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Dec 31, 2009, 04:50 PM
Fly it like you stole it!
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My Planes

Just wanted to post up my latest planes, and lessons learned from each.

Parkzone Vapor
One of the funnest little micro planes you can buy. On top of that, it makes a fantastic trainer for someone who has never flown. I've had it almost a year now, and I've beat the hell outta it. I've replaced the propeller twice, the rudder once, and the motor mount once. -And I still love flying it.

Eflite Nieuport 17
-So I've had my little Nieuport 17 since this summer, and have upwards of 100+ flights on it now. Love it! I used a 2712-17 outrunner motor, 10A ESC, GWS 8043 prop with 7.4v 1000 20C Lipo batterys, all from (Great vendor, btw.) It basically flies like a slowstick, but looks about a million times better.

One criticism I have though after all this time though: It's just a little too fragile. They specifically say that this is not a "3D" plane, and they are quite right. Capable? Definitely. -But not recommended unless you really beef it up with some carbon fiber.

Even though it loops all day long, does death spirals, flies inverted, and pretty much any other manner of tricks capable of a 3-channel plane... -If you do so, expect that you will quickly develop cracks in the wings, and/or break loose the struts on a regular basis. I've had major cracks on my bottom wing 3-4 times now, once on the upper wing, and had the struts pull out of the foam bunches of times as well. This ain't no GWS Slow Stick! Granted, I've probably been flying it well above it's capacity. -Just realize that doing so with this plane has consequences...

That said, I reinforced the bottom wings with some thin carbon fiber rods, and that helped quite a bit. I can now do the occasional gentile loop, etc without worrying I'll have to do repairs after I land. As well, I reserve any serious maneuvers to other planes more suited for it. For the most part, I just use this plane for slow, gentile gliding around the park. Honestly it's such a pretty plane, it doesn't really need much more to make me happy.

GWS Corsair
My time with my Corsair was rather short, sadly, and I never truely got to fly it to it's full potential. I bought the slope glider kit for cheap, as I'd discovered I really like building. -But building it, like the newbie I was, I made several mistakes that eventually made the plane unflyable.

The first was the paint: I went nuts with several cans of Navy Blue "foam & plastic safe" spray paint... Come to find out, not so foam safe! (at least the accelerant in the spray can isn't. ) -So I had my brand new Corsair with huge patches of gravelly looking surface, especially the rear stabilizer and elevator... Not good.

Then I do noob move #2: I pull out the 5-minute epoxy, and go nuts filling them all in! ... Not good. By the time I realized how badly I screwed up, I needed two full sticks of clay ballast and SIX quarters in the cowl just to get the CoG forward enough to make it flyable! It was a flying brick!

On top of all this and me being a noob pilot, I also had an ESC going bad on me! It kept dropping voltage to the RX, causing me to loose all control of the plane. The first two times it did it was during banking turns, where the plane basically nosedived straight into the ground. I honestly thought it was crashing because I was stalling it on the turns! The third time was during level flight, where I had lost absolutely all control of the plane... Unfortunately three hard crashes and all the abuse had basically done the plane in.

GWS Formosa
What a great, great plane. -But a warning, it's a lot faster than it looks! I equipped mine with quite a bit more than it needed too, with a BL 2217/9 outrunner, a 40A ESC, and 2200 3S1P batteries. Boy, will this plane scoot.

Building it was a touch challenging, only because the fuselage is so skinny, you have to do a lot of hollowing out to get all the electronics to fit. After that, there's only two problems I see with it so far. The first is it really just doesn't like to fly slow. It will do it without too many problems, but this thing flies like an arrow, begging you to give it more throttle.

The other problem isn't anything I've experienced yet because I've taken it easy on the plane. But for it's size and design, this plane has HUGE control surfaces. -Like, 3D airplane huge, and probably more than it needs. And when you add huge control surfaces to a 400 level fast-flying unenforced beer-cooler foam parkflyer, you can very easily break things! I've already heard horror stories of people snapping their wings in two from pulling up too hard on the elevator, or cracking the fuselage from spinning it too fast via full throttle + full ailerons. I have my controls all turned down quite a bit with a lot of EXPO, and that's kept me out of trouble though.

Parkzone Micro P-51
I just had to buy this little thing, and I don't regret it. It's such a great flying little airplane, and tons of fun. I get comments at the field every time I pull it out "That thing's so cool!"

The only thing I've done to it that is absolutely necessary out of the box is using bigger batteries. This plane is very fast (for a micro) and needs a lot more juice than they recommend. I know a lot of guys using 240 mah batteries, and love it.
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