We can all learn something (again) from those guys from Dallas area! SLNT - RC Groups
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Dec 01, 2009, 05:47 PM

We can all learn something (again) from those guys from Dallas area! SLNT

I snipped this from their recent newsletter (some really excellent
reporting from John Luetke on his memories of the TNT and his recent conquest of
the LSF5 8 Hour Slope Task!).
_http://www.slnt.org/Newsletters_files/November.09.pdf_ (http://www.slnt.org/Newsletters_files/November.09.pdf)

And a cool days gone by club photo to see if you can find Waldo (themselves
in the photo).

Tim Bennett Reported on the Annual MOM TD Unlimited Contest and tells of
a unique scoring alternative that might be fun at your club! It puts
flight groups up to be scored against each other (in same air conditons) for
most comparable skill measurements yet keeps the scoring super simple. Here's
the article:

On Sunday the 8th, at Southfork, we held our Annual Seeded Man-On-Man
contest for unlimited Sailplane. We set up six winches with parachutes into the
southeast wind and launched groups of three or four models for ten-minute
maximum flights using ten point scramble scoring. The longest flight getting
10 points the next longest getting 9 points the third longest earns 8
points and so on. Everyone in the flight group achieving the maximum time gets
10 points. We flew five rounds. After the first round, the lowest scoring
flyers flew in the first group followed by the next higher scorers and so on
with the highest scorers flying in the last flight group. Landing scores
were used for tie breakers only.
November Unlimited Contest
Tim Bennett CD
The day started with a pretty heavy overcast that kept times down and
flight groups short. only a few flight groups saw more than one maximum score.
One especially exciting flight was turned in by Julian Tamez with his
High-End featuring a climb out from less than six feet altitude at about three
minutes into the flight. I think HKM sold a few airplanes on that one.
Proving the validity of the contest format, the top spots were decided by
flight scores, not landing points. I think next time we will use the club
winches with retrievers as we can get models into the air just a fast with
less messing around between rounds shagging chutes.


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