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Sep 22, 2001, 10:39 AM
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How do you control flap/crow etc effectively if your radio do not have....

Hi all

How do you control action that required a variable position such as brake, spoiler, crow, etc when your radio only have 3 position switches and not a rotary knob?

Reason for my asking is that I intend to get the RD6000 Super but I did not see any rotary knob and wonder how do you control those above function effectively when you only have a 3 position flap or worse all up or all down only!

Since I do not have the radio and have not read the inst manual, may be some of you can share your feedback.

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Sep 22, 2001, 11:46 AM
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Lenny970's Avatar
Easy. If you talking about an electric sailplane, your landing control (flaps, spoilers, crow) goes on the "throttle" stick. The motor is controlled by a toggle switch (probably intended for retract gear operation). With an electric sailplane there is no need for variable speed motor control anyway. You use full power to climb to altitide, then shut down the motor and soar.

Good luck,
Sep 22, 2001, 05:54 PM
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Most sailplane guys (that I've seen) still like to have proportional throttle control. They use a switch to 'switch' modes - in one position the throttle works as normal, in the other, the spoilers are engaged, and the throttle controls the spoilers.
A friend of mine is a NATS winner, that's how he does it. As far as the radio you mention, I don't know if it can do that. The 8U and equivalent JR family can..
Sep 23, 2001, 03:35 AM
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Hi Andy

That is what I thought. I have zero experience in full house gliding which is why my next radio purchase is dictated by my future plan. My glider have a mid air collision with an IC trainer and the receiver was hit spot on by the other plane prop. So instead of buying a new rx for my old Fut 6 conquest, I'm getting myself a new radio. Was contemplating the RD6000 which have no rotary knob but it does have the capability of pos/neg shift ability.

So in this instance, I can't do what andy mentioned.(which would be the prefered at this point in time given my lack of experiences anyway) I always thought the needs to have some level of proportional control even when the flap/crow/etc mode is on so that I need to bail out, once my throttle stick goes above say 50%, the crow/flap is disengage. and I shall go for another landing or fly again with the mode off.

Andy, do you know where can I get some good resources of setting the above up. Need to get more reading to decide my radio.

With Lenny suggestion, I also can see that possibility. But I have always use some degree of proportionate speed control when I want to fast cruise over the sky without losing much altitude.

Alternatively, plough in a few more hundred and I shall get the FF8 Futaba. Not sure how much the FF9 will be though. Or possibly I will get the hitec Eclipse 7 but the reputation of Hitec is not that good somehow here.

Thanks to all and keep the feedback coming.
Sep 23, 2001, 09:52 AM
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I have an original (not sport nor super) RD6000. it has a switch for C-mixers (which you define) and could use one to nulify the throttle out put (-100%) and the other to mix throttle into flaps. as I have never tried it, I am not sure it can distinguish the throttle stick from the throttle channel(if you nulify the throttle, the flaps may always remain at zero...). my best advice is call airtronics and ask...


p.s.: if money is not a problem, I would go with an 8 channel, a stylus or FF8.