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Dec 25, 2009, 09:51 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Build Log

Pusher F-111

Build log day 1- Looked at different sets of plans again to redesign for pusher F-111. Sorted out the construction as it will have depron, balsa and a little bit of foam for those difficult areas. Build one will not have folding wings.
Started out cutting the horizontal and vertical stabs and now just too tired to keep going after a busy day.
Vital stats, W/S 1300mm, weight hoping for 700g, motor still thinking about that one but prop max size 9 in.Controed by tailerons and toying with the idea for either flaperons or just use the tailerons and spoilers on the pig?

Lets see just how we go building this one within the time frame of 10 days prior to heading to Perth for a holiday.

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Dec 27, 2009, 10:05 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Day 2 of build log.
Well 80% finsided the front portion of the fuselage up to the cockpit. Spent too long getting the cockpit sorted out so it actually looks lik eone, nor just have to get some pilots in there.
Awaiting on a foam cutter prior to starting the wings as I quickly made one last night and it got very hot so will actually get one already made so I don't burn myself on the wires holding the battery.
What is the concencus on whether to go for an flaperon version or tailerons? Even thought of having spoilers on it.
Well build day two and still happy with the progress. Hopefully get to finish the rear part tomorrow barring distractions like family.
Cheers Shane
Dec 28, 2009, 09:51 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Day three of build log.
Well hit a few problems this evening with the placement of the wings as I forgot to allow for the wing saddle so I had to rethink my wing construction. I opted going back to a depron wing and cutting a little bit of the sides in order to allow the wing to sit a bit lower. Wing is now cut out and off to the LHS tomorrow to get some hinges and odd sods to assist in the construction. Had the frst taped together tonight and apart from 15 mm in the nose as I cut it just too short, its pretty good to the dimensions from the drawing I am using .
Well lets see what Wednesday brings in the build of the PIG!
Will get some pictures soon.

Cheers Shane
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Jan 02, 2010, 09:59 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Report four,
Lost the number of days in construction so far, been some where about 7 I think.
So far we are starting to sand some of the LE of the front section.
Had my first experience with spackle today or filler in Australia. Wonderful stuff and so easy to sand.
Cockpit had been completed with my daughters dolls making the supreme sacrifice for the F-111. Its strange to see female dolls as fighter pilots.
Worked on the wings today and allowing them to dry, I beleive I went over board with two layers of deprom on each wing but time will tell.
Finally going to have flaperons with the normal full flying elevators.
The pictures paint a story.
Happy with the build but now it stops for a 16 day family holiday so have to wait awhile to get back to work.
Enjoy the pictures.

Cheers Shane
Jan 20, 2010, 08:39 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Well, finally back from a wonderful Perth holiday where it was hotter than Darwin, so much for the cooler southern cities. Still loved it all though.
Hope to get back on track with the Pig tomorrow with some sanding of the turtle decks behind the cockpit.
Cheers all.
Jan 20, 2010, 02:42 PM
Wannabe B-26 pilot!
Matt Halton's Avatar
Looks good Shane,your cat seems to like it too!

Jan 20, 2010, 07:54 PM
Buildings what I enjoy.

Yes the cat loves building as much as I. Someone in the family has to considering the kids aren't that engrossed into the flying , yet.

Cheers Shane
Jan 20, 2010, 07:57 PM
EB-66C Team Member
J Morgan's Avatar
Interesting build. The F-111s are such great looking planes. Yours is looking good!

Jan 20, 2010, 08:26 PM
Registered User
looks very good. your cockpit is way better than mine was.
Jan 21, 2010, 10:50 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Well another night of working on the Pig. Tonight was pretty laid back just fixing up some problems with the spackle on the turtle decks.
Had to sand the elevator torque rod as it just seemed to stick a little too much for my liking and now it does not stick any more.
Glued the verticle tailplane to the top of the rear fuselage and located the elevator servo.
Tomorrow looks like it will be sorting out the wing and its locking devices, servo placement, control horns and adding a few centermeters on the wing tips and sand them.
Still am very happy with the plane so far but already getting the erge to build the next one.

Cheers Shane
Jan 22, 2010, 11:22 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Well tonight as mentioned in yesterdays entry, today was working on the wings. Well all I seemed to do was spackle and fit the wing tips and then sort out the hold down system. I am using just one bolt and captive nut in the middle front and at the rear of the wing I have added some shims and they will slide under the planes rear top part.
Today was a good mile stone as now the fuselage is all one piece, and have also glued on the turtle decks behind the cock pit. So now I just have to swing an even larger item around the garage without hitting the car.
Had some extra time before I had to come in due to lack of sleep and sanded the intake cones and then glued them.
With a day with the kids tomorrow I am still hoping to find some paint so i can paint the inside of the plane around the intakes and then paint some of the other areas.
I am going to paint this one as A8-112 which originally was an F111A which we received as attrition stocks what we lost our originals. This plane flew combat missions in SE Asia with Combat Lancer. I will place the 1 SQN Lightning bolt on it as my brother spent many a year with that SQN.There are just too many different tail paint jobs that the RAAF have had on the F-111 recently. If I ever build another one, hope the wife did not hear that, it will be as the Bone Yard Wrangler which is now at the RAAF Museum A8-127 I think?
Well thats it so until next riviting installment cheers.
Jan 24, 2010, 10:46 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Build log number ?
Right now with the pig looking actually like a plane its getting frustrating to sit and do all the fiddly things.
Tonight was attach the elevator servo and have it alligned correctly, plenty of movement in the elevator.Tower Pro 9gm servo should be sufficient.
Also placed in the flaperon servos and tested them and identified that for some strange reason one of the servos continuously goes all the way back to the limit of travel. I touch the sticks of the TX and it will move but once you let the stick go it goes right to the limit of travel again. I am using JR NES 371 in this job.This servo has been tested in the other positions on the RX and still has the same problem. The other servo has limited travel one way but normal the other way. Any one assist in these problems? I attached them to the fuselage as the wing is just too thin to have them in as they would bulge from the top.
Commenced working on the cosmetic items like the farings over the engines and ECM pods and the ventral strakes on the underside.
Looking at hopfully getting some paint tomorrow and that will be fun as my boy wants to assist which I am happy for him to take to something that isn't a book. Hes already asking for his plane which may be a Mrage III-0 next. Paint job will be camo with the black underside just like I last saw them.
Well had better hit the sheets and get some sleep as I am Mr Mom as the wife is starting work again in the morning.

Cheers Shane
Jan 29, 2010, 10:09 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Well not much to really report this week due to being back at work, don't we all hate that feeling.
This week I have just been daubling in the preparation for painting. I am finding it very hard to match the colours correctly without spending an absolute fortune. MAybe in the morning it will be better when I head out and shop for more colours.
Still waiting on some more servos as I have changed the rudder position and increasing the size of the flaperon servos. Might not be needed but I may always reduce them again later.
Well I will post a picture of what she looks like in the morning.
Cheeers Shane
PS found out that the RAAF will finally retire their F-111 on the 2-3 Oct this year after37 brilliant years service. RIP PIG
Feb 04, 2010, 08:15 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Still not much to report. I have been waiting on the main of late for some servos, ECS and a motor. Well they arrived so spent a few hrs placing in some new servos as one of the pair I had met with a terrible end with my son dropping a class onto it. Such is life.
Have a Q for those out there, I purchased a Hextronic brushless and the motor shaft needs to be spun for the plane I want to place it in so change the shaft to go in the other way. I have taken out the grub screws but it still does not budge. Could the previous owner placed loctight onto the shaft? Or is there a trick to these motors?

Cheers Shane
Feb 07, 2010, 08:38 AM
Buildings what I enjoy.
Well Pig followers,
All is looking promising hopefully for a maiden next week end.
'Worked out the motor shaft problem and ran it up this afternoon. With an S4 and a 9x 5 prop we hit 280 Watts. Should give plenty of power for the Pig. It was riding a little hignh on the Amps as she nudged 26 with a 30 Amp ESC. Both the motor and ESC got alittle hot but not oo hot, I hope. Hope the air flowing through will cool it way down. Did notice a fair bit of vibration as I am using 10 mm stick balsa with a motor on the end. I may have to add a little piece of ply to sure up the lower part of the motor to reduce the vibrations.
Well until next update.

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