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Sep 15, 2012, 08:38 PM
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I had same problems as you last few days

Exactly same symptoms

Re did the video and did it for forth time the other day and it worked for who knows reason

I will post it

Interesting thing is last part of video as I fly low and far

I did go to the beach and fly

ezstar beach sept 8 2012 (23 min 6 sec)

Originally Posted by snowman
David22.......I tried loading my video to Vimeo last took hours and then at the end I got this message: "Oh snap.......something has gone wrong with loading this file." Right during the last 2% to download.........I wanted to see if it was better than YouTube! Any thoughts?
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Sep 15, 2012, 08:38 PM
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The original is perfect (well, for me anyway) but when I download it to Youtube....crapola! Ya, my plane gots da lots of power....jumps into da air!
Sep 15, 2012, 08:39 PM
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I'm happy to hear that you never left the had me worried once upon a time!
Sep 15, 2012, 08:40 PM
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What camera are you using for the video? FPV or what? Such an excellent video! Such quality! Wow!!!!
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Sep 15, 2012, 09:05 PM
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I swore to get out of hobby a few years ago but still addicted

Not as busy as before

But still,into,it

Using pixim camera and UHF for rc control

My experiments as almost every time I fly rc or fpv is just an experiment

The twist 40 is in line for an experiment

Snowman your plane seems to climb very fast at first I thought it was a helli

Or I thought it was a hotliner with power to motor on a switch
Sep 15, 2012, 10:30 PM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
waynemia's Avatar
Did you get the new EZ Star David? I am interested in your impression. Are you planning to use a stock motor? There is an adjustable aluminum motor mount out for it. I would have to look for it but it looks impressive.
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Sep 15, 2012, 11:00 PM
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Ordered it but not got it yet

Not sure which motor will be used

But been flying lots with low kv 680 motor and 7x5 slow apc prop.and 2200 4 cell, after that beach flight as an example,I landed with still 15.4 volts

Not much power but good combo,for quiet Ezstar

New aileron version most likely will be more sporty like maybe 800kv or something

Minimag or multiplex recommended motormformezstar is too,noisy for the beach or some places but goes much faster than slow fly 7x5

Will use 65mg for aileron servos for sure

Possibly also clip the wings a bit but not sure

For sure permanently secure the wings on Ezstar as I did recently

Funny experiment that works is
Ezstar with 680 himax motor, 36 pheniox esc, 2200 4 cell, and 7x5 slowfly apc puts out wot about 18 amps, and does not burn out motor or esc

Flown many many times with notmrecomended 4 cell when 3 cell recommended

Reason 4 cell used is need the amps to fly 3 cell with this set up is very low amps

Also 4 cell regulated down with linear regulator to 12 volts for video, so this is nice and clean compared to step,up step down regulator

For the twist I use 800 mah 3 cell for video

Ezstar is very great plane but not as fun as twist 40

But Ezstar really is fly anywhere,,and in the take anywhere in the car plane

Especially if it is nice and quiet

Can't wait till I get new Ezstar with ailerons

The ultra fun jet is still in the box with recommended multiplex power pack

Ezgliderpro is built and tested for fpv but having too much fun with ezstar

Originally Posted by waynemia
Did you get the new EZ Star David? I am interested in your impression. Are you planning to use a stock motor? There is an adjustable aluminum motor mount out for it. I would have to look for it but it looks impressive.
Sep 16, 2012, 01:08 AM
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Snowman, congrats on the -31 pounds, that's awesome!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

I've been busy being Mr mom this week but my wife gets back tomorrow and I'm going with some guys from our club to see a B-17 restoration in progress (17 years and counting). After we see the B-17 were going to fly some planes...should be fun!

Also I got a motrolfly 4320-400 to replace the scorpion motor which I fried last weekend. I also got a shiny new Mintor 33 for my 71" Slick
Sep 16, 2012, 01:19 AM
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SnowDog....snazzy engine you got there!! Let us know how it performs please.
Sep 16, 2012, 01:36 AM
Wookster's Avatar
It's over!! man what a day. got to the field early, about 700. This was after getting to bed around 230 last night. Fired up the grill and got the butts back in the smoke. They turned out great. However our turnout was not. so we had roughly 35lbs of pork to go around for 30 people. So I only used two of the butts. I ended up donating the meat to the club, so I got to take the leftovers home......I'm not complaining. Day was windy. Had a few scares out there. The biggest being my crop dusting Pawnee went into the tall grass on the hill. I was coming in on final and other larger planes were starting up in the pits so I coudnt hear her. She was coming in fine, but I found myself giving more and more throttle, then pulling up more and more on the stick. It wasn't an instant realization. it took several seconds to realize I could see my prop, and it wasn't turning. She landed as gently as she could in the field. No damage. Then on the next flight I took her for a run and the wind was bad. Did my dusting runs and spread rthe appropriate amount of baby powder on the field. Came in to land and she was all over the place. The wind was treating her like a drunken prom date. Just having its way with her. i lined up and touched down pretty hard. She bounced a bit. Mad at myself I decided to takeoff and try again. Should have paid better attention. The landing gear had been bent on the bumpy landing. Add in the wild wind and the faster that usual approach......well, I have one less APC 13x4. Knocked an incha and a half off one blade and an inch off the other. Still was able to taxi off. Parked the pawnee after that.

The twist did make a showing. The air was cool today and it allowed me to pull some incredible RPM's from the motor. Did a little hovering, some tumbling, then I decided to do a high speed pass and really put the coals to her. The pitch from the motor kept getting higher, and higher, more than just doppler effect. This plane was loaded for bear. Lined up with the runway to do the pass and I hear a pop, followed by an increase in rpm's and the motor becoming rediculously loud. Yep, the muffler can came apart again. Not sure what it is about this bird, but she sure doesn't like high speed. Just falls apart.

Oh there was another twist out there. it was powered by an OS 46. Didn't even realize it was the same bird. V1 color and just stupid slow and lumbering. Gave me a real appriciation for what this .60 is doing.

windy day, but all was good. The BB-Q was a hit and nobody had a big crash. I'll take it. I even won the award for best civilian scale aircraft for the pawnee. Even though snoopy is flying it in a pleather jacket, helmet and goggles. with a copy of "Crop dusting for Dummies" in his lap. I guess tis good to know we all have a sense of humor.
Sep 16, 2012, 02:34 AM
3d NOOBular
3DNater's Avatar
Guys, after a 3 week absence I managed to spend some time out flying this afternoon. It was really nice to take some time for that.

I flew the 48 edge 3 times and really enjoyed flying it pretty hard. I think I had some pent up flying aggression having not been out for so long. I did a lot of low KE passes. Some low and slow and some full throttle. That plane inspires so much confidence in KE. I also brought it down on the deck with some inverted harrier antics. Everything went great with it and I gotta say I really like that plane.

The slick was banged up a bit. I hadn't noticed some damage to the balsa in the fuse around the anti-rotation pin hole near the trailing edge of each wing. Being dumb like I am I didn't have any glue with me. I called my buddy Brigg who was on his way over and he turned around and picked up some CA. What a guy

After some repairs to the slick I went to start turning the prop to prime it a bit. Well, there was so much compression that I couldn't flip it over. The alarm bells in my head went off so I took out the spark plug and a couple tablespoons of smoke oil came pouring out. After cleaning up the plug and flipping it some to get as much smoke oil out as I could I put it back together. Well now it was a major pain to start with a bunch of smoke oil still being present in the cylinder but persistence prevailed and we finally got her running.

After running it for a minute on the ground I went ahead and flew her for a bit despite the fact that the motor was running rich. Here is a vid.

70" AJ Slick 9_15_12 (7 min 52 sec)

Here is a vid from a few weeks ago when I was playing with the smoke system.

Playing with smoke (4 min 7 sec)

You can see there is still some work to be done to get the flow right on the smoke oil...
Sep 16, 2012, 09:50 AM
A trail of smoke is GOOD!
waynemia's Avatar
Thanks David. I don't fly FPV and I like my EZ Stars screaming fast. I need to get some videos of one that I built one of these days.

The Funjet Ultra and the Multiplex power system can hit 100mph pretty easy. I built the launcher and it is good for reliable take offs.

I am looking at a Radjet from HK and considering trying to see how fast I can make it go. It is a $40 airframe so Not a big risk. I should order two I guess.

Good report Wooky. I frequently just take off and do it over if I have a bad landing. I just don't want to leave it that way.

Thanks for the Vids Nate. I hope you get the smoke worked out. I have not started my Extra but I plan for smoke on it. I hope it is not a problem.

Plan to fly today. It is overcast, water all over the grass, 65 degrees, and Winds 2mph from the South. Perfect - except for the overcast.
Sep 16, 2012, 11:24 AM
Do Da Dippidy
plowboy1966's Avatar
Wayne, what Extra model are you doing?
Sep 16, 2012, 12:18 PM
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My father called this morning to tell me that my uncle Ted had passed away late last night at a veteran's home where he lived the last years of his life. Why am I sharing this with you, you might ask. I guess I feel a need to let a few more friends know of a man who gave so much to his country and in doing so.....perhaps honor him in my own way. When Ted came back from the war he brought the war back with him and it forever changed him. Having done two stints in Korea as an artilleryman (artillery spotter) my uncle relived those years over and over in his mind. He never married and he led a very solitary existence. Did you ever meet an individual that, when you looked into their eyes, gave you the impression that maybe they had experienced too much pain or sorrow in their lives? Ted was such a person. Sometimes you could see the pain of a memory he was recalling wash over his face and he would quickly change the subject...even then he was protecting me from the horrors he had witnessed. Sure, he was a little rough around the edges and when he came over my wife and I had to be quick on our toes in curbing language not fit for young ears, but I'm a better man for having known him. Rest in peace uncle, your soldiering days are finally over.

Theodore K. was 89.
Sep 16, 2012, 12:58 PM
Do Da Dippidy
plowboy1966's Avatar
Thank you snowman. God bless and keep your uncle, we are all in his debt.

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