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Feb 18, 2010, 12:02 AM
I butcher foam
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On 2/14 I maidened the Protos 500.

I was in a rush and undisciplined.

The result:

Broken tail case and one of the idler pulleys = missing.

I was in a big rush so:

Initial flight was with the blades on backwards (yes they fly like this!) and something like -15-20 degrees negative expo (and this is NOT a Futaba where -expo tones things down).

Winds at 20 mph gusting to 30
Temp 25-26 degrees F

Horrible conditions.

So the first few mini hovers resulted in a ton of huh? moments. Took the heli in and found the blades on backwards and expo. Fixed with 25% positive expo and proper blades. I had the YGE esc on super slow start which took forever to build up to the real head speed. So I put it on middle. Middle on the YGE is what we're all used to.

My curves were crap..ended up fixing them up. I crashed with a hard landing. Tried to set it down fast as I can't trim in 20-30 mph winds. Wind gust with negative collective and it slammed down.

In retrospect..throttle hold would've saved it. Just hit TR, don't touch the collective unless you need to add some positive to soften it, and let it gently plop down.

Replacement parts will be in tomorrow/Friday. Also went ahead and got some 9650s for the cyclic. I don't have great geometry with my HS85MG arms, plus my 3DHS Slick wants them back.

I flew my fathers Trex 500 ESP. I think this would be a great size beginner CP heli if you can afford it. We were getting 8minutes with time to spare on 6s 3000 mah packs. GP750 gyro holds his tail well. I clocked the head speed at 2150 and we ended up bumping it to 2250 and toning his collective down. Winds were 10-15 gusting to 20, but it handled them very well.

Flew my EXI outside in calmer winds later this evening. It just flies SO much better than anything I've flown yet..I just HAVE to figure out why. It's not the's something in the programming.

I loaded Phoenix and tested my curves against standard curves I found online. I was hovering with more pitch and less headspeed with my curves. I noticed doing some maneuvers I don't do in real life..involving going fast and pulling gs, my high pitch setting bogs the motor down.

I also have 40% ail/elev on the swash mix...not a lot of swash movement. IT really looks like the toned down Blade SR in the air. Really think a person can take a better heli than the Blade SR and tune it to fly just as easy.

My EXI flies easier than the simulator. I can perfectly control it. I did side in and nose in with it outside.

I'm ALSO getting 30 minutes to several hours per day on the simulator just doing orientation training. That could be a reason as well?

At any rate the EXI is a top performer in my fleet.

I have probably 20-25 flights on it now, so I put it on the bench tonight and checked loctite. Need to triflow some of it as well.
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Feb 18, 2010, 12:11 AM
Rocket Programmer
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Heck yeah, the 500 is a good heli - a little expensive for a beginner, but the flight characteristic is perfect.

15-20 minute sessions on the simulator is enough. You must take a break after that, to give your brain time to process what you've learned. Always start off each learning session with a review of previous sessions, to build up the memories - but don't get stuck at one level - always try to progress.
Feb 18, 2010, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by jasmine2501
Heck yeah, the 500 is a good heli - a little expensive for a beginner, but the flight characteristic is perfect.

15-20 minute sessions on the simulator is enough. You must take a break after that, to give your brain time to process what you've learned. Always start off each learning session with a review of previous sessions, to build up the memories - but don't get stuck at one level - always try to progress.
I agree with Jazz on the sim thing. I try and fly a few 10 minutes sessions with rest in between just as if I were flying for real at the field.

If I sit for too long in front of the sim, I slowly start to degrade mentally down to just goofing off and my flying skills seem to get worse the longer I keep flying. I think its only the "Playstation" kids that can sit for hours in front of one and actually make headway
Feb 18, 2010, 12:03 PM
I butcher foam
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I do 10 minute sessions throughout work during the day, and 1-2 at night.

Typically spaced out between hours of code work on the computer.
Feb 18, 2010, 04:54 PM
I butcher foam
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Did two 6 min forward flight packs today out in a field!

Needed a little more throttle/pitch in the middle. Little guy would barely bunch out..hard to get out of trouble in a big descent.

I had to finally work in some negative pitch at low stick.

Lost orientation a few times. I wiggled the heli around in the air to see how it reacted and quickly regained orientation.

All in all great day, first day of REALLY flying, it was awesome.

I do need to work on slowing the bird down and not getting so far out.
Feb 20, 2010, 05:03 PM
I butcher foam
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Protos Re-maiden!

Last night I put the new Futaba S9650 servos on the cyclic. Reset the head, noticed I had the head a little off, fixed it up so everything was level and I was getting the same positive pitch and negative pitch at full.

Swash level through it's entire range of motion

Put two packs through it today. One in calm wind with a few gusts, the next in probably 10-15 mph.

With a curve of (three point to star) 0-71 (middle)-100 on the throttle the head speed is tame, yet has a ton of punch out power.

6 minutes I put back in 1300 mah, I could push up to 8 but will settle on 7, which will be just at 1500 mah on 2200

This thing flies GREAT, a little tail wag, looks like hunting to me, need a few tuning packs still yet to get the gain right..I may have a little notchiness in the tail I have to work out..part of the fun.

This thing sounds wicked, no gear mesh noise, just rotor and motor sound. Tracking was perfect, not much trim needed, just perfect.

I love it
Feb 20, 2010, 08:23 PM
I butcher foam
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I bought a used Futaba GY401 from a helifreak member. Came in the mail today.

I took my $13 Hobby City Hk401 off and mounted the real GY401.

Set limit, direction, and popped up into a hover. No more tail drift.

If you are having issues with the HK401, get a used GY401 for $50-60.
Feb 25, 2010, 07:00 PM
I butcher foam
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I've been flying 10 minute sessions on Phoenix daily. MOST days 5-6 10 minute sessions.

I've been working on upright orientation, flips, stall turns, lazy 8s, rolls, and loops.

Flew the Protos today for 2 7 minute packs. Just tail in trying to dial in everything the way I like it. Ended up taking my expo down to 15% from 25%. Upped my head speed, switched to a linear pitch curve.

Flies better.

A hour later I took my 450 out for a few packs. I was doing side in hovers with the Protos. I could hold them for as long as I wanted, very comfortable.

So I decided to swing it around nose in about 15 feet in front of me and 8 feet up.

I held nose in perfect!

I flew most the pack nose in. At the end I started drifting backwards into a tree. Didn't give it enough cyclic to get out and hit the tree.

2 Align woodies, boom supports, probably feathering shaft, and maybe main shaft (havent checked the shafts yet).

Being that I'm 95% capable of hovering upright in any orientation, I dig it!
Nov 10, 2010, 03:45 PM
I butcher foam
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Well..the day of my last entry Feb 26th 2010 a charging 3s 2200 mah lipo started a fire in my garage that took the house and my belongings.

House is now rebuilt, insurance stuff done, charging habits changed, I'm back on the training wagon.

11/1 I started logging battery cycles, real flights, and simulator time.

As of today I have 30.35 minutes of Protos/Mini Titan stick time and 235 minutes with Phoenix.

There were some SR flights and simulator time previous to 11/1 that I can't log.

I have all orientations down in the sim and getting real close to perfect in real time. Working inverted nose in on the sim now. some slow skids level ff circuits in real life and sim as well.

Protos replaced is a mini v-bar 5 FBL setup that I'm happy with. 6s 2650 mah packs.

Mini Titan sports hs-65MG cyclic, 480 on the tail, Typhoon motor again, 12T pinion, Quark gyro.
Nov 10, 2010, 04:27 PM
My other addiction!
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Two Comments:
1. That SUCKS!!!!!!!!
2. Now that's out of the way, welcome back!

Based on your post, sounds like no one was hurt. That's good. Don't envy you having to go through all the insurance cr*p, but it sounds like it all worked out. Congrats.
Nov 10, 2010, 06:08 PM
Rocket Programmer
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Good to have you back!
Nov 11, 2010, 06:15 PM
I butcher foam
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Flight #10 - Protos 500 FBL
6 minutes in idle 1. Love this YGE-60 and it's governor.

Scooted it around in slow FF, practiced orientations on the sides. Space confined here and it would be dangerous to do much else with the Protos. First day the winds were below 13 mph so the mini vbar Protos REALLY shined in the calm was amazing.

Flight #11/12

Two back to back Mini Titan flights - lazy circuits, figure 8s, a bunch of nose in high hovers transitioning to about 8 foot directly in front of me to a left hand turn (these usually scare me..nose in coming towards me)

I think i have tooo much expo on this guy..real mushy. Tail blows out in pitch pumps so I have some work to do.

This is the first time I've done sustained FF low and slow..usually I'm way too fast. First figure 8s.

Great day.

47 minutes of stick time / 314 minutes of sim time since 11/1/2010.
Nov 13, 2010, 03:30 AM
smoking crack is cheaper
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I'm new around here (my second heli ((4ch fp)) is in the mail right now with a DX6i) and I think this has been an absolutely brilliant read, that is until the catastrophe. Bummer bro, that's rough.

This thread is something every newbie either getting into the hobby, or moving up from coax's should read; especially if they're contemplating the big issue in the sport....fp or cp progression. It also helps that you're quite thorough and not afraid to call yourself on your own shortcomings and post them in detail, like rushing due to, as Cartman would say, "a rack of dissaprin", hehehe. It also helps to show just how many parts are thrashed in the process of learning, rushing and crashing a cp.

Kudos to you my friend and I'll follow this thread to the end....that is if I can get the dang go advanced reply button to work....arrrrrrrg. Keep up the good work!

Edit: woohoo, go advanced reply button works from the edit page. Totally subscribed.
Last edited by VooDuuChild; Nov 13, 2010 at 05:06 AM.
Nov 13, 2010, 08:54 PM
I butcher foam
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Thanks for the support VooDuuChild!


I flew two Protos 500 packs and 1 Mini Titan pack. I need to put the titan on the bench and check swash level. It's pulling back/left. I can fly it out just fine though. Tail geometry needs work. I think I need to go in one hole on the tail servo horn and re-adjust gain.

Protos v-bar is just amazing. I scooted the Protos in all upright hover orientations around me and practiced consistent figure 8s.

I'm looking for no altitude lost, total control throughout the entire circuit. Doing these have taught me that when the heli is to my right left turns are weak for me. I need to work on left hand circuits.

It feels sluggish. I forgot v-bar has it's own sort of expo. I put the Protos on the software last night and upped cyclic agility and took my expo on ail/elev from 30% to 15%. I'll likely have to adjust..but the things sluggish.

My LAHeli Ricco arrived today. If you're not familiar it's a Czech made micro that's low weight, light disc loaded. High quality part, TT tail, just EXCELLENT craftsmanship. It's a builder's heli - but looks well worth the effort. I've had E-Sky micros, thought about a trex 250, have a blade SR I despise. This is exactly what I want for the winter. Good for indoors/small space outdoors. Long flight times, no need to purchase upgrades - it flies perfect out of the box I hear.

Pete@ElektroRC and distribute these. high price for the kit ($200 for the kit with blades SE, -$20 for the standard kit) but for me - I've been searching for this for years.

On the sim I have inverted nose in orientation nearly down. I have 6.1 sim hours and over 1 hour of real stick time now since 11/1/2010.
Nov 15, 2010, 11:23 PM
I butcher foam
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2 packs on the Protos today. A lot of all orientation flying in a lazy fashion. Getting used to not using 'tail in' as a comfort zone.

A lot of nose in, which I haven't done a lot of on the 500, very nice so far.

541 minutes on the sim. A lot of 34 mph gust, 100% thermal, practice for corrections. It's really helping with corrections in odd orientations.

Still practicing nose in inverted.

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