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Apr 08, 2012, 02:29 PM
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Still no sign of those pics and video I was promised, from last Sunday, today being a week before Easter, here...

Happy Easter everyone! We, Greeks do everything different, as you know, so our Easter is NEXT Sunday!!!

There was a nitro buggy race going on at the track adjacent to the on road track I usually race TC and practice the bike...
Despite the strong wind bringing ALL the buggy race dust and pollen from the pinetrees around (it's this time of year, AGAIN!) right on the asphalt, the bike had terrific traction, while a couple of nitro 1/10 TC's struggled on foams! Poor them, I was faster for a change!!!

Maybe it was the new treaded PMT's (Thanks, Clark, excellent job, there!).
I am still trying to figure which way the bike goes with Clark's carbon swingarm set, so this time I decided to practice with the rear axle in the middle of the 5 positions. First the upper hole: The bike did a lot less drifting on exiting the corners, while on entering fast corners it was also not drifting that much. I ran 5 batteries with this setup, also timing my way with the Orion LCS (pity they dont make it anymore!).
The best lap was a repeatable 26-low, but no way into the 25s, yet. I also had a strong headwind in the main straight, which might have robbed me of some speed...
Moving the rear wheel axle to the down position, drifting came back at the end of the main straight, but was eliminated everywhere else.
And then, 25's! Consistent 25-hi's and a few 26-low's!
I ran a couple of batteries with the longer (78mm) scratchbars, but I could not get below 26.5, so I ran my last 2 batteries with the shorter ones (65mm), nicely doing again 25-hi's and 26-low's!

Another thought, now... I almost quit after 3 batteries and was ready to pack and go home, because of steering servo glitches. After some careful tinkering, I realized I had another low-profile servo in my parts box, so I replaced the Savox with a Turnigy MG/fast/bla bla, which I had gotten some time ago. It did its job decently, I admit!
The problem lied in the steering servo cables rubbing on the ESC fan, which somehow managed to grind its way through the silicone and bring bare wires to the surface, then they just intermittently touched one another and I was left with servo glitches!
The cause was the last time I serviced the bike, I didn't carefully route the servo cable around the ESC.
Solution is easily done, open the bottom of the Savox 1251 and resolder a new lead.
Permanent solution will be to add a kind of protective lexan or other material over the fan, and bolt it there with the fan's four bolts, so nothing ever again touches the damn fan!!! To be taken care of during this week...

I rode my BMW there, packing lightly everything in my sidecases and just the bike and my raingear in the top case. I also took the scenic route, and rode what we call Passo Penteli, which certainly is NOT, but it's the closest thing to a passo!
I must have some onboard video of that road somewhere, which was shot in the pre-youtube eras!!! Or... I can do one again, some time soon! We will see!
It was refreshing to ride the twisties, nonetheless and, strangely, despite being a Sunday morning, the road was almost traffic free! I loved it on the way to the track and on the way back!!! I forgot to mention that I about two weeks ago I have installed my Remus exhaust on the BMW, which sounds... well... let's say more interesting than the quiet hiss of the standard exhaust. Oh... and it makes mileage a couple of liters per 100 km's more than usual! Do I care?! No!

Heal for the soul, my wife calls it! And it certainly is! (The riding, not the exhaust!!! haha!)

Final thought of the moment...
I may have mentioned it before, but here's a thought about batteries: I use three Nanotech 5600/50C's, three GensAce 5000/50C's and two Nosram 6200/65C's. The latter definitely offer a LOT more punch, but interestingly I didn't do my best and most consistent laps on these, but on the GensAce's... Go figure! The Nanotech's offer the least punch, from what I can see and feel, while driving the bike from the rostrum and it's just a speck down there somewhere... What can I say!

And the final FINAL thought (I promise!): So far I was running the front steering rake at large numbers, like 27 to 28 degrees. I reduced it to the 25.6 (top 4, bottom 5) and the bike became easier to change directions in the chicanes, while at the same time it didn't lose its composure at the fast corners and the straights. I also tried reducing it more, but below 25 deg. it would be too hard to control, really, so I just reverted to the 25.6.

Enough with the essay... do I pass my English exams, teacher?!!!!
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Apr 09, 2012, 03:29 PM
scale microlights
mark675's Avatar
used my sb5 the last couple of days but this afternoon was VERY wet!
i actually prefer it when its wet as i like the sliding about and the smooth throttle response needed gives me more satisfaction when i do a lap without crashing

at the carpark i run at theyve put two of them big metal containers that builders use as portable offices at the one end of the carpark but theyre elevated up and have stairs between them,
they are perfect for a rostrom and have got railings at the top where you stand about 15ft up

the bloke who owns the place saw me running my bike this afternoon, gave a smile and drove off so i think its safe to say he couldnt care less about us using it as a track ..how cool is that!

put my gopro on and got some good onboard footage, also got a HD bullet camera that i mounted on the crashbar for a unique view!
ill put them up when i get my pc back as my mrs laptop is too slow
Apr 10, 2012, 02:23 AM
steliosh's Avatar
This morning... raining outside (where's spring hiding, anyway?!) I did a small 10-minute mod to my problem: ESC fan grinding on every cable running close to it!
Just a scrap piece of hard lexan, a few holes and rounding the lexan edges later, the cables are safer than ever! Phew!
Apr 10, 2012, 02:47 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Originally Posted by steliosh
5th RCGT Race today, I finished 6th (I think... maybe it was 5th?! who cares!)
I managed to run just two batteries with the SB-5... all went well... and a pro crew shot some nice pics and videos... Hopefully I will have the youtube links this week!
Stay tuned!!!
I just got a preview of the pics to follow from that run!
The guys promised to deliver real soon some good video and a lot of action pics of my bike!
This was last Sunday, April 1st...
No relation to April's fools day... It was for real!
Apr 10, 2012, 03:51 PM
vegos's Avatar
Originally Posted by steliosh
This morning... raining outside (where's spring hiding, anyway?!) I did a small 10-minute mod to my problem: ESC fan grinding on every cable running close to it!
Just a scrap piece of hard lexan, a few holes and rounding the lexan edges later, the cables are safer than ever! Phew!
Nice work Stelios!
I'm also repairing my bikes for the easter holidays
Apr 11, 2012, 01:43 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Hey! Long time no see!
As of next Tuesday I have a few days off from work, so I plan to spend all mornings at the FRT track!
Me and the bike...
Weather permitting, of course... but its nice and sunny today... hopefully it keeps it this way!
Apr 14, 2012, 10:13 PM
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rcmotogp's Avatar
Well today was kind of exciting in some ways. Me and my mate were asked to come along to the local club day and have a run with the bikes, we have been running on the track previously but usually just crashing and bashing on our own on the weekends.

So we got ten minutes at the end of the first round of racing to do a little demo for everyone. Of course with everyone watching I mucked it up on the 4th corner but after that I settled into a rhythm.

Ive been mucking around with the speed control settings and my bike is slightly over powered for my skill level at the moment but it did pop some nice wheelies down the back straight.

So the exciting part is the club is looking to have a separate race day for larger scale vehicles 1/5 car, 1/7 car and they would like to include 1/5th bikes

Its a wee way away from been setup and the bike numbers are very limited right now, 3 x sb5's and 1 nitro bike so it might be everyone mashed in one class to start with but we have a few others interested in getting bikes.

As always if you in Christchurch or New Zealand for that matter and have an interest in rc bikes I dont care what scale or type get in contact with me on here and we will see if we can get you hooked on the hobby and out running with us.

Oh and if any of you Aussies come for a holiday put your bike in your suit case.

Anyway here's a picture from google of the track, its not a great picture but gives you some idea. You can get a better idea on the club website they have some tech drawings and a virtual tour
Apr 17, 2012, 01:44 PM
steliosh's Avatar
I did two runs to the local track on Saturday afternoon (ran 5 batteries) and this morning (I had the day off!) and ran another 12 charges... Actually 8 batteries, but I realized both the 5600's and the 6200's can outlast at least two 10-minute sessions each! Upon recharging later in the evening the most they took was 3200mah... The others took just 1600-1650... Not bad!
So, I am running the PMT200 treaded tires, which after ...hmm... maybe 25 batteries are starting to look like slicks! Basically, the rear one, and especially on its right side it IS a slick now! Nice and even. The front is worn at the edges of the tread and made that nice soft edge, right where the tread meets sidewall...
I still have one set unused (from Clark's services), so I think I will be good with tires until the Warm Up. I guess they will last me another month or so of practising...
I am using the Orion LCS, as usual, and I am keeping track of changes and lap times.
Changes? Small ones: Try a little more front ride height, a little more at the rear, and finally I decided to overcome my boredom and rebuilt the shocks!
I installed Orange springs all around -dont ask why, I just like the color!- and Xray 1000cst oil in all four shocks. The bike had started doing some wobbling during braking when leaning, and I realized it was because of the front suspension being too soft (Blue springs and 600cst oil, so far). With the newly rebuilt shocks came the best lap so far, at 24.67, and a lot of low 25's!
I also found out that when I have the longer scratchbars on, my lap times cannot get lower than 25.7!!!
I am still trying the middle position of the five available, in Clark's Lightscale swing arm plates. I tried the upper middle position for two batteries and the lap times went up to 25.5 plus... So, it was back down, and lower lap times.
The bike's bearings need an urgent servicing and re-oiling (they are being oiled as I write!).
The bike in whole is in excellent shape, since I crashed only twice all day today, so no new scars/marks/dents etc!
One interesting thing about gearing...
Since I have installed the SP combo, I was running 87/28, which of course didn't come to me from epiphany... I actually COUNTED the teeth of the pinions of both Andrea Selva's and Thomas Feliner's bikes, from pics I took in October at Riccione!!!
Thomas was actually running 87/26 then, something I found out last night... So, today, after a couple of batteries on 87/28, on which I did some good 25-low laps, I changed to 26 pinion and presto: 24.67! And then, during the same battery a few more 24.90's and a lot of 25-very-low's, like 25.02, 25.06, 25.04... Lovely, ain't it?!
So, tomorrow, batteries are being charged again, and hopefully I will head to the track, again on Thusrday...
Oh, and still no pics and videos showing yet from that crew that took those on April 1...
I keep asking them, and they say "soon"!
Is there an end to "soon", I wonder?!
Apr 17, 2012, 02:46 PM
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Oops it was a hard run today
First z-dad's front 10 minutes later my back.
Apr 17, 2012, 02:59 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Just a couple of tire pics!
You may find it interesting what a 13.5T motor does to the rear, after 25 batteries in maybe 15 days!
And... the weather is still not that warm... Temps range from 7 to 15C...
Apr 21, 2012, 07:09 PM
steliosh's Avatar
With the Warm Up now almost a month away, whenever I get a chance, I ride to the track!
So, this morning, I took my new Hobbyking small camera, mounted it first on the bike, then on a friend's 1/5 onroad car and did some "chasing" footage, then on my hat!

SB-5 at FRT Track (5 min 29 sec)

SB-5 at FRT Track (2 min 7 sec)

Third video will appear in the morning... too tired to do now! Sorry folks!
Apr 21, 2012, 07:14 PM
vegos's Avatar
Nice videos!
Apr 22, 2012, 05:08 AM
steliosh's Avatar
and the 3rd video:
recorded by the same camera on my hat...
How am I really doing?!

SB-5 at FRT (10 min 26 sec)

I think I need to tighten my lines a little bit, but I'm getting there!
Apr 22, 2012, 04:35 PM
AR Racing
Jena67's Avatar
Today we had the second race of the Italian super moto championship 1/4th scale in Bologna at the pista futura track. We were 11 starters. It was a lot of fun. I got 4th overall but I got the best lap time of the event! It was my second race on street track after Cssino. I maybe I'll be able to post a video soon.
Apr 23, 2012, 06:59 PM
steliosh's Avatar
So, finally my friend who was taking pics at the track, during the RCGT race, showed me some of his pics of my bike! This goes back to April 1st!
Videos to follow, I was told!

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