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3D Hobby Shop 57” Extra 330SC Review

Jeff Mitchell Flies the 3D Hobby Shop 57" Extra 330 SC! Good in-flight visibility, ultra smooth tracking and all the 3D potential a pilot could want.



3D Hobby Shop 57" Extra 330 SC
Wingspan:57 in
Length:57 in (with spinner)
Wing Area:680 sq. in.
All Up Weight:4.64lb/74.3oz (as tested)
Wing Loading:15.73 oz./ft2
Motor:Hyperion ZS 3025 770KV
ESC:Reaper 85A ESC
Battery:Hyperion G3 4S 3300mAh 35C/65C
4000mAh 25C/45C Lipoly
BEC:Castle Creations BEC
ServosHITEC HS5245 MG Digital Servos
TransmitterHITEC Aurora 9 2.4GHz
ReceiverHITEC Optima 7 2.4GHz
Spinner63mm Extreme Flight Spinner (white)
PropellerAPC 15x6e Propeller
Typical Flight Duration:6-7min
Manufacturer:3D Hobby Shop
Available From:3D Hobby Shop
Price:$269.99 +Shipping

Advancements in electric RC flight just keep on piling up faster than most of us can follow, and it can be a daunting task trying to separate the good from the, well… not so good.

3D Hobby Shop, despite being a relatively young company, continues to pump out new models at an ever-increasing rate, yet they have no doubt found a formula for producing amazing ARF 3D models and ways to improve upon every new entry into the market of 3D electric and gas/giant scale powered aircraft. 3D Hobby Shop is a very dynamic company, indeed.

After putting well over 75 flights on the new 3D Hobby Shop 57” Extra SC, I can tell you that owner Ben Fisher and developer Scott Stoops have generated another winner. With a nice overall size of 57” both in wing span and length, the SC offers good in-flight visibility, ultra smooth tracking and all the 3D potential a pilot could want. Not to mention the SC’s sleek stylish good looks!

Kit Contents

The 3D Hobby Shop 57” SC Includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear and Wing Tube
  • Painted Fiberglass Cowling and Wheel Pants
  • Excellent hardware package including pull-pull rudder system, ball links and phenolic control horns
  • Factory Tinted Canopy
  • Sliding Canopy Latch
  • SFG’s (Side Force Generators)
  • Wing Bags with integrated SFG and wing tube pouches
  • Complete instruction manual

The 3D Hobby Shop 57” SC Requires:

  • 7-10 oz. Brushless Motor
  • 80-85A ESC
  • 14x7 to 15x7 Propeller
  • 4S 3200-4200mAh Lipo Battery Pack
  • 5S 2650-3800mAh Lipo Battery Pack
  • 4X Hitec HS225MG or HS5245MG Digital Servos
  • 1X 18” Servo Extension
  • 1X 12” Servo Extension
  • 2X 6” Servo Extensions
  • 63mm (2 ½”) Spinner
  • DUBRO #672 Servo arms
  • Standard ARF building supplies and tools


For a fully detailed build, please visit the build thread here on RCG:
3DHS 57" Extra 330 SC Build Thread

3D Hobby Shop does their very best in defending against the often brutal handling shipping companies can put on a new airframe by TRIPLE BOXING every airplane. The airframe components are individually bagged and well-positioned for even further protection. The airframe is constructed of laser-cut interlocking balsa and light ply, professionally covered in high quality Oracover/Ultracote.

The 57” SC builds as well or better than any of the high quality ARFs currently on the market. As is common with ARFs, after removing the kit from the bags, the covering began to show some minor signs of wrinkling due to climatic changes. I chose to take a couple of minutes with a covering iron and heat gun to remove the wrinkles. I had to do this once more after the airframe was exposed to varying outdoor conditions, and the covering has remained in near perfect condition ever since.

Before starting construction, I have found it to be of great benefit on all ARFs to go over the motor box and landing gear mounting joints with thin CA. While not a necessary action, the addition of thin CA will help protect the motor box and landing gear area from the thrashing most of us inspiring 3D pilots will put on it.

Landing Gear

The quality of the landing gear components, along with the ease of installation are things of beauty. Pre-painted and striped fiberglass wheel pants, strong carbon fiber landing gear and perfectly machined aluminum axles highlight the landing gear components. In just minutes you can have the landing gear, wheel pants and tail wheel unit installed and ready for flight. With that said, take a minute to remove the set-screws from the tail wheel unit, and apply a small drop of thread lock. This small step will help assure a long service life from the tail wheel unit. And I can tell you from experience, this landing gear will take some SERIOUS abuse and keep on rolling.

Fuselage and Tail

Piecing together the fuselage and related components is a cinch. Installation of the horizontal tail surface is straightforward. Slide the horizontal stab in place, check alignment (mine was spot on) and glue in place using thin CA. Notice I didn’t mention removing any covering from the stab? It has been proven that you will get a solid permanent bond between the covering on the stab and fuse structure using just thin CA. I remember witnessing a horizontal stab break away from an Ultimate Bipe in flight. The stab broke along the knife line made from removing the covering for installation. No more! Control surface installation is again very simple. The CA hinges are all pre-glued to all control surfaces. Just slide in place and hit with a couple of large drops of thin CA. Be sure to set hinge gaps that will allow for full 3D control throws. Install your phenolic control horns in the pre cut slots using medium CA, and you are ready to go.


The word “assembly” hardly applies here. I removed the covering from the servo holes then installed control horns and ailerons. As is common on most giant scale airplanes, the 57” SC also features two wing halves that slide onto a central carbon fiber tube that are held in place with two thumb screws. Very nice touch!


The HITEC HS225MG and HS5245MG servos drop right into the pre-cut holes with no modification. I used the included EZ-connectors, ball links and push rods. Important tip: Be sure to add a drop of medium CA to the EZ-connector nut to prevent them from backing off in flight. The included control system hardware has worked flawlessly.

SFG: (Side Force Generators)

SFGs are included in the kit and are ready for installation. I really like the addition of SFGs when flying the 57” SC. Knife edge flight requires a minimal amount of rudder input, and the already nearly totally wing-rock-free harriers become even more stable. I fly the 57” SC with the SFGs about 75% of the time. It's a very cool option.

Electronics Install and Power Systems:


The 3D Hobby Shop 57” SC can be flown using a multitude of different 7-10 oz brushless motors, using both 4S and 5S Lipolys. Due to the vast number appropriate power systems that can be flown in the 57” SC, the firewall does not come pre-drilled. Don’t fret! Just align and center your motor's “X-Mount” against the firewall using the included laser-etched alignment marks and drill. No big deal here. Blind nuts and fasteners are included to complete the motor mounting.

Note: When using the smaller and lighter motors you will be required to supply four ¼” spacers in order to obtain the proper spinner backplate to cowling spacing. I have found ¼” aluminum spacers to be readily available at local hardware stores.

Local Pilot Cory Musich was kind enough to supply us with a picture of his Extreme Flight Torque 4014T-570 5-Cell powered 3D Hobby Shop Extra SC’s power system installation. Big time power, thanks Cory!

Just a few of the motors the SC can handle:

  1. Hyperion 3025-770 (as tested)
  2. Reaper GR45
  3. Reaper GR60
  4. Scorpion SII-3026-710
  5. Scorpion 4020 series
  6. Torque 4016-T500
  7. Torque 4014T-570 (5S Lipo)
  8. Eflight Power32
  9. Eflight Power46
  10. And many more…


I decided to use the Reaper 85A ESC and Castle Creations BEC. It is most important here to use an ESC that is matched for your chosen motor and propeller current draw. I incorporated the Castle Creations BEC due to the larger current draw from the HITEC 5245 digital servos.


3D Hobby Shop Recommended Setup:
CG: 108mm for initial flight(s)
Normal CG Range: 120-125mm
Low Rates: (Sport/Precision)
Elevator:15º/1.25”30% Expo
Rudder:Full Throw/45º80% Expo
Ailerons:17º/1.75”30% EXP
High Rates: (3D)
Elevator:55º/4.0”80% Expo
Rudder:Full Throw/45º80% Expo
Ailerons:30º/2.25”60% Expo

I started by setting up all flight controls per the recommended control throw and CG settings listed in the instruction manual. These proved to be very well thought out starting points. I only made slight changes to better tune the 57” SC for my personal flying style.

The 57” SC comes with a very nice set of mylar decals to complement the finished product. For the review model I decided to go one step further and acquire a set of vinyl graphics custom designed by Rob at ADC HOBBY STORE for the SC. The vinyl packages offered by ADC are of the highest quality and added a big shot of “bling” to the airplane. Very cool!


In Flight Photos

Photos Courtesy Ryan White

Maiden Flight

I was lucky to have a near perfect morning for a maiden flight: little or no wind, comfortable temps in the 70s and clear blue skies. The takeoff was a non-event. It quickly became apparent that despite using a motor from the smaller size category AND flying at nearly 5000’MSL, the 57” SC is a rocket! Full power vertical climb out is IMPRESSIVE. I would hesitate to say that the airplane required a click of trim “here and there” to achieve straight flight as my setup could be just as much at fault. Let’s just say the 57” SC required very little trimming, and it was flying on rails. I proceeded to roll the SC inverted to check the CG. With the CG set to 120mm, the SC will only slightly descend when inverted. This is the position I like to fly most of my 3D-capable airplanes, and I have not changed the CG to date. The long tail moment became rapidly apparent when flying long, smooth IMAC-style maneuvers. Cuban 8s, loops and other basic vertical maneuvers are something to behold. I also had the SFGs installed for the maiden flight which prompted me to put the SC through a few long knife edge passes. Even with a nearly neutral CG the SC has VERY LITTLE pitch coupling and –zero- noticeable roll coupling while in knife edge flight which I find very impressive! After some basic aerobatics it was time to land and check out everything. The landing approach was smooth. As is the case with most 3D airplanes, flying with a neutral CG be careful to not over-flare causing the airplane to balloon and possibly stall. The SC likes a little power all the way to touchdown. It was a great first flight, and I had a big smile on my face.

Wringing out the 57” SC:

With oversized control surfaces, big time throws and a light wing loading the 57” SC just begs to be hammered on. The design lends to a true 3D thoroughbred with aerodynamic capabilities that far exceed my piloting skills. With this said, the airplane's forgiving nature instills much confidence and allowed me to quickly improve on my flying skills. And the SC doesn’t stop at high-intensity 3D hucking! Turn the rates down a little, and you will have a great IMAC-style practice platform. Long, beautiful precision maneuvers are a real treat to fly. The airplane handles precision maneuvers reminiscent of a much larger airplane yet remains incredibly agile.

More In Flight Pics...

Photos Courtesy Ryan White

Some of the maneuvers I enjoy most with the 57” SC

Harriers and Elevators: The 57” SC really shines here. The superb design allows the airplane to harrier and elevator with ZERO wing rock. And no matter how hard I try the SC has yet to surprise me and snap out of these maneuvers.

Knife Edge: SFGs on or off, the 57” SC loves to fly knife edge. With little pitch coupling and zero roll coupling, a light rudder-to-elevator pitch mix is all I needed to fly effortless knife edge… all day long!

Point Rolls: I particularly like to put the SC through 4, 8 and even 16 (well, sorta!) point rolls. Combining the 57” SC’s smooth tracking and coupling free characteristics, accurate point rolls are second nature.

Snap Rolls: The 57” SC is capable of very accurate snap rolls and will stop rolling when told. Tight snaps, deep snaps, inside and outside snaps… the SC will do them all and well.

Hovering and Torque Rolling: Transition from harrier flight to a nice low hover is effortless. It took a few attempts to get used to the SC in torque roll, but once I did, the 57” SC proved to be a very capable torque rolling machine.

Flat and Knife Edge Spins: I personally have spent little time working the 57” SC into spins, something I have to work on more in the near future. But in the capable hands of local pilot Tyler Hawker, the 57” SC spun upright, inverted and in knife edge with authority!

Rolling Harriers: With tremendous control authority and excellent roll handling, the 57” SC was made to fly rolling harriers and does so very, very well.

Sport Flying:

Not into flying 3D? No problem. The 57” SC lends itself well to sport flying. Move the CG forward a little, dial down the control throws and go fly. Since the SC was designed to handle well in precision flight and tuned to remain stable in post-stall flight, you will find the SC a stable and forgiving sport platform.


Generally speaking when designing an airframe tailored to high performance 3D flying, the designer(s) seek to reduce overall wing loading by removing much of the unneeded inner structure. In many 3D designs of years past this meant sacrificing durability, and in particular, the landing gear mounts became substantially weakened. The inner structure of the 57” SC is a work of art and looks more like a premium giant scale aircraft from the inside out. Ultra-modern airframe design has given the 57” SC a seemingly unbreakable airframe when faced with the harshest airborne maneuvers. And how about the landing gear? I have dropped the 57” SC in hard… repeatedly. The stout carbon fiber landing gear and robust mounting structures have withstood the onslaught of rough harrier landings and minor mishaps without a care. Very Impressive!

And I have to admit something. The 57” SC harriers so well I perform harrier landings at least 95% of the time. And after repeated punishing blows to the tail wheel unit I managed to break the tail wheel “tiller” right off the rudder temporarily taking away ground steering. To remedy the “problem” I cut the head off a 3mm bolt and inserted into a ball link I had sitting around. I then drilled a new hole near the broken tiller and used a generous amount of medium CA to secure it in place. This has proven to be a solid repair.


ADC Vinyl Graphics Installed

Other Photographs


Is the 57” Extra 300SC for beginners?

Nope, it’s not. The SC was designed for a seasoned RC pilot with solid low wing aileron aerobatic flying experience searching for an airframe to take his/her skills to the next level.


After over 75 flights the 3D Hobby Shop 57” Extra 330SC has been nothing short of something I like to call; “the REAL deal”. This is an airframe I now can’t imagine living without, and I take it with me to the field every time. The 57” SC has already helped me take my flying to a much higher level than I was, BSC (before 57” SC). The SC fulfills all my airborne cravings wrapped up in one airframe, every flight. Precision flying mixed with hard-core 3D, and the big time power and convenience available from today’s brushless motors make the 57” SC a winner in my book. My hat is off to designer Scott Stoops and Ben Fisher of 3D Hobby Shop for a job well done.


  • Lightly loaded yet rugged airframe
  • Extremely capable 3D/Precision machine
  • Excellent building ARF with high quality hardware
  • Beautiful carbon fiber landing gear and accessories


  • Flying this plane is so addictive, you'll want to pick up a second for a spare.

Special Thanks to Ben Fisher, Scott Stoops, Tyler Hawker, Rob at ADC Hobby Store, and Ryan White for the amazing in flight photographs.

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Jan 29, 2010, 12:51 PM
Registered User
Awesome Jeff! Great write-up and review!

Here's some links to the videos on Vimeo:

Jeff's Review Video:
3DHobbyShop 57" Extra 330 SC - Mixed Flying - RCG Review (6 min 8 sec)

Flying around with the new SC:
3DHS - 57" Extra 330 SC - vid5 (5 min 47 sec)

Rollin, Tumblin' all out fun:
3DHS 57" Extra330 SC - CO Vid3 (4 min 11 sec)

Jan 29, 2010, 01:57 PM
Postcards From The Purple Edge
tuppertn's Avatar
Awesome, guys! Great write-up and fgreat vids!

My RED all ready to go for it's maiden. I went with the Scorpion 4020-10 burning 1000W on 4s with a Xoar 15x8. Can't wait!!

Jan 29, 2010, 02:09 PM
The sky is my playground.
Dora Nine's Avatar
Great work, and beautiful plane!
Jan 29, 2010, 02:20 PM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
Great writeup Jeff - and love the formatting.

Great airplane too. I need to get one of these!

Jan 29, 2010, 03:18 PM
Registered User
ducatirdr's Avatar
Oh Great now they'll never be in stock...
Jan 29, 2010, 03:21 PM
Registered User
57SC's in both color schemes are in stock now and on the website. Better order em up while they last.

Jan 29, 2010, 04:26 PM
Check Your Bolts!!
JClark's Avatar
Nice write up.
This plane can be glow converted also with little work. I have video of the glow set up flying if anybody wants me to post them up. I love my SC and can't wait till I get the big boy going.
Jan 29, 2010, 08:16 PM
Luvin' Life
1Radioflyer's Avatar
Great review! I love the videos
Jan 29, 2010, 09:48 PM
badpilotto's Avatar

Very nice review and great pics too.
Jan 29, 2010, 10:55 PM
Goes to eleven!
JK13's Avatar
Excellent job!
This is my favorite plane too-
Thanks for your hard work on the review.
Jan 29, 2010, 11:42 PM
How can we stop winter?
flyinhigh025's Avatar
Thank you all very much for the kind words. I really enjoyed working on the article, and what a great subject!

Jan 30, 2010, 02:09 AM
Team 3DHS
BoneDoc's Avatar
Awesome review Jeff!
Jan 30, 2010, 11:29 AM
Like a boss!
AllBread's Avatar
Jeff -

Nice write-up and great flying for for the shots. It takes a whole different level of skill to fly well when
someone is beside you with a whip and a camera saying, "now give me a perfect knife edge right in front of that tree right there" or, "see that barn? Drop into an elevator and bring it by so that your in a harrier right in front of it."

you definitely showed total comfort with the plane (although I noticed that as soon as I put the camera away you were torque rolling four feet if the deck for 60 seconds at a tome)!
Jan 30, 2010, 08:01 PM
How can we stop winter?
flyinhigh025's Avatar
Originally Posted by AllBread
Jeff -

Nice write-up and great flying for for the shots. It takes a whole different level of skill to fly well when
someone is beside you with a whip and a camera saying, "now give me a perfect knife edge right in front of that tree right there" or, "see that barn? Drop into an elevator and bring it by so that your in a harrier right in front of it."

you definitely showed total comfort with the plane (although I noticed that as soon as I put the camera away you were torque rolling four feet if the deck for 60 seconds at a tome)!
Haha! Thanks Ryan!

Not sure why, but I am a little camera shy. Will have to get over that!!!

Your pics are awesome!!!

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