With the intake removed it dropped to 4200w and 4kg thrust...
On 10s5000mah 35c packs it pulled 3500w for 5.1kg thrust, a really nice power level I reckon.

Today I bolted on the Extreme CNC 127mm Dynamax fan, this one is running the Scorpion 4035 outrunner in the custom machined housing, fan AUW ready to install is 890 grams.

Extreme CNC 127mm Dynamax fan with Scorpion motor running on 12s5000mah 35c packs produced 6.86kg thrust (15 pounds) at 4800 watts.

The photos below show the setup in its interim stages with the Extreme 127mm Dynamax fan mounted, next up is to set the laptop up with Hyperion software and bring the emeter up on the screen live so its easier to read in videos.
Apr 08, 2011, 05:00 AM
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Today I got my Custom RAMTEC rotor for the Extreme 127mm CNC fan unit, the rotor is designed to fit in with the flush motor housing and the end result is perfect, and its the easiest setup ever, slide the rotor on, tighten, and it runs smooth as silk!

I have been testing a new motor in the 5 inch fan, cannot say anything about it right now but the figures are pretty impressive so far from some quick and dirty testing.

Running on cold 12s5000mah 35c packs with an intake lip and no thrust tube, the results as follows:

43.54v / 111.4A / 4850W / 23,280rpm / 16lb thrust!

Its a perfect 12s combo for the ramtec fan for those who dont want to pull 160+ amps on 12s with the Scorpion motor.

I believe this new motor will take 14s but not having a controller available for it I wont be able to test this just yet.

I will get efflux over the weekend and test with a thrust tube as well.

And I will post up a pic of it running on the test stand once I get the ok to show it
Apr 14, 2011, 07:54 PM
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Pushing over 7kg thrust for less than 5000w, pretty good.

I will be testing the new rotor on the scorpion setup, I think 10s will be the sweet spot, 12s will be too much for the 4035 motor, but once I have the new shafts for the 5035 things will be different, 10kg thrust should not be out of the question and the ramtec rotor sounds quite unique in the alloy housing, will get some video soon as I can.
Aug 24, 2011, 01:39 AM
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ALLOY Stock updates

First big carton of new housings just arrived! Loads of CNC Alloy stuff in stock now, about 70 or 80 housings in this box alone!

Housings are now available with either curved intake or straight intake standard, and I have both versions in 70 and 90mm size in stock.
The website has also been updated to include housings only, for those of you who want to add your own rotor/already have a rotor/want to play around with an alloy setup!

Link to the page for all the fan unit variations HERE
Link to the page for housings is HERE

Also HET fans are back in stock, more coming next week, new pricing on all the HET fans, 6904 is now only $33.00!! The 90mm HET now only $48.00!!

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