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Sep 09, 2010, 11:26 PM
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that was just cool
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Sep 12, 2010, 07:30 PM
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swheels's Avatar
Yep i went out today to test the new forks.Well i didn't notice any change in performance.Except the i could see the bike's frontend dive under braking and rise on throttle.

I had a blast though! i took turns running each bike.Till the older bike pulled the shock shaft right out of the aluminum shock mount under acceleration.So i put that bike down and started running the newer bike.Man i was having to much fun but by the will of the gods.LOL the wind blew i piece of wood chip right in front of the line i was taking down the short straight.It was big enough to launch the bike in the air like a rocket.LOL So the bike went cartwheeling down the rest of the straight.I was laughing because i haven't seen i rc bike tumble like this in ages.
So when i went to get the bike the right forklegs was bent.But i wasn't sure if it was from the bad cartwheels or when i side swiped the curb on one lap. I would believe from the cartwheel mostly though.The bike came down hard on the frontend first. I still had fun though.
Sep 12, 2010, 10:46 PM
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gp125racer's Avatar
I ran mine today, first time running an R/C bike, and I love it!

I traded out some planker goods (airplanes for those who don't know LOL) for a DX450 w/ upgraded forks and Anderson supermoto tires. I'm loving it on my 2s packs. This thing backs it in and wheelies on the exits .... too cool! It can really take a beating too, I've flipped it, rolled it, smashed into curbs with nothing but a bit of lexan damage. For now, Im just running it in the front yard, but I could see how this could be tons of fun in a group racing environment.

Latest blog entry: D100
Sep 13, 2010, 02:57 AM
steliosh's Avatar
We had our RCGT race again, yesterday, so of course I had the bike ready!
I tried at first with a new soft GRP rear, but it was quite slippery, so I changed to a PMT200 cut slick...

Oh... yes, we race cars, too at the RCGT: My Sprint GTI with the Citroen bodyshell in the background... As long as it runs, it's fine!
Notice the Greek cold coffee in the front!
Sep 13, 2010, 04:59 AM
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dan duesentrieb's Avatar
Hey Steliosh,
you have the same toolbox as I have!
Oct 03, 2010, 01:27 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Once again our RCGT was today, so of course the bike was there with me!
I left the Sprint GTI at home, and I ran my newly acquired XRAY T1FK05 (NIB for 1/4 of the price, not bad, huh?!).
Of course the bike ran for 3 batteries. Stock spec, as always, lately, PMT100 rear, warm weather, trying to stir some interest, my mind was at Lostallo, where today some lucky souls ran the pre-warm-up race...
Anyway, the bike was a marvel once again, turbo on the 60A Xerun at higher-than-mild settings and it would pull low wheelies at the corner exits, making for a spectacular ride, no crashes, thankfully! In all, it was quite good... At my last battery, a "big boy" with a 1/8 on road nitro car entered the track and started running the other way around, so I was "forced" to retire the bike, just in case. I was running the "correct" way, same as the RCGT race... Oh well... Next Sunday then, at the Greek 1/10 onroad electric Nationals!
(I intend to run the T1 in mod class with a Trinity 6.5T! Ha!)
Oct 17, 2010, 10:43 AM
steliosh's Avatar
I took three bikes this afternoon to my local huge parking lot...

The slower first: Kyosho HOR with Kyosho "soft" tires, GPM forks and swingarm and Kyosho oil-filled shock, Tamiya 1/24 Tamtech motor with 14t pinion, Futaba MC receiver/ESC with a Futaba miniservo. YR 1800mah/20C lipo.
It was VERY slow, but also so easy and predictable, you could drive it like a buggy! Turn and it turns, turn the other way and the other way it went! Well, it was a bit slow steering, but it was nice to see Mr. Doohan try his best, leaning out of the bike!!!

Next up, the Venom GPV1; this one with a Losi Mini-t brushed kit motor, Nosram mini dominator (with reverse! funny!) and a Turnigy 1300mah/20C (borrowed from said Mini-t!). Otherwise stock. Kit front tire, medium rear, soft settings on chassis and suspension and that's it.
It was a lot faster, no wheelies of course, but still it could spin its rear tire almost at will. Slow to respond steering at higher than walking speeds, but it was also predictable and more 1/5-bike-like. I liked it! A lot. I should tighten the steering springs a smidge... They are just loose now...

KP09: Of course, the fastest by a big margin! 6.5T sensored Trinity motor geared at 56/20 (30/11 chain), no front brake yet, Turnigy 3000/40C and HW 60A esc with 528 mod turbo-program at default settings. This one would do so many wheelies, it was getting tiring! However, with careful fingers on the throttle, it would get up to a phenomenal speed! Unfortunately at its 3rd battery, I managed to break a steering stem bearing and it started wobbling very badly...
I tried to shoot some onboard video with the HC smallish camera ($18!), after strapping it where the back seat of the bikes would be, with tapes, but its not worth showing... it's very wobbly and makes you feel dizzy... next time, then!
Back to the KP, this thing is so much wheelie prone with this motor that I think a 8.5T or 10.5T would suit it a bit more... And to think it still carries 60gr. of ballast down low, on the upper side of the battery tray!!!! (Leftovers from the Worlds!).

The speed was phenomenal, however!!!!
And... addictive! I loved it!!!!
Nov 01, 2010, 03:49 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Once again, I ran the bike between the RCGT race heats... This time with some 1/8 nitro cars practising...

KP09e rc bike at FRT track (1 min 0 sec)

the bike ran as always stock, with LRP X12 13.5T motor, "Worlds" gearing and nothing else changed.
since it was quite cold, I "tweaked" the Xerun 60A speedo to more aggressive settings and the bike was noticeably faster! It would even pop a short wheelie here and there, but not something extreme and crash-inducing! Phew!

I also had the TT FM1e with me, ran it for a couple of minutes... This one has GRP soft tires, a Futaba 148 servo, SP LPF1.1 ESC, Nosram 13.5T (X11 equivalent) and shortish gearing, since no big pinion could be contained within the TT's motor spacer...

Everyone was impressed by the bike, of course, as always, but mostly they were impressed by Graham Clarke's tyre warmers, which operated lovely, plugged to my Much More Touring car tyre warmer controller! And they did make a difference with that used PMT200 treaded rear tire!
Oh, the blue Lambo is my RCGT car, which thankfully only required a new battery every now and then, so I could tinker with the bike all the time!

The races held on the day were RCGT (17.5T touring cars) and nitro 1/10s, with heats running alternately. In the times between, I ran the bikes and a couple of guys were running two 1/8 nitro cars. A good day, indeed!
Nov 06, 2010, 03:16 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Unusually warm day today (around 22-23C!!!), so I convinced two of my friends who run electric buggies and TCs to join me and run my bikes at my huge local parking lot.
So, first out was the Kyosho HOR Suzuki, basically stock, with a Tamiya Tamtech brushed motor, Futaba ESC/Rx combo and a 1700/20C YR lipo. The slowest, indeed, so they both had some good fun, learning to make turns with it and watching amazed how the rider moves around the bike, like a real one!

Then it was my old TT FM1e, with a Nosram 13.5T and basically stock otherwise. This one would pull some easy wheelies due to the shortish gearing! In the end, I managed to destroy it myself (I know, shame on me! haha!). After showing some overconfidence, I managed to end over end the bike a couple of times... The second time the rear wheel fled away from the bike! The original single sided swingarm was intact, but the rear wheel axle snapped in two! Time for a double-sided swing arm, maybe a Torqueworks one? We will see... Anyway, it was good fun! (Memo to myself: Add nylon crashbars, the metal ones feel too creepy to listen to, when scratching the asphalt!!!!)

Then it was the Venom! This one is also slow, a bit faster than the HOR, but it responds quite leisurely to steering inputs, making it so easy to handle, even by my buggy friend who is trigger-happy to say the least!

Last but not least, the KP09, which is adorned by a new TT FM1n front brake, albeit still with the "Worlds" 13.5T LRP... The brake needs some more adjustment, so it grabs a bit more, and actually DO its job, but at least it works, courtesy of a Savox miniservo. It seems that the "turbo" functions of the Xerun 60A I was using the last few times I ran the bike were too aggressive in this rather warm day, and the ESC started stuttering at times. I lowered the settings a bit and it was all doing well again!

In all, a happy afternoon for my admiring new-coming to the rc bikes friends!
Even though I HAD my camera with me, I forgot it in the toolbox! Maybe tomorrow, again, then, but without the FM1e, this time! Sorry!
Nov 06, 2010, 05:35 PM
Registered User
It sounds like you had a good time, you are just like me trying to get out with the bikes when ever you can I am lucky as run my bikes at work nearly every day ! but I just cant find any other guys as enthusiastic as me, I even gave one of my nearly new OTOs to a friend who can get around with it but gives up when he crashes a few times, he is happy running the Silverlit, but he does not seem to want to keep putting the hours in to master the OTO which to me was half the fun, so I run on my own, yeah sad aint it still there is always something to learn with the bikes, sliding, wheelies, stoppies it never gets old to me.
Nov 06, 2010, 06:52 PM
steliosh's Avatar
Same here! I AM enthusiastic and I even managed to convince a Greek motorcycle magazine to do a feature on rc bikes and my story of the Worlds, given there are no Greek rc magazines at all, anymore... I m trying to stir interest both in rc people and bikers as well...
The funny thing is everyone asks JUST two questions:
"Does it wheelie mister?" (this is TM'ed I think )
"how fast are they?"
Then they realize they re not so easy to drive like a 4wd buggy! Oh well! Still it's lots o fun!
Nov 06, 2010, 07:42 PM
YOUTUBE - R/C Life Channel
kjohns0n's Avatar
ha yeah those r the two most common asked questions. I answer yes it does, to fast for you to handle. As i haven't yet been able to get it to its full speed. The local track i went to is no where as big as that one you have in Athens. My streets has big speed bumps and the local school lots r not in the best of shape. I'm hoping to make my way to cal raceway soon and give that track a try.
Nov 16, 2010, 06:07 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Once again, at our local MuchMore CUP, I ran the bike for 3 batteries between the TC heats! The organizer even took a couple of pics of the bike, with me not knowing, until this morning, when he presented them, along with the TC race pics!!!
I did a small mod on the bike this time: Placed the servo so it faces the outside of the frame, like it is setup on the KP10 bike, and used quite short springs on the linkage. After initial set up (to make sure it goes... straight!), I drove the bike and it showed a very different driving profile: The steering, even with the S3003 servo, is more direct, more linear, more responsive and eventually a joy to drive! Before that it was quite slow to respond and somehow lazy, but then again it was good for beginners (see my earlier post!), while now, I'm afraid it's not good for them!!! Oh well... who cares? Since I do like it...

Oh... and about the MMC... I finished last, but again... it was good racing until the last minute! I was too focused on running the bike, really... hehe!

I managed to decipher some of the runs I did with the Holux GPS and it showed a couple of times the bike can achieve 65km/h on the main straight, while at other times it's "only" doing 60-62 km/h!!!!
Jan 20, 2011, 07:27 AM
steliosh's Avatar
Maiden run of the SB-5 today, so I took it to a huge parking lot with good traction, to make some basic setup...
First checked the steering... needed some subtrim...
ATV was set at around 50%...

The bike is kit stock, with PMT200 tires, front kit insert (black, fairly hard), rear yellow GRP insert. Oils are 350 in steering, 1000 front, 3000 rear, all Xray cst, No. 4 pistons in all 4 shocks. Steering servo is Ace 1015, front brake kit as it comes. ESC is Xerun 120A with latest firmware, motor EC Power 5.5T, gearing 21/87 (kit).

First run, the bike wheelies. Instead of bringing it back and relax the slipper a bit, I kept running it! So... obviously, the rear plastic part of the fairing was torn away and my receiver -thankfully not broken!- unglued from its place. Lesson learned, I relax the slipper one full turn and run again.
Front wobbles badly. I bring it back, only to realize all four bolts holding the fork sideplates are loose!!!!! None missing yet! Phew!
Loctite these and continue, still on same battery (4000/30C Turnigy hard case).
Front tire becomes slightly unglued. Fixed.
Rear tires, same. Fixed!

Second battery (same as above).

Trying full brakes after a high speed straight run, the bike endos!!!! Impressive, but caught me unaware and crashed.... badly!!!!
I relocate the cam on the servo to the next position. Now it brakes hard but not doing endos! (ESC brake -ATL- turned down to 55%, so the rear doesn't skid).

I have mounted the ESC switch under the servo, for easy access with body on. The front wheel once again unglues itself, balloons and turns the switch to OFF!!!!!!
Next thing I know the bike is heading towards the curb at a good speed head on...
End of run:
Scratched bodywork (who cares?!), broken switch, broken front wheel, broken brake disk...
O well... time to email Formbys for parts, I guess!!!

While it was running, and compared with my other "good" bike, the KP09e, albeit that was always ran with a 13.5T and no front brake, the SB5, was even easier to steer, kept its line better, and I could open the throttle more aggressively while still it was leaned down all the way. due to the "physical" stabilizing effect of the two shocks to the steering, it never really wobbled on its own, except when the front tire was unglued. The speed was phenomenal (compared to the 13.5T!) and the high speed manuverability was excellent.
Overall I was impressed...
Last edited by steliosh; Jan 20, 2011 at 07:33 AM. Reason: spelling
Mar 13, 2011, 07:18 PM
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swheels's Avatar
Ran both nitros today. Tank after tank after tank, both bikes ran flawless with no problems. Good thing you didn't Show up Steve, lol even my old nitro bike was on point and the newer one.Well it still handle like it's on rails...

Been teaching myself to stay on power while making sharp and sudden direction changes. The bike will do it so quick and effortless. That i still find myself holding back some.
Had a great DAY!

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