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Jun 15, 2001, 01:19 AM
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1. Phoenix
2. UHU
3. Terry
4. Soarwatt
5. Thermic Traveller
6. Aero Lectric
7. Raven
8. Razor
9. Pedro
10. Trainer 40 II (wet)
11. Whiz 40 (wet)

In process
1. Seniorita
2. Phasoar
3. Twinstar
4. Sanyo Limit
5. Arcus

In line
Far too many to list
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Jun 15, 2001, 01:22 AM
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R. Carver's Avatar
Gentle Lady
Riser 100
NSP Edge
Craft-Air Viking (unfinished)
Oh yeah, and the only powered plane in my hangar-
Herr Cub..electric of course!

Just out of curiosity-Why do you guys buy more planes when you already have 2 or 3(or more) still in the box?

Jun 15, 2001, 01:49 AM
heli on the brain
dezflyer's Avatar i love it when these posts come around. makes me feel like i need to get more birds and like im not the only e-freak!

2)Zagi 400X
3)Wattage Hawk
4)Pico Jet Combat
5)Mirrage 2000-5

...hmm, now whats next???
Jun 15, 2001, 02:00 AM
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Flying, mostly:
Zagi 400
Pleaser II
Walmart foamie glider with S400
Scratch built S400 trainer

In process
Eros glider
Jun 15, 2001, 02:02 AM
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No wife did ask...
These are the electrics........
In good shape and flying......
52" DH 88 Comet
54" Mosquito
80" Foam Hercules
50" Foam B25
82" Foam Horten VII flying wing
Wattage B2 and Mirage 2000
48" Eindecker
40" Albatross Biplane (WWI Type)
60" scratch built Vickers Wellington
Robbe Gnat upgrade (200/20/6 + minifan + 10 2000 NiMh)
Twinstar (R.A.F. style - Silver/yellow etc)
Icarus Taube.
Electra glider

In build......

Scratch built 63" Mosquito from plans, airframe skeleton complete, motors/gearboxes/servo's/props etc bought.
EAM S-3A Viking, still yet more shaping to do
and waiting for the aileron conversion from Aeronuts
Aeronaut A10 60% done AP29L's minifans 10 3000 NiCads
Scratch build Toucano 32" from free plan
all parts cut out, ready to glue!

To build......still in boxes
Balsa Craft Hurricane, Spitfire and FW190.
Flair SE5 (Elect.Conversion)
Flair 63" Beaufighter
Dare Flying Boxcar
JK P38
Titanic B29 + Bell X1 (built)
Gloeckner Hawk
Plan and BoB Holman laser cut parts for the Brian Taylor 81" Mosquito (dream long term project !)
Canopy, turrets engine nacelles retracts and plans for two Lancasters..72" and 100"

Sorry guys, Tax rebate, gave up smoking, no wife, just me and my son, what's a guy supposed to do !???????

happy landings to all, and I'll keep up with the flying lessons!!!!

And as a relative newcomer to the e-zone I would like to express my thanks to all the regular contributers, There is a great 'feeling' with you guys. It's really nice to feel part of something good, especially when you live in a foreign country.

Jun 15, 2001, 02:18 AM
Balsa Builder
Paul Susbauer's Avatar
Well, my list

1. Twinstar
2. Scratchbuilt Eindecker (Litestick size)
3. ......well thats it

On the board
1. RV-8 own design
2. 280 powered Pietenpol (sencond prototype)
3. GP Dazzler (Not mine)
4. Nora (not really on the board)
5. Goldberg Cub, dead end project
6. 1/3rd scale Pietenpol from full size plans

Need Repairs
1. Happy Fly (slimer)

1. 96" Volksplane VP1
2. DH6
3. Sekely Flying Dutchman
4. Fiat G-50
5. Ki-43 "Oscar"
6. Curtis Jr.
7. Zlin 526
8. Davis DA-9
9. many others, too many to list

1. Lazy Bee (not mine)
2. Do-335
3. Pfalz
4. Probably some others that I've forgotten about.

Future planes to get
Some kind of F5B plane

Getting soon (already bought)
Fun 51 profile (slimer)
Jun 15, 2001, 05:53 AM
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I'm going to have my wife read this thread. I've been flying 20 years, and all electric the past 9 or so, and my list is far more modest than most of those here!

Tony Turley
(on his way to LHS after work today )
Jun 15, 2001, 08:13 AM
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Complete and flying:
Zagi 400X
Lite Stick
Soarstar (with ELPH LT camera)
Flitter B

Just completed:
Twin Jet

To be fixed:
Pleaser 2

Next to build:
Boomerang (Unpowered slope soaring)
Roadkill Spitfire
Jun 15, 2001, 08:38 AM
ChrisP's Avatar
Er, put it like this guys :

The NICEST model airplane shop I have visited in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is Willy Owen's establishment in Bray, Republic of Ireland. No bull, I really mean it.
He advertises it as 'the biggest model shop in Ireland'. He's probably right.
The last time I was there I mentally totted up how many kits he had in his shop and came to the conclusion that I had more models and kits in my cellar than he had in his shop.

Like my problem is walking thorough the aisles at Toledo 30 minutes before closing time on the Sunday and the nice guy from Balsa USA implores me to buy his last Stik 40 kit for $29 so he doesn't have to cart it back to the truck. Oh, and as I was so nice he'll do me a real special deal on a Bristol Monoplane kit.

About 10 years of that kind of weakness and your cellar will look like mine.

PS - I had to write an Excel file to remember what I have and where it is !!
Jun 15, 2001, 09:20 AM
Balsa Flies Better!
Umm, this is gonna hurt... (updates after my last flying/crashing session.)

(This list is electrics only in flyable status, no sailplanes or glow which taken together may be a longer list than this- I'm afraid to count. But the electric stuff is getting flown more than 10X as often anyhow. Time for more conversions.)

Sopwith Tripe
Piper Cherokee
A7 ducted fan (RIP- rest in pieces)

In flight testing- Super Snooper (continuing- needs more power- trying bigger prop)
Nearly done- Buzzard Bombshell. (now ready to go.)

No BARFs for me- the A7 doesn't count- there was plenty of building to do.

I've started thinking about another Multiplex Cockpit- I filled up the model memories on my first one and I don't want to have to fire up the computer when I go flying.

And yes, I'm another one who could open a well stocked hobby shop based on the kits I have lying around. On the other hand, I only started doing electrics a little over 2 years ago....maybe I should join EA (electrics anonymous)?

Sam Brauer
Norwalk, CT

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Jun 15, 2001, 10:14 AM
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I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but....

Two S400 Hellcats (gave the third one away)
Two S400 Bearcats (you can't have too many)
Rare Bear
S400 P-47 Razorback
S400 P-38
Voster Fw-190
RBC Skyray
HVP Modell PBY
S400 Lavochkin La-5FN

S400 Pylon racers:

Push E Cat
Lazy Bee
Alder motor glider

Disco HLG
Nymph Moskito HLG

S400 Corsair (gave the old one away)
70" Spitfire (the eternal project)

2 more P-47s (verify laser parts fit).

This isn't nearly enough planes. I need to make better use of my time!

Jun 15, 2001, 11:07 AM
Sloping off....
leccyflyer's Avatar
Okay if everyone is putting up then I should as well. I'll think of it as therapy.

In service at the moment

Zagi 400
Razor 400
Mugi 400
Easy Bee 400
Searching 400
Balsacraft Hurricane 600
Balsacraft Bearcat 600
Jamara J3 Cub with geared 400
Protech Slo-Mo (a Lite Stik by any other name)
Multiplex Teddy (my son's really)
Multiplex Smiley (ditto)
Multiplex Pico Cub (ditto)
MAF Mini Flying Machine 400

Not yet flown/under construction/under repair

Kyosho F-16
ACT Me-163 Komet
Model Designs Fw-190A for 400
MAF Twin Mini Flying Machine for 2x400
Bristol Beaufighter for two geared 400s
West Wings Toucan (400)
SE5 for geared 400 (EFI free plan)
O/D Bellanca Skyrocket parkflyer

Still in the box

Kavan Fokker D7 Park Flyer (geared 280)
Jamara PT-19 for geared 700
West Wings Fournier RF-4 (geared 400)
Balsacraft Spitfire (600)
Balsacraft Hurricane (600)
Balsacraft Bearcat (600)
Balsacraft Fw-190A (600)
Model Designs Sea Fury (600)
Kyosho P-51 Mustang (geared 700)
Flair Bristol Beaufighter (2xsp600)
Flair Messerschmitt Bf110 (2xSp600)
Wattage B2 Bomber
Ikarus Rumpler Taube Park Flier (geared)
Simprop Albatros DVa Park Flier (acrodrive)
Scorpio Spitfire Mk I (geared 400)
Pica Messerschmitt Bf109 (geared 400)
Royal Spitfire Mk I -geared 400?
Royal P-51D Mustang - geared 400?
Flying Styro F-4U Corsair
Robbe Spitfire foamie for Sp600
ANOTHER ACT Me163 Komet - don't ask
Graupner Terry (400)

IC airframes in service

Chris Foss Wot-4 (OS 40SF)
Chris Foss Uno-Wot (OS 25SF)
Priory Sillouette (Irvine 46)
Global Birdie 10 (OS10FP)
World Models J-3 Cub (OS26FS)
Westfield F-86 Sabre (OS 25FP)
Cambrian Bf109E (Enya 25SS - but I'd quite like to go brushless with this one please)
Cambrian Spitfire (OS 25FP)
Mini Astro Hog (OS15FP)
Webbit (OS15Max)
Little Mo (Cox .049)

IC airframes mostly completed waiting for for gearing up/repair or maybe even electrify some of them

DB Hurricane (Irvine 36)
Pilot Mitsubishi Zero (Irvine 36)
Flair Cub, foam wing version, (Enya 41 four stroke)
Flair Cub, built up wing with twin fuselage (2xOS40FP)
Mick Reeves FW-190D (OS70 Surpass)
DB Moth 40 (Enya 53 four stroke)
Flair Puppeteer (OS52FS)
Gnatty (OS Max 40)
Bowman Hurricane (OS 40 Max)

Kits intended for IC and not yet started (I might just sell these)
Pilot F-16
Elan Max Biplane
Marutaka F-15
1/2A Webbit

Plus a couple of RC gliders, about a dozen or so rubber and electric powered free flight chuckabouts and a few plan packs with parts.

..and I know other locals whose list is probably longer than that.

I will NOT be coming back from Telford with any more models tomorrow - though it is my birthday this weekend



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Jun 15, 2001, 11:52 AM
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modified p.t. electric
1913 eastbourne
1909 blerio
1917 halberstadt
home design v-tail spd400 glider
home design hlg
spirit 2m glider
lite stik

on the bench...

beechcraft bonanza kit
1909 demoiselle
Jun 15, 2001, 11:54 AM
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Don Sims's Avatar
Wow Brian I'm IMPRESSED!!
All I have flying are:
Harlyquin Slope Glider
Piper Shortwing

Kyosho 180

Under Construction:
Gentle Lady
Mini 400

My wish list is too long to list!
Jun 15, 2001, 11:57 AM
Balsa Flies Better!
Uh Brian

If we both die now, I think you win....

(reference- He who dies with the most toys wins if it's a little too obscure...)

Either that or I'm too scared to do a full list as well.