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Jan 23, 2010, 10:05 AM
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Build Log

making FSK macchi M67

I got FSK macchi M.67 last spring in March 2009.

It is tough model. When I glanced at construction guide, I imagined some sections were needed to modify.
Because this kits construction was apart from my satisfying image.
I wanted to have enough motor power with fuselages firmness as a racer, smooth hydroplaning, taking off and landing, and easy maintenance.

I started to ponder which way is better to fly as other floatplanes.

Firstly, I considered the shape of this float wouldn’t be easy to run straightly on the water because of the deep V shape.
And the floats with the dull edge of the steps make difficult to let go from water.

Secondarily, the fore side area from the center of gravity, which is summed up the fuselage and the floats, is bigger compared to other planes. This should cause the difference of the center of gravity from normal planes, supposed to be forward.

And the last, I found contents such as battery, receiver and servos will be mounted as forward as possible.
This forced me to make the wing removable to maintenance easy, fortunately this lead to be possible to mount another item, float rudders.

This time, I show some pictures about constitutions the main plane and inside the fuselage.
Latest blog entry: My Macchi-M67 oing on!
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Jan 24, 2010, 06:13 AM
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Really a good idea shigetyann! I have seen also your video on youtube. It's a pity that FSK didn't think about this possibility. With a remouvable wing it's much easyer to access to the electronics parts and to stock the model. Do you still have the right measures of your wood pieces? Is it possible to see more about your float rudder system? thank you again!!!.
Jan 24, 2010, 09:57 AM
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Hi! Panamarenko.
Thank you for watching my video on YouTube.
The first reply for your request;
You can see the white vertical lines and horizontal ones in the picture “zooming the aileron …”. These lines are 5 centimeter apart each other. And I took this picture vertically. So you may measure these parts almost exactly.
The second reply, float rudder system;
I’ve listed other pictures relate to float rudder system. You’ll see them.
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Jan 24, 2010, 11:46 AM
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thank you again shigetyann! that's very kind from you, now it's all clear. By the way I saw in your video that you have rebuilt the floats? is it like that? Did you have with the original ones some problems with the take off?
Jan 24, 2010, 11:50 AM
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shigetyann here you can see another thread about this Macchi:
Jan 25, 2010, 10:56 AM
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> have rebuilt the floats?
Yeah, I made a vaccume machine to get improved running surfaces.
The improved running sufaces parts are made of 0.5 mm thickness plastic plates.
The improved point is add edges pushing back the water made by running float itself.
These picture show the process of making running surfaces.
These parts are replaced from original ones.
Of course, a simple way to make edges is to bond triangle rods both end of running surface sides only.
If you choice this way, you have to waterproof.
The original running surface is made of two parts attached side by side along the center line.
As the seam doesn't have perfect seal, it arrows water invade into floats easily.
That's why I made seamless running sufaces and bonded on main float made of foamed polystyrene.

>...see another thread ..
I knew when I started making mine. I speculated some problems from the S/L Cechla's movie and from my experiences.
I wondered dull edged floats would go difficult for taking off, especially mirror like water surface. It may be no problem on waving surface, though.
In the movie, FSK Supermarline S.6 at maiden flight, the plane had several hoppings just before taking off.
I estimated the water was sticking floats. And I had a guess the shape of floats, FSK Supermarline S.6, were also adopted Macchi M67.
I supposed the reason that the complete take off FSK Supermarline S.6 was caused by enough power of brushless moter.
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Jan 25, 2010, 04:43 PM
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shigetyann, thank you again for your explanations, I really love this model but when I started to build it I thought there where many things that could be changed for a better result, your model is a good demostration.
I would really like to buy a pair of your coating floats!! I fly also on
mirror water surfaces and I noticed the same problem. After a first setup I changed again the motor and I choosed an Axi 2217/16, but after waching your pics there is still a lot of work on it.
Your cockpit is marvelous, really well done!
Let me know if you want to sell and ship a pair of this plastic coats to Switzerland!!
Jan 26, 2010, 08:00 AM
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Unfortunately, I developed flue type A this afternoon.
Now I returned back from a clinic. My body heat is 101 Fahrenheit.
So from tommorow, I have to rest about a week.
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Jan 26, 2010, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by shigetyann
Unfortunately, I developed flue type A this afternoon.
Now I returned back from a clinic. My body heat is 101 Fahrenheit.
So from tommorow, I have to rest about a week.

ouch! I 'm sorry for that, take your time.....winter is very cold this year, in Japan also?, hope to hear you soon!!
Jan 27, 2010, 07:24 AM
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Thread OP
Thanks a lot. Today I gonna be better a little bit.
I'll open more reports about this model. coming soon.
Latest blog entry: My Macchi-M67 oing on!
Jan 28, 2010, 03:16 AM
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Thread OP
Today, I feel much better.
Wheather you need my original running surfaces, please check further reformations about her in my blog coming soon.
Latest blog entry: My Macchi-M67 oing on!
Jan 29, 2010, 12:49 AM
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about relationship about float steps and CG

Mr. Panamarenko, are you still checking this blog?

This topic is the most important for making Macchi M.67.
Whether you will succeed your maiden flight or not, it depends on CG position.

The construction article says CG position is 15mm from leading edge, is it suitable?
Actually it's impossible to equal this value, only If you follow the construction manual.
The CG ends about 60mm, without any weight. This value is suicide, she is almost out of control, and there is no neutral trim position.
And even though, what we call, 30% CG position is evil of this model.

Actually, in the construction manual, the suitable value is 15mm. This means she force you to weight over 100gram at the leading edge of floats.
I designed and made the original servo bed for servos, battery et al. to mount them to move the CG position to fuse nose as further as possible.
So the including layout is totally different from normal. Even though, it force me to weight 70g. The total weight is 710g including the float rudder system.
Now The CG position is 23mm from leading edge, it's good for controlling.
I suppose the floats make some lift, like flying body planes, like V shaped jump activity in the Nordic skiing.

Now, in this model the floating step position is inappropriate as float plane.
Such a tiny plane like this, the distance between CG and float step position is significantly change the hydroplaning behavior.
The CG position should be better 5 to 10mm at most 15mm from the float step.
If you move CG position former from the float step, she would stumble the water on the former floats, because of luck of straight-ahead stability.
To keep stability, I moved the steps 28mm forward. Further. This caused the step height smaller, I went up to 7mm add 4mm, because of the easy detachment from water.
This is also available to make the formar running surface angle bigger. When she is hydroplaning the angle between former floats running surface and the water line, big become 5 to 7 degree.
This is also helpful to leave water easy.

And at last, the controlling in the period from shipping to hydroplaning just before taking off, you should notice bellow.
You need to control not only rudder, elevator but aileron, the aileron!!.

Before she is hydroplaning, you can use rudder for keeping the take off direction.
After she has enough speed to control aileron, you can keep straight running only by using aileron, rudder is not enough for controlling, I tested.
I estimate it is from the front running shape. She has deep corn caves. Once added the down force it looks as if there is not enough lift to bring back main wing to horizontal direction.
If one side floats more sinks, the deep V shape cuts the water and turn to adverse direction. I imagine it likes a parallel turn in skiing; right foot load step leads to turn left.
And more, if there is crosswind, though wind is feeble 1 or 2 miles/hr , she may easily turn to leeward in hydroplaning. It's also controllable by using aileron and rudder.
I suppose leeward turn is caused by deep V shape. The deep V shape inhibits her sideslip.
And more, leeward turn or not is depend on the relative position between the side shape area's CG above the water line (fuselage, vertical fin and floats) and the beneath (the floats and rudder).
It seems to resemble the character of yacht.

Generally speaking, the flat running surface float is easy to control, and is common. But deep V shaped one has lots of difficulties.

I hope upper writings make you easy to understand how delicate the running surface shape is.
These secrets bring your Macchi M.67 well doing, I believe.

Thank you for your endurance reading such a long report.
And also want to ask Mr. Panamarenko, are you get this article OK?
These modifying and operations are needed for your success.
If other opinions are there, please let me know, discussing together.

Thank you. Shige
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May 07, 2010, 04:41 PM
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Love this plane, and I'm interested in what you've done to it.

Does anyone know if this plane is available in USA?
May 09, 2010, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by 7car7
Love this plane, and I'm interested in what you've done to it.

Does anyone know if this plane is available in USA?
7car7, thanks your comment.

I had received like your request from some person.
I only know this RC model kit is sold the inter-net shop little-bellanca in Tokyo Japan.

I’m able to introduce some useful information about get this model kit.
This model was planned by Mr. Kobayashi, the owner of little-bellanca, and manufactured by FSK ( FLYING STYRO KIT a factory in Czech ).

We Japanese get this model easily. You and another person living in other countries, please access the URLs bellow.
Little-bellanca: [email protected] [email protected]
Kit’s information :

I suppose this site is described only in Japanese. All contents are written in Japanese.
If you access this site from not used Japanese countries, the characters shall change mysterious ones. You will only check pictures certainly.

By the way, The owner has a good command of English, I recommend you send E-mail at [email protected], the owner will satisfy your request or some recommendation.

The other way to get this kit is to access FSK directly.
Info FLYING_STYRO_KIT: [email protected]
FSK web site:
I hope FSK Macchi M67s fly everywhere in the world.

Latest blog entry: My Macchi-M67 oing on!
May 10, 2010, 01:42 PM
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Thank you shigetyann, I will follow up on that info.

I did speak with one from Flying Styro, very nice man. Gave me a price direct from them. I'll have to think about it. Love the plane, but it's a bit pricey.

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