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May 09, 2003, 01:24 AM
"Superior Air Power"
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My First Aileron Plane, THE WASP!

This is not only my first aileron plane but my first post as well. I have been out of model aircraft for 20 years, got going again in Feb of this year. So, here goes.

When I saw this plane I had to have one. Dave did a very nice job of designing. I like the fact that it lends it self to experimentation, motor options are almost endless, even a rudder could be added.

I took my time in building the Wasp because it was so differnt then any plane my limited experience had seen. Yet it went together in no time. I didn't paint the fuse but put three coats of thinned nitrate dope on it and one coat on the wing and tail feathers. The plane seems very strong but I like the dope for the sealing and strengthening factor (boy, do I need it). I coverd it with the poormans covering, colored food wrap. I'm useing the IPS-A now with two LI-PO's for 7.4v @ 880mah. The flights are incredibly long, it went just over a half hour tonight and It never quit. Just got slower. My flying weight is 6.5 oz. On a fresh charge it climbs very fast. I have a dual motor IPS coming in the mail soon, hope to get some more speed.

I have been in contact with Dave and he has been a real help on another plane I built and has saved me a lot of grief. I am greatly indebted to him. I wrote him about my first flight with the Wasp and he wanted me to share it on E-Zone, so here's an excerpt.

I usually leave a little early for work and stop by a field to get some
stick time in. I took the Wasp and the Ranger with me Tue. morning.
I was facing south twords the field and the sun was just rising above
Cascade Mtns. to my left. I hand launched the Wasp into the light
wind coming out of the south. It climed straight and looked good, I
tested the aileron and rudder controls, very responsive. I turned a little
to the right then to the left, getting a feel for the pane. It wanted to go left
(east) so I let it, keeping it level. Then the curse of Icurrus struck! I flew
into the sun and lost it! I looked away quickly and then back, still blinded.
Then I heard the familiar sound of a plane striking pavement. When I could
see again the plane was sitting on it's landing gear and looked fine but
the prop and spinner were a few feet away. Further inspection showed the
gear box was destroyed and the ply mount was broken off back to the landing
gear. The mount would be an easy fix and I found the local hobby shop
had a GWS IPS in stock. So.. I shelled out a few bucks and had the plane
repaired that evening... and the saga continues...

This morning, Wed., I made sure to have the sun at my back and we had some
high clouds as well. This time I launched the plane into still air. Again it climed
rapidly. I tested the controls, everthing under control. I took it easy for a few minutes
flying in big circles and trimming it out. Not much to really trim except the
elevator. Started doing a few rolls, lost altitude fast. Tryed some loops, big and
graceful. Dived, then pulled up. Made the plane go straight up and roll, very nice!
Then I got wild, throwing it all over the sky, even flying inverted. Landing was easy
and predictable. The Li-Po batt lasted about 10 min. It was charged about two weeks
ago and I have been useing it for testing in the house. Wonder how long it will run on full charge. Will fly again tomorrow morning and see.

Conclusion: This has been one of the best kits I have built and flown. Well engineered
from construction to design. This is my first aerobatic, semi-symetrical airfoil, flat
wing plane I have flown. Diving it straight into pavement from 35 feet did no noticeable
damage to the airframe except as noted; the breaking of the mount. A very tough
plane indeed! With the GWS IPS it performs well and is still very controllable. I'm sure
I will have many enjoyable flights with this plane. Again Dave, you have done an
outstanding job on this one. This is a great intermediate plane.

I have since crashed it again and again it was my fault, I REPEAT, IT WAS MY FAULT!!!. This is the second time I have crashed a plane because I was shareing the transmitter between two planes and one of the controls is inverted. If you forget to move the switch so one of the flappy things goes the right direction when you push the stick then you have a very expensive lawn dart! Again it broke the gear box and motor mount. Again I glued the mount back on and bought a new motor and gear box (I wonder why the owner of the hobby shop always has a smile on when he sees me?) I just orderd receiver xtals for all may spare Transmitters and will NOt repeat this mistake again!

Even after crashing twice the plane came out with barely a scrach other then the engine mount. I have now over an hour of flight time on it. It's differnt then any thing I have flown but it is not very difficult. It is very interesting though. Looking forward to more planes by David Fordham.

That's it! Hope it wasn't too long.
Thanks for reading.

War Bird Radio
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May 09, 2003, 01:59 AM
CNC Foam Cutter
singlespeed7's Avatar
Welcome to the Ezone War Bird Radio
Enjoyed your story about the WASP it wasn't long at all.

Happy flying.

May 09, 2003, 02:11 AM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
Great story! I would like to have one of these eventually.. My dad is about to learn to fly and is itching to build another kit.. He built a Sig Kavalier in the 70's (we still have the plane). How was the build? Do you think a person with 1 kit under his belt could build it? I might let him have a go..
May 09, 2003, 02:30 AM
A person with ZERO kits under their belt could build this plane. It's really that simple. I think I had a total of 6 hours (including covering) in building mine.

It'd take a lot of work to screw it up.

Unfortunately, mine is no more. Messing around in a K-Mart parking lot at about 11pm under the lights did mine in, when I was blinded by a parking lot lamp. Lost track of the plane, and smash, she hit, inverted, destroying almost every piece.

I must note, I was powering mine with a geared GWS300 speed, and a 1047 prop, doing some, um, stuff that shouldnt have been done under the lights at 11pm.
May 09, 2003, 02:44 AM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
What kinda batteries were you running? I have a spare GWS 300 Cgeared setup on my bench...
May 09, 2003, 03:49 AM
E-tec 2 cell, 1200 Li-Poly
May 09, 2003, 06:58 AM
Crash Master
Gene Bond's Avatar
Great story there WBR. I know what you're talking about when you say this little bird is tough. I broke the motor mount on mine during a fit of stupidity, thinking I could snap a picture while flying it whith the wrong hand A little CA and it was back in business!

I even used it recently in a club fun fly. Worked pretty well, untill a gust got it on the 'stick break' portion, and I hit the judge When we quit laughing, I picked it up and launched it again for the 'touch and tumble' competition. The grass was way too long for the little Wasp.

Have fun!
May 09, 2003, 08:03 AM
Crash Site Instigator
sheerLuck's Avatar
Welcome to EZone, WBR !!

Anyone have a picture ? I was really curious what a Wasp looks like...

May 09, 2003, 09:37 AM
Sparky "Electrics Rule"
bobf's Avatar
Originally posted by sheerLuck
Welcome to EZone, WBR !!

Anyone have a picture ? I was really curious what a Wasp looks like...

Larry or my wasp page

I took my wing to show tell at the flying field and everyone thought the wing was really great. Then I said, just think what it will be like after I glue wing. Did not notice that the wing wasn't glued yet. Great kit. Mine is waiting on servos.

May 09, 2003, 10:18 PM
"Superior Air Power"
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Thread OP
Looks like my picture is too big. Lets see if I can reduce it some.
May 09, 2003, 10:32 PM
"Superior Air Power"
War Bird Radio's Avatar
Thread OP
Tram; The Wasp is cinch to build, all joints are mortice type. But your dad should get some stick time in on a trainer before attempting to fly.

Gene: I thought about tacking a picture of the wasp while flying too but thought better of it! Glad I did!
May 09, 2003, 10:35 PM
"Superior Air Power"
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Thread OP
Thanks for the welcome guys!

Here's a picture of my Wasp. I flew today at lunch time. We have a very large park close to where I work.

Also helped an engineer friend fly the largest parkflyer in the world. A Telemaster senior driven by a Mega Motor direct with a 10x6 prop. I hand launched it for him. I think it weighs close to 7lbs. (whew!) A geared brushless with a 16" prop is in the works. It flew for over 15 min on 13 sub 'C' cells and was up around 300'. He cut the engine and it thermeld, amazing.

For those of you who dcon't know what a Telemaster Senior is, it's almost a 1/4 scale plane with 96" wing. It will be used as a tow plane for gliders with the new geard motor and prop.

He stold the show at the park! But people were still impressed with my Wasp and Ranger. The guys at work wonder why we come back a little late from lunch some times. I'll try to get a picture of the Tele. Snr. and post it on here.;)
May 09, 2003, 11:37 PM
Crash Master
Gene Bond's Avatar
A guy at our local club has a Telemaster senior with a 700 belt drive on 14 cells. What a bunch of plane! It's wild watching it land... Tail high! It's big ol floater. He also has a 6' version with a 600 class brushless geared drive on 14 cells. It's pretty exciting, but again, just floats in for a landing.
May 10, 2003, 08:53 AM
"Superior Air Power"
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Thread OP
OK Gene, I guess Frank is not the first to convert the Telemaster to electric.

Yeah, they just float. I think the Senior has over 700 sq in of wing and with the horizantal stab as a lifting surface it's even more!

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