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Jan 03, 2013, 09:03 AM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
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Originally Posted by brathanke
Well I did some more work on the PTE. I couldn't get it to run last time out. My inspection revealed all four bolts holding the Jug on were loose. Two of them were 3 or 4 turns out. I had red loctite on there. Does anyone know what causes red loctite to fail? I'm sure I did something wrong. I have read stories of people not being able to get it loose and mine seem to come loose every time without any effort on my part lol. Any ideas would be awesome.

This time I cleaned out the threads with a Q-tip and alcohol. Gave the bolts a similar treatment. I applied the loctite very liberally to both the threads and the bolts. I mean I really put it on thick and heavy. I'm allowing it to cure over night. Is there anything I'm missing? I believe last time I applied it I ran the motor maybe an hour after putting it together. Could that have caused it? The instructions say that it should be cured in 15 minutes.
Man! It seems you work on that thing more than you fly it. Check what your red loctite says for temperature. You should let it cure for 10 or 15 minutes before you do anything to it. Real Loctite brand red #271 is good to about 400 degrees. There are other threadlockers and they are not all the same. The real stuff has to be heated to get the bolt out. Loctite says 500 degrees.

If you want to be sure they stay, you can drill holes in the bolt heads and use some lacing wire on them.

Originally Posted by David22
Then they go dump the snow in the river.

I used to truck away ice from skate ing rinks long ago.

That stuff builds up and takes parking space.

Did lots of testing with a glider and found small speed props. Eat batteries for breakfast. My desire for speed is at a cost I know you guys explained differences but I had to have fun testing

Now I go back to large 3d type props.
Sometimes, it is good to see what you know intellectually.
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Jan 03, 2013, 09:09 AM
Suspended Account
Experience is worth a thousand words

Been there done that

Now back to 3d props
Jan 03, 2013, 09:48 AM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Originally Posted by snowman
I had a ST2300
Originally Posted by waynemia
That said, show me some vids of the ST2300 on there.
I thought we banned this kind of language on here

Originally Posted by kerwin50
Are you looking for an arf or a build.
If you want to build then I suggest a twist from the build thread.
Well the club dinner is friday night and it's a chill dinner.
I just hope K49 leaves his shoe cam at home.
That shouldn't even be a question Why he is looking to Build Of Course
Have fun at the Dinner sounds great maybe you should get a shoe cam also and then you guys could have a kick fight for a great video lol

Originally Posted by DaOldGuy
Me not complain about snow removal ever again
Couldn't they just blast the snow banks with Beet Juice Isn't that suppose to be the "NEW" salt lol
Jan 03, 2013, 10:32 AM
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Nate I think you need to replace the bolts. This is a common problem on chinise motorized bike kits. The problem is the threads are not large enough on the studs and no amount of red loctite will hold them with all the vibration. Any big harware store should have the bolts. Some people have used studs followed by nuts.

Tower, the velox is the real deal, but it's alot more money. The slipstream MX, Yak, and Extra will fill the bill. A friend of mine has a red MX just like my green machine with a G26 on it. Now while it's under powered for me, she'll flatspin,knife edge, and tumble out of this world. I've never hovered her, but I beleive she will. My MX is just way too easy to lock into a hover.
Here's a video of an MX with a JC 28 on it
Redwing RC 25% MX2 with the JC 28 EVO II engine!! (7 min 18 sec)

Watch this guy grab the plane in a hover at 3:40

Well I'm hoping to sell a puppy today. A guy is suppose to come up. Sales are a little slow.
And money is tight. No airplane stuff for me. I can't even afford my AMA. Looks Like I'll be flying parkflyers for awhile. I can't complain too much. If I had my AMA and nice weather I'd be b-tchin about my DLE like Nate. LOL
Have a good day guys.
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Jan 03, 2013, 12:00 PM
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Kerwin, ice-fishing has been fantastic! Plenty of Northern Pike and a few Splake.

Wayne, sorry but the videos of me flying the UCD were among Jack211's stuff and I didn't inherit that when he died.

Waldo, do you have something against the ST2300??? What happened to you?

DOG......that video of snow removal is SOP here, except for this year.......we just ain't gettin' it!!!
Jan 03, 2013, 01:30 PM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
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I wanted to see that UCD. I liked mine also. I don't think I would want another one though. The Mojo is one of only a couple of kits I would actually consider.

Sold the Cub today. Frees up some room I need.

Snow removal was cool. I would like to drive the blower.
Jan 03, 2013, 03:30 PM
Twistaholic AMA 134406
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Popped in to say HEY

New job has been draining....nuff whining about that

Good to see you guys gettin along.

GoodvoteHappyThanksgivingMerryChristmasandHappynew Year!!!

Im lookin for a new rut to get into....Im thinkin this place looks good.

Ill be around
Jan 03, 2013, 03:42 PM
3d NOOBular
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Thanks for the loctite tips. Ill check into it. Meanwhile my wife is nursing me through a fever with cold chills. I can't ever remember feeling that cold. I'm sore all over and don't want to be in bed but being up is a little worse.
Jan 03, 2013, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by brathanke
Thanks for the loctite tips. Ill check into it. Meanwhile my wife is nursing me through a fever with cold chills. I can't ever remember feeling that cold. I'm sore all over and don't want to be in bed but being up is a little worse.
Nate, you are not supposed to drink the loctite!

Hope you feel better soon.
Jan 03, 2013, 04:22 PM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Originally Posted by snowman
Kerwin, ice-fishing has been fantastic! Plenty of Northern Pike and a few Splake.
Waldo, do you have something against the ST2300??? What happened to you?
Snowman Glad to hear the fishin has been fantastic
And I never liked the ST engines, I bought the 2300 deciding I would give them a chance as the price was sure right, and then I knew why... I had nothing but problems from day 1 it never, ever, ever, never, ran well, It had plenty of power and ran great at wide open or at idle, but the transition from Idle to full just never worked out, and dead sticked just about every single flight its ever had, I had this engine for 1 season and in the middle of the 2nd season the prop shaft broke and flew away with my $40.00 spinner luckily, I don't know how,, I was able to find the spinner and prop what killed me about it is I never once had a nose strike ever with the plane as it flew awesome, not one single crash to the engine, I have to admit I may have just gotten a lemon, As it does happen My cuz has the ST2300 and it runs perfect, But he bought his used and It came with 3 different idle spray bars, So I'm assuming the guy who owned it before him had the same problems I had, and Wayne even gave me the advice I needed to get it running well and suggested buying the spray bar or a better carb, and I could never bring myself to have to buy different parts for an engine to run right straight off the factory floor, that just sits wrong with me for some reason. If I was going to upgrade the engine or want better performance from it then I can see spending the money because I want to not because I have too another friend owns an ST75 and it also runs great but had to also invest in some parts. When I pull an engine out of the box it better run perfect and produce what it says or they go to my never again list I'm sure I'm only hurting myself here as the price difference is pretty large in other engines compared to what I live by and I'll probably have to buy another ST2300 for my US 1000 as I already designed the nice wooden built cowl right onto the nose of the plane, so If I change the engine I'd have to cut apart that nice front end of the US1K I worked on to make it perfect with the crappy engine LOL I gave the ST2300 to my good cuz for a parts engine to his 2300 which he has on his Nice Spacewalker which flew once on the maiden day and a bird hit the back of his tailfeathers while he was inverted and we think knocked out the elevator linkage as it dropped straight into the corn field LOL Here is the vid actually we caught it all.
Rant over LOL

At 8:41 he rolls the plane over at 8:45-8:47 you can see the bird

The not so Maiden Maiden (9 min 59 sec)
Jan 03, 2013, 05:33 PM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
waynemia's Avatar
OK Waldo, I didn't say you should get another needle or carb. I don't believe in that either. I told you to send it to me and I would get it running for you.

BTW - I have a couple of OS1.60FX engines and a big Saito available. It would keep you from going through the ST thing again.

If you get another ST2300, maybe you should have it shipped to me so I can do the break-in and tuning.

Man, was that Skywalker girly or what? I think I saw that when you posted it back when. Poor birdie. I hope he wasn't injured.

I know what that feels like after the two Big Stik fiascos.

I built another Fire Fly frame today. Just have to finish the electronics now.

Sold the Cub so I don't have to work on that.

Another Big Stik in the box. Going to try one more time.
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Jan 03, 2013, 07:30 PM
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Dad it's great to hear from you again, we've missed you.
Nate I hope you get to feeling better.
So Snowy the lake has frozen then.
You got any pic's of those pike.
Whats a splade.
Right now I'm as broke as a broke dick dog.
I hope I can play catch up
Jan 03, 2013, 08:26 PM
Registered User
Kerwin, fortunately fisherman up here eat what they catch......they don't take pictures and brag about size and weight .....we appreciate how good they taste though! You got me......what is a splade? It's good to be broke once and awhile.....then you know how good you really have it when the gettin's good!

Waldo, now tell me how you really feel about ST engines! You could always take out a mortgage on the house and buy a Saito! I don't have any extra O.S engines lying around that would fill the bill.....otherwise it'd be yours.
Jan 03, 2013, 08:32 PM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
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Jan 03, 2013, 08:47 PM
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LOL thanks Wayne.
Boy that picture makes me hungry.
Hey snowy does Heinz 57 go good on splake an Northern Pike.
Unfortunately snowy, I'm sorry to say that if I come up and catch a mess of northern Pike, I'll be taking tons of pictures.
I'll be posting them too.
But then again I'm no fisherman.

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