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Dec 16, 2009, 07:51 PM
team sleprock
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Whisky's blog

Hi! my name is John. and I'm new ta this blog stuff!
just getting back inta RC! SO I fig'd I would go all out and go EDF!
as of the time I fell off a roof n shatterd both my legs, I had built and still on hav on my wall, a GP's 40 size ultimate bipe, with a webra speed 50 in it.a GP's 60 size extra 300s with a 91 fx in it with smoke! and a fully loaded 64" P51 mustang, with flaps, retracts, sequencing doors, and bomb drops! with a 61fx flew pretty scale,
Been interested in DF's 4 a long time, but I fly at a small feild, at the end of our muni. airfeild, so we hav a 400 ft celing.
After reading through https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=436290 it looks like i can get back inta RC
And get some use outa my 9 channel futaba raidio
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Dec 16, 2009, 08:04 PM
team sleprock
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Ok! just a note, get the plan's printed out full size, unless u injoy taping paper as much as building! it would b alot easier!
Theres no substitute 4 a nice strait edge, and sharp blades.
O and check u local hobby shop! b4 traveling the universe in search of stuff u dont think they might hav.
My next project after my bandit is going ta b a sweet cutting board!(sense I usta build primerily from kit's, I never went outa my way ta make 1!

Livin at the speed of light!
Dec 17, 2009, 04:38 PM
team sleprock
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Incase you havn't noticed, this is basicaly just note's from learning how ta build with foam,
hav severaly sanding blocks handy, 4 the dif. surfaces there will b ta sand,I know we're working with flat foam here, but the trick is ta make it look round when done!

build em lite, strait, and fast!

P.S. test fit/test fit/test fit!
Dec 18, 2009, 11:19 AM
team sleprock
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moving along on my first foamie! sanding technic's r close ta balsa! not as forgiving, must take your time, n use very lite pres. and for god's sake wear a sanding mask! and use plenty of light.
planning ahead is always a good thing, if your like me and dont live rt around corner from your local hobbie store, and dont hav the patiants ta wait for mail order, fuel starts adding ta the cost of what should b a resonably priced hobbie! (as noted too me on other thread)"addiction"only mention that cuase I need ta go ta hobbie shop and get some epoxie n hinges, sense i cant find the 1's i thought I had!

hav a great day! n build something!
Dec 21, 2009, 11:18 AM
team sleprock
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ok! basswood spar hinge dblr's(for lack of better thing ta call em.) I tried 3/16sq. bass wood hinge dblr's on the flying surface side of the horiz. stab. and trailing edge of wing ta hinge control surfaces too. "overkill" gonna go with 3/16th sq. balsa ta hold hinges. as im using dubro 1/2a hinges instead of tape. ta hold onta 3/16 balsa control surfaces.
and in finding out the formentioned issue, I would also recomend not shaping the leading edge's of said flying sufaces, tell rt before finnal assm. as the foam is easily dented after it has been taperd.
fotunatly there's enough foam left ta recut the horz. stab.(lesson learned!)
Dec 26, 2009, 11:27 AM
team sleprock
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a lil slow on the build with x-mass n all!
ok put glue ta foam sense the last entry! and did some ruff shaping,(remember not ta get carried away here, leave finale shaping ta closer ta the finnish line)
started fitting the servo's,(using 3 on this bandit!)( 2 ailerons, and 1 elevator)trick here is ta not ASSUME! that the servo's r centerd, before u clock the servo arms, turn on the radio system, let the srvo's center them self's, then u wont end up with a nice dent in your wing after u install servo.

keep building! flying season is rt around the corner!
Dec 28, 2009, 10:54 AM
team sleprock
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I prob should let ya in on what I'm building, there is enough build threads, and logs bout this lil airplane,but the plans for this 28"w/s 55mm fan, bandit realy arn't that easy ta find! so I'll post a set furnished ta me by bdelapen! comes out ta a scale of 80 something % of the origenal plans drawn by jetset44, I picked this size becuase it gave me more choices for fans, motors, and is still small enough ta be hand launched.
Dec 31, 2009, 11:30 AM
team sleprock
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ok been trying ta get my lil bandit ready ta paint!
only secound try on a complete paint job,on airplane that is!
on that note,Ive tried several dif. things i had on hand! none of which gave me the resualts I was lookin for! 1 way was thin'd dwn white glue, might haved work'd dont know if i let it dry long enough! secound way was epoxy spread as thin as i could get it, worked better but still not as smooth as I would like!
so I broke dwn n went ta hardware store n got me some water based polycrylic(minwax) wow alot smoother finnish, not very cheep stuff! but should b able ta do several models with 1 can! and a small bucket of dap spackle, ol balsa trick,costs 1/3 less then modelmagic!
if I can ever get the comp. cord from wife 4 her digi. cam I will post a pic r 2!
still waiting 4 fan n moter n stuff! coming on a slow boat from china i think!
tell then keep building, hav a happy new year! take-offs r optional! landings r mandatory!
Jan 08, 2010, 05:43 PM
team sleprock
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sry it's been awhile! if any 1's act. reading this. got my fan,motor,esc,and batt. other day!
now hafta fig out how ta hook it up! been reading threw alotta threads, ta get the info I need. the lippy batt. i got had over sized connectors on it 4mm i think, and all my hobbie shop had was 3.5's,so I been hesitent ta hack off the wires n solder on the 3.5's,guess I should man up n do it!
also bought a 50mm gws mini fan(v1 i think! can bash me later but if it worksI.E. the plane flys, I will work on a better fan set-up later! anyway I bought it ta build a bashed 75% bandit! jetset44's plan's. by bashed I mean I changed the flying surfaces ta look like an A4 it looks pretty kewl so far. auw is 2.6 oz's at this point. still trying ta streamline canopy!so the bandit's kinda on hold, I'm practicing set up on the lil a4 cuase at 18 bucks total cost without esc n batt. rt now,I'm more 4 experimenting,(ok learning) on this 1.
so thats what I been upta.hav a great new year!
and remember! take-off's are optional,landings are manditory!