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May 24, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by IFlyRCs
What Tx are you using?
If you have a Gear switch, just hook the buzzer to Gear on the Rx.
The buzzer is actually made to hook right up to an Rx.

The catch to that buzzer is (A) if you lose Rx contact you can't trigger the buzzer and (B) If the battery disconnects you have no buzzer.
They have another buzzer that will sound after 1 minute of lost radio contact or if you turn the Tx off if you still have contact.
Another good suggestion....I'm using a DX8 so no problem with using the gear switch.

I looked at that one...but went with other as it was cheaper...guess I didn't really think it through. Although will also not work if the battery gets disconnected, it will work if you lose Tx -Rx contact..which is better.

Just ordered some...thx
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May 24, 2012, 03:08 PM
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Hobby partz sells one unit with two or three little locators. It beeps to fine as you get closer the beep picks up ! $30.00 or less bought it last year!
May 25, 2012, 03:31 AM
Porro et Sursum
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Nice recovery Idle. I like how you are resigned to losing it in the paddock again. lol
I probably need something similar. I recently put my 1100mm f6f into a massive gumtree at about 140kph, man what a boom. I took about 30 mins to find it, peering up into the branches.

Mine Skyfun arrived today from the Aussie warehouse. Ordered about 11pm Tues night. Had it at 10 am today. Hobby King, you're allllllright.(in Australia that is, Intl is diabolically slow but cheap as). Anyway super stoked!

Now for the build. I am going with plenty of uhu por I think, and will epoxy in a carbon spar, put on mg14s through the top of the wings, and replace the elevons with balsa ones. Hell I may even glass it after a couple of runs and fit a 2500 watt beast.

The fit on my canopy leaves a lot to be desired. It is sitting up about 3 or 4 mm and rough moulding remnants everywhere, whinge whine.

All good, the local skyartec rep was flogging them off for $195au, albeit with a rx, dodgy tx and tiny lipo, and I paid 70 for the hk version.
Wanted a kit but was too impatient and forked over the extra readies for the junky electronics.

Cheers lads. Avagoodweekend
May 25, 2012, 07:03 AM
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Don't know why I it didn't occur to me to mount the servo's through the top Found this vid with shows rudders as well...and a monster 12x10 prop. Definitely going to do that - rudders that is.

But right now still have to fly this baby...LOL
May 26, 2012, 12:04 AM
flying or crashing into air?
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I have thought about adding rudders but have not seen any flight vids or read any feedback on them.
It will be interesting to see how they go.
Mounting servos on top is not hard and there is nothing stopping you still doing it .
Just cut the original servo holes all the way through the wing and mount the plastic servo holder from the top.
The only problem is if you glued the control horns in place.

Edit. You talked me into it Decided to go ahead and do the rudders .
Weather is not looking good here so will test fly later in the week.
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May 27, 2012, 07:37 AM
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Thanks RCGroups!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread ahead of today's maiden flight. Mods and specs borrowed mostly from this thread - thank you!

Goal was to minimize the extent of mods to where the issues lay yet make a very robust plane. The setup pulls around 820 watts with a 6x4 prop.

Unfortunately unlimited vertical at a ridiculous speed can only last for a couple of seconds!

Key mods were:

- Carbon fibre sheet (1mm) for motor platform top and bottom.
- 2.5mm CF rods for wing support
- 6mm CF strip (x2) along each side of inside edge of cockpit
- Control surfaces - replaced ill fitting tape with CA hinge, new tape, 1mm CF rod and new horns.
- A few strips of reinforced tape.

The CF plate worked very well. It is light weight and simple to fit as it kept the existing mount as is. The only exception was replacing the small little GF plate (underneath) from the kit with the much larger bottom CF plate (used same screws with new washers).

I used low temp hot glue to fix the wings and fins. One strip of tape along the seam, over the CF wing spar and near the leading edge. The effectiveness is quite remarkable considering how simple and light. I am not sure that CA would have achieved the same for this application?

Turnigy 2836 (3700kv) with standard motor mount
6x4E TGS propeller
90-100 HK SS Esc
Hitec 82MG servos with new connectors and 2mm carbon rods.

Further changes required:
1. Replace Nano 3s battery with much higher C rating.
2. New servos and CF rod setup working very well but stll not happy with rigidity of control surfaces.
3. Protection for servos on landing. Existing covers are too small.
4. Velcro strap for battery - Existing velcro not up to hard landings
5 Heat in cockpit is not bad but can be improved
May 27, 2012, 10:03 AM
Nicely done!
How are you securing the canopy?
In a crash, that battery goes all destructo.
I still don't know a really good solution to that other than a through the frame strap which I hate doing.
May 27, 2012, 10:48 AM
flying or crashing into air?
wizzard363's Avatar
What I did for the battery was glue a block of foam in the front of the fuselage. It acts like an airbag for the battery and also raises the rx above the height of the battery so the rx does not get smashed if the battery goes forward.
For the canopy I glued a piece of 5mm CF tube in the front of the fuse and a piece of 3mm locator rod into the canopy also I have a rubber band on the inside connected to a plaastic hook in the front of the fuse and a bit of CF rod in the canopy as well as 4 magets to hold the back down.
The canopy has never moved in flight yet but I will give it a proper test when I have my first flights with a 4S pack .
I also drilled a couple of 6mm air intake holes in the front , one each side of the nose.
The back of the canopy has been trimmed down a fair bit to allow room for the 80A esc and it also allows good airflow for cooling
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May 27, 2012, 11:16 AM
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Hi Wizard,

Nice idea with the CF rod to hold nose of cockpit in place...will implement. I currently use a 15cm strip of reinforced tape front and back - works very well for an afternoon but then tossed - clumsy but effective.

Given my prowess at telephone pole digging, IMO the best place for the battery is to stay put. Any pressure on the front battery edge leads to it folding and splitting - even from a simple hard landing. I have gone with two turnigy velcro straps through the belly. They have been pulled up tight, hot glued and taped to mimize the imperfection on the exterior belly. I dont think any additional re-enforcing is required as its wrapped over the top of the existing tape on the belly. The only way it will move is if the front of the plane decides to visit the rear!

May 27, 2012, 07:01 PM
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She's flying...just turning down the rates did it.

@mgbolts.....Let me know how the rudders turn out - and what servos you are going to use.

Things I learnt:

1) there is a power delay between throttle (on TX) and motor winding up - don't launch (hand throw) till you feel the plane pulling out of your hand - DUH.

2) Standard batteries (like my 20C) can't deliver ampage !!! My DX8 telemetry warning goes off - voltage too low every time I try above 1/2 throttle for more that 5 seconds. Gotta get some nano-tech 65C or something.

I'm using a Turnigy 2836 -2350kv on with a 6x4 prop.
May 27, 2012, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by poiyt
Fellas, I have this post up over on the speed forum:


Basically, I have a Stryker-Q oem motor, an 80A esc, 4S/2200 Sky lipo's (x4), and an APC 7x5 prop...all from a former *sniff* Stryker Q.

On the bench, I easily get 1KW. This power setup needs a new home to rock-n-roll in...So would the Skyfun be a good candidate??

[amazingly, the SF looks like one of my all-time faves...the Stryker F27c...coincidence???]

thx gents


So fellas, will my Stryker Q motor work on the Skyfun??

I got this sweet 1kw setup looking for a good home...!!
May 27, 2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by idletime

She's flying...just turning down the rates did it.

@mgbolts.....Let me know how the rudders turn out - and what servos you are going to use.

Things I learnt:

1) there is a power delay between throttle (on TX) and motor winding up - don't launch (hand throw) till you feel the plane pulling out of your hand - DUH.

2) Standard batteries (like my 20C) can't deliver ampage !!! My DX8 telemetry warning goes off - voltage too low every time I try above 1/2 throttle for more that 5 seconds. Gotta get some nano-tech 65C or something.

I'm using a Turnigy 2836 -2350kv on with a 6x4 prop.
Hey, I'm running the same setup with 4s 2200 45-90c and this thing hauls a$$! 1050 watts at 60amp. It's double the rating of the motor but it only comes down warm and so far so good after 50+ flights.

Rudders are a good addition. They aren't that effective with yaw control but they do allow for some crazy flat spins and are awesome as speed brakes to slow this beast down.
May 27, 2012, 08:42 PM
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***SkyFun vs RadJet 800***

SkyFun vs RadJet 800


Opinions, anybody??

One thing I can see for sure is that the Radjet is almost always out of stock...but seems like the Skyfun never is....should that be telling me something???
May 27, 2012, 08:45 PM
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Here's my motor:


1015W constant on 4S/1800/40C, 80A esc, 7x5 APC.

Just howling for a good home!!
May 28, 2012, 01:56 AM
My honest opinion is...
Build a Stryker C from parts. I think your motor will work with the customcnc mount.
I've had 2 SkyFuns and they are great but the Stryker is just a fine flyer and tough as nails.
I just think it's better suited to a 1 kilowatt powerplant.
You'll probably need balsa elevons with all of these models.

Folks are having fun with the HobbyKing Flyjet X-83 too.
I haven't built mine yet.
It does have a quirk with the motor mount. You'll see if you get into the thread.
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