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Dec 17, 2009, 08:32 PM
The Addiction has began...
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Where to but adapter...now?

Does anyone know where an adapter for a DX5e transmitter for the Phoenix Flight Simulator can be found for sale stateside? I find it amazing this adapter is not readily available and Phoenix states not until Mid-January !

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Dec 18, 2009, 10:42 AM
Registered User
Its in the box. Otherwyse no idea where to buy it
Dec 18, 2009, 07:50 PM
Registered User
. .
I find it amazing this adapter is not readily available and Phoenix states not until Mid-January !"

Why ?

Horizon just began the distribution function at the very end of November. Obviously their initial stocking order didn't last long.
The DSC/trainer jack in Spektrum and JR Tx's is a stereo or mono mini phone plug.

That is what my HH Phoenix came with -- Stereo mini hard wired to the USB dongle without Tx/controller.
I used a DX7 Tx which had assumed the roll of second back-up Tx for me but was absolutely "as new". It plugs right in, no adapter required.

Yours must have the same thing, as either the set without the Tx or the set including the Tx (a DX5e), as sold by Horizon would be the same. Or perhaps you are trying to update a Phoenix Sim purchased elsewhere?????

That would be an entirely different set of circumstances.
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Dec 19, 2009, 07:57 PM
The Addiction has began...
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Yea I purchased the Phoenix Sim without a TX as I already had a DX5e and from the dealer I purchased it through, there was no indication that an adapter would be needed for any TX! Did not find this out as many others besides myself that it was needed at all. The dealer stated that they did not even know, and I guess when it comes down to it I should have done more research on it before purchasing ...no one to blame but myself! But you would think that there would be more of these available than they had on hand though even if they just began distribution in November, I mean they didn't just start in this business yesterday.

Still, does anyone know where they might be available at??? Were talking waiting another month if they can not be found some where. The dealer did offer a refund on the sim but I like it's features and do not want to do this. Someone help a poor Brother out here !

Dec 19, 2009, 09:08 PM
Registered User
There should be no adapter required if this is what you purchased.


It simply plugs into the Trainer port on the side of your Tx.
I see NOTHING in the 5e manual to indicate that the socket is in any way different than the DX7, X9303, XP9303, 10X or 12X.
Indeed, I find that it works in all those Txs I've listed.

I do notice however, that in the picture for the HH Phoenix 2.5 WITH the 5e Tx there appears to be a very small adapter shown at the lower left.

Yet I see no mention of it .
EXCEPT !!!!!! when I go to that site's 'specifications' section and scroll to "adapters" I found this :

"Spektrum DX6/DX6i/DX7 (No adaptor required) - Note: The DX7se is not compatible with the simulator.
Spektrum DX5e (Adaptor required, RTMASPMDX5E, adapter required is included in this version) "
Note, the bold letters are mine and are not in the text quoted.

The same notation is to be found in the "specifications" of the version without Tx {The first site I posted above}

It appears you have been misled as the "needed to complete" section notes only a Tx is required.

If you keep reading THEN you find that the 5e is the only Spektrum/JR Tx which requires an adapter.
I missed it too!
I simply had the DX7 (and above Txs) on hand or I would be in the same boat.

You have a right to be PO'd but it will do you no good, unfortunately.

I'll lay you money they spell it out prominently in the future. In the meantime however you are but "Exhinit A".
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Dec 19, 2009, 09:55 PM
I don't want to "Switch Now"
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That is odd. The manual says this:


The DX5e offers a trainer function that allows the transmitter
to operate as a master or slave. The trainer switch is located
on the back left of the transmitter. When using the trainer
function, plug the trainer cord (SPM6805) into the trainer
port in both the master (controlling) and the slave (training)
transmitters. The master transmitter must have the power
turned on and the slave transmitter must have the power
turned off.
Note: The DX5e trainer system is compatible with all
JR and Spektrum transmitters.
I took that to mean that the connectors were that same as well.
The specified connector is the standard JR one:

The USB "dongle" they show is the same as the one I have. It is a stereo connector on mine, rather than the mono one on the regular JR buddy box cable. Works fine on my 8103 SIM transmitter.

For $2.79 it must just be something simple like a stereo to mono adaptor.

Pat MacKenzie
Dec 19, 2009, 10:02 PM
I don't want to "Switch Now"
pmackenzie's Avatar
Found it on the Phoenix web site.


You could try ordering from them. I bought my copy there. Shipping was fast and not too expensive.

Pat MacKenzie
Dec 19, 2009, 10:06 PM
Registered User
My "guess too".

But unfortunately only a guess. The picture even supports that assumption as that is EXACTLY what it looks like.

But unfortunately we do not KNOW.
Dec 19, 2009, 10:10 PM
I don't want to "Switch Now"
pmackenzie's Avatar
Originally Posted by onewasp
My "guess too".

But unfortunately only a guess. The picture even supports that assumption as that is EXACTLY what it looks like.

But unfortunately we do not KNOW.
Depends on your nature, but if it was me I would likely dig out the soldering iron and find out.
Dec 20, 2009, 04:15 AM
Registered User
If you ask, Horizon will tell you that even though the standard JR connector is a 3.5mm MONO jack and that's what should be used, MOST JR and Spektrum transmitters will still work even if the lead has a 3.5mm STEREO jack, as fitted to many simulator cables. However because the DX5E has a slightly different socket fitted some stereo plugs will confuse it and it will only work with a genuine mono plug. Easy really.

Dec 20, 2009, 08:45 AM
The Addiction has began...
TheOldGuard's Avatar
Well Phoenix IS the one I contacted and they are the ones that stated it would be until late January before they have any adapters available!

Read somewhere but stated that a normal mono adapter will NOT work that it will "short" out the DX5e!

OneWasp glad you see how I got misled on the need for this adapter as well. The way I read it I was good to go with the DX5e and needed only the sim software and cable...NOT! So, I purchased JUST the software/cable sim to be utilized with the DX5e and there IS no adapter offered with this. The adapter evidently comes with the sim package THAT contains a DX5e TX...but as I stated I already had my own DX5e TX and did not want another one much less spend more $$$$ that was not necessary.

STILL have NOT found a dealer that has one of these buggers...oh well I guess worse case scenario IS I end up waiting until Phoenix has them in January, which still to me, even if I should have known this from the beginning is a bunch of ! I could be utilizing my time I have free training on this sim but can not account of this "special" mono adapter that I was not aware I needed Until it was already purchased and then it become aparent that there was an issue...then as stated found out like MANY others that you need this mono adapter that you just can't pick up at Radio Shack

Dec 20, 2009, 09:29 AM
I don't want to "Switch Now"
pmackenzie's Avatar
The only way it can be wired is to simply skip the middle connection. An audio adaptor bought at Radio Shack would have to do something to combine the middle and tip signals.

But this raises the question - why do Phoenix (and also Aerofly) use a stereo connector in the first place? Perhaps to provide power for other adaptors?

Pat MacKenzie
Jan 21, 2010, 08:42 AM
The Addiction has began...
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Yes the RS adapter works perfect!!! https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...3&postcount=16

Jan 21, 2010, 06:44 PM
Crash=change of flying medium
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Electrically, DX5e requires the same connector as the rest of JR/Spektrum transmitters. The problem with DX5e is the shape of the jack, which, unlike jacks in all other radious, is below the TX surface and the opening is too small for most plugs to be inserted all the way. The solution is as simple as using a smaller plus, about 8mm (1/3") OD rather than the common 10mm.

By making this dumb design change, Horizon/Spektrum probably saved a couple of cents per radio but they screwed up all interface manufacturers, including Phoenix...

MileHighWings R&D
Jan 22, 2010, 12:03 PM
Registered Loiterer.
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Electrically, DX5e requires the same connector as the rest of JR/Spektrum transmitters. The problem with DX5e is the shape of the jack...
This is incorrect.

The Phoenix"s dongle Stereo plug will fit into the DX5e, but the sim will not recognize the Tx without the Stereo to Mono adapter.

The Phoenix dongle works on my JR Tx without an adapter, just as it does on the DX6i and DX7. (DX7SE is not supported)

The Horizon Hobby's phoenix sim package comes with the DX5e Tx and the Stereo to Mono Adapter that it needs. If the sim is purchased separately (non-Horizon Hobby package), to use the DX5e Tx, the stereo to mono adapter has to be sourced individually. (Hence this thread. )


Edt: Stereo to Mono adapter solutions
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