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Oct 29, 2008, 12:51 AM
Get up the wind stopped
Flying: Killed this year:
56" YAK 46" Yak/56" Yak/ 2- Phase 3 f-16s
60" FW-190
Park Zone Corsair
sky runner
cox micro corsair

In box
cws warthog edf/63" extra 330/2m glidder
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Oct 29, 2008, 02:57 PM
Suspended Account
Currently flyable:
Ultrafly Furious *
Ultrafly PC-9
Ultrafly Outrage * (Favorite, but waiting for Furious to get beat to death to start flying)
Ultrafly Ultimate *
Fox Lite Snotliner
Fik-45 (FF conversion)
Fik-80 (FF conversion)
Haoye Model Lynx-XF
Alex's Demon
Precision Aerobatics Mini-Katana
Sylvan Goliath *
RadicalRC Micro Stick
GP Mini Slinger
GP Mini Delta
Hobby Lobby YAK-55 (Flat-out)
ACE Simple 400
GP Seawind
* = Favorite (If I'm going to the field, I'm bringing this plane)

In need of repair:
Red's Hangar One (missing motor)
Mini-Rage (my scaled down version of the Ultrafly Outrage - front end smashed)
Some crappy Chinese Pitts (front end smashed)
Ultrafly Outrage (something got melted with 4th of July fireworks RX I think)
E-Flite Ultimate (crappy plane, not fun to fly, missing all electrics but servos, give away pile)
Some kind of wing-dragon. To be given away to Newbie.

Still in the box:
Ultrafly Extra 300S
Hobby Lobby YAK-55 (Flat-out)
World Models Sky Runner
Chinese Hyperwing X2
Ultrafly TW
E-Flite Edge 540
BP F-16 (should go in the trash)

Wall Mount:
GP Corsair (Nice looking plane, firewall repaired too many times)

In the Trash:
Ultrafly Outrage X3
Ultrafly Furious X3
Parkzone P-51D
Multiplex MicroJet
E-Flite Edge 540
Ultrafly F-16
Hobbico Spitfire (FF conversion)
BP Flyer
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Oct 29, 2008, 03:49 PM
3DHS Junkie
800mZero's Avatar
1. 3dhs 55" yak
2. 3dhs Extra shp X 2
3. 3dhs Extra SR
4. 3dhs Velox
5. 3dhs Katana
6. 3dhs EBT on floats
7. EF 47" Yak
8. E-foamies Edge
9. Eflite Sobre
10. Alfa Mustang
11. Scorpio Hellcat
12. Blade CP
Oct 29, 2008, 04:05 PM
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20 years of accumulation, all electric (except for last one):

In flying condition:
Goldberg Electra (3rd fuselage)
Great Planes E-Cub
RBC Fun-700 (3rd fuselage, 2nd wing)
Stream Schneider Sport
Sig Kadet Seniorita
Neptune seaplane
SuperFlyingModels Eindecker and v-tail, aileron sailplane whose name I forget
Hyperion Spitfire
Stingray ducted-fan foamy
Parkzone FW-190
GWS Beaver
Cessna Centurion foamie ("Union R/C" Japanese import from early 1990's)
Robbe Skyflex (Rogallo-wing powered hang glider)
E-Sport 10
one Blue Foamie

Almost ready for maiden flight:
BH Models de Hav. Mosquito

Need motor/ESC replaced or borrowed Rx returned to get flying:
Great Planes PT-Electric
Wattage B-2
Sureflite P-39 (.40-size foamie)
Graupner Solar UHU
another Blue Foamie
GP Dazzler
E3D (Flies good, needs a more reliable motor)
Unknown S-400 polyhedral sailplane (already built when I swapped for it)
Eflite ElectroJet

Need repairs
DAW Extra 300
RBC Microbe
Ace Puddlemaster
EasyBuilt Hawker Hurricane
All f-glass, Speed-400 P-51, forget who made it.
GP Spectra
Cox Malibu

In the bucket o'tails (RIP):
Skyvolt (3 fuselages!)
Ace P-51 prototype
GP Spectra

Partly built, lost interest:
Hobby Lobby Skimmer
Jim Ryan P-38
Guillows Stearman
Global FW-190 Slightly overweight ARC, won't fly on rec. motor

Still in the box:
GWS Tiger Moth
Jade Impulse (pod & boom V-tail sailplane)

Estes rocket-boosted glider (the canard, forget the name), it will do about 1 1/2 gliding circuits of the launch site after D-motor launch, need to try an E but Estes stopped making E's right after I bought it.

- - Dave
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Oct 29, 2008, 06:40 PM
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33 electric rc and 7 ff models.
Oct 29, 2008, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Pat Daily
33 electric rc and 7 ff models.
Got time for a list? I like to see these so I can Google some of these models and see what I'm missing!
Oct 30, 2008, 12:39 PM
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RC planes

Real Rascal
Pico Stik
Albatros DIII
Crazy Max
Velie Monocoupe
American Eagle
Cub on Floats
Curtiss F6C-3
Consolidated PT-1
Diddle Bug
Mud Bug
Float Tiger Moth
2 Tiger Moths
Fokker DVII
Inland Sport
Mini Angel
White Monoplane
Monocoupe 90
Nov 04, 2008, 11:39 AM
Have you seen my nut?
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Originally Posted by HappyKillmore
Got time for a list? I like to see these so I can Google some of these models and see what I'm missing!
Thats to funny!!

On my end


Hyperion Extra 260 40E
Hyperion Chipmunk 70E
Polks Hobby C-47
Hobby-Lobby F-5 Tiger
Nitromodels Kangaroo
Hobby-Lobby Skymaster
BH Models Stuka
Seagull Extra 300
Electrifly Fokker D.V. II
Sapac T-45 Composite
Great Planes EP Combat Spitfire
Worlds Models EP Zero
E-Sky Esmart 600 (Heli)
E-Flite Blade CX
and a boat -

On the Bench

Cermark F-5 .60 size converting to electric

Needs Parts or in the box

Nitromodels EP Spitfire
HP Flying wing

Hanging from the ceiling

E-Flite P-47

Next project

BH Models Mosquito
Nov 04, 2008, 12:21 PM
God is my pilot
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Mountain Models Switchback Sport
Mountain Models EVA 3D
Mountain Models EVA sport
Mountain Models Switchback 3D
Fliton Inspire Mini
The finish Crew Park Strafing Mustang
E-Flite Minipulse xt

On the bench:
52" Petrodactyl

Switchback Senior (needs a new wing)
Parkzone Typhoon
Phase 3 P-51
Slo-V night flyer
Nov 04, 2008, 02:35 PM
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4 Aero Ace planes

In the mail:

On my Christmas list:
Parkzone Vapor
Parkzone Ember 2
Nov 04, 2008, 07:11 PM
Nothing but high quality
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Lightflie bug
MCX( I know its not a plane but I love it)

Nearly Flyable-(AKA all I need is money to fly em)
F-22 scratchbuilt
Nov 05, 2008, 08:52 AM
top enforcer
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I count my fleet like some count beer 2 the first one and the last one
Jan 23, 2010, 05:34 PM
Argue for your limitations
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Originally Posted by Ryan Nau
I sold a bunch of my electric planes at swap meets around the area and going mostly brushless. The electric planes include that are flying:

Wattage Extra 330L with Astro 020 geared Brushless
Wattage Crazy 8 with Aveox 1005/2y with 3:1 gearbox brushless
Wattage Giles 202 with 2:1 geared Colbalt
X250 with Jeti 15/4 brushless
Radical Edge 540 with hacker B20-22S with 4:1 brushless
Modified scratch built ugly stick with Jeti 15/4 brushless
MA-T Soarwatt with geared 480. Maybe soon 16/15/7 or hacker
MA-T Barebones with Mega 16/15/3 brushless
Skat with Mega 16/15/3 brushless
Dimwatt with Hacker B20-26S with 4:1 brushless. need a esc for it
Firecat with Flyware outrunner brushless 350/15 axi motor
E3D with Flyware outrunner brushless 350/25 axi motor
Zagi with 15/4 jeti brushless
Kwik-E with Jeti 30/3 brushless

I dont have about 10 others I used to have flyable since i sold them for brushless. Just kept the planes I like and fly the most and have the best performance for different things.

Soon going to be flying, working on!
Profile SU-31 3D for sweden. Going to use a Hacker B20-12L with 4:1
Mini Menace 3D. Scratch built smaller version of the ncffa menace.

Next planes to buy!
Hacker B20-12L VIP
Bandit or Smart
Another E3D
GWMP Stik plane

Glow: I have lots of funly planes since I fly NCFFA competition
3 Menaces, one a 3D version, with Webra 32s?
Black Jack Boom plane with Webra 32
Morris Mustang with YS 45
Morris GeeBee with YS 45
Royal F4 with K&B 61
Royal D7 with YS 91
Sig Fazer with OS 32SX
Turnbuckle with Webra 50
Easy Sport with Webra 50
Hellcat combat with OS LA 15
Magic with La 46

Giant scale
Giant Stinger from Lanier with G62
DP Extra 330L-BME 50
DP Ultimate Bipe YS140L with supercharger
Lanier 35% Giles 202, BME 100

Control Line planes:
Brodak Legacy with ST 60
Brodak full body pathfinder with LA 46
2 Magicians with FP 40
Fullbody magician with FP 40
little magciain with LA 15
RSM ME-109 with FP 40
Super Clown With FP 25
Flying clown with LA 15
Tomhawk with FP 35
Bruster with Fox 35
And about 10 1/2A stunt planes
And building a Brodak Fancy pants and accentor.

My dads planes:
Wattage Whisper E-glider. Used to be mine
Quacker Old timer, geared 480
GWS Mustang and Zero

2 menaces
mid star

Control LIne:
Brodak P51
Brodak Flite streak
CG Shoestring
Gotcha 550
She who "must be obeyed" limits me to 25 planes.
Jan 23, 2010, 07:04 PM
Balsa Flies Better!
My Fleet's not changing that much

This is what's currently in the hangar:

Keys- rarely flown- 1-2x a year.= 1
somewhat flown- 2-6x a year =2
flown 6x 12x a year =3
flown a lot- more than 12x a year = 4
resurrection in progress.

Megowcoupe* flyable 2 (rebuilt twice this year!)
Sopwith Tripe* flyable 2 (here now, but will return to Brooklyn)
Twister 1 (I've got a crease in the wing- will probably lighten the airplane up and go to a lot less power.
Chrysalis HLG conversion* (given away- but still in my hangar) 0
Wren 2
Flyline Curtiss Robin OK conversion 1
Corbin (glow conversion) 2
Rimfire (glow conversion) 3 - finally happy with the power setup- 850 watts, Phasor 45/3 swinging an 11" prop on 5s.
P-38 2
Li'l Gypsy* 1 in NJ
Meridian 4
Minx 400 1 in PA
Bugatti 1
Leveque 1
Aeronca K (rubber conversion) 1
Antoinette 1
Forward Freddie 1
Miss America 1 (now in CA)
Jr. Skylark twin 2 (gotta add ailerons)
Super Skorpion* (glow conversion) 2
HOB P-51 (36") 4
Easy Built Spitfire (glow conversion) 1
FunX-E 3
The Real Thing (glow conversion) 2
Comet Gull II -converted back to rubber-oops converted back to RC- left in Brooklyn.
Matador 2
Boxster (own design) 1 (now in Richmond, VA)
F106 3
Herr 30" Pitts 3 (finally got it sorted out.)
Sterling 16" Curtiss Hawk P-6E 1 (it's probably done- it's pretty crunchy)
BMJR Race-E (underrated airplane) 3 (new fuse earlier this year.)
Low wing Skimmer 400 2
Sig Doubler 2
SR Bantam 1 (in PA)
Cannonshot (recovering)
Avro Arrow EDF 3 (getting new fan)
Sin Naps (2 now in Brooklyn)

Hot Kanary- Glow conversion (my first 1 kW plus airplane!) 2
Tweedy Bird - Glow conversion 3
New EDF flying boat 2
36" Buzzard Bombshell 3

New Stuff since then

K + A F-86 2 (still sorting it out- but I like the power system-it's a small, fast airplane that doesn't accelerate all that great.)
Radical RC Mini Stik biplane (great little airplane)- 4
Diels F-100 (still sorting it out.)
Kevin Cox F-18 3- probably my best flying EDF.

Foamies F4D 1 RIP

Talon 1 (in CA)
A4 1 (in CA)
Skeeter 2 (in CA)
Swyft 2
Sidewinder (awaiting repair- still)
#Apogee 1-2
Brian Agnew Vertigo II (new) 1-2
Resurrected- Thermic 50 RC 1-2

Discarded since last list- basically too bad to repair-

Craft Air RV-4 (OK airplane, but no real love lost.)
Wee Go (not a great airplane)
Caprice (tow line glider- eaten by a tree.)
Schweitzer 1-26 (annoying airplane- good riddance.)
Skylark (FF conversion- my bro creamed it. It had a full life.)

What's dawning on me is that I may be about in equilibrium. I'm spending enough time fixing, so I'm running out of time for new construction- or at least its slowed down a lot. EDFs take a lot of fixing- I'm more likely to dork one of them than anything else. In the last 4 EDF flight attempts this week, I had only one flight that didn't need some repairs (the F-18). On the other hand, I've made a dent in the stuff that was piled in boxes or hanging around unflyable. I've still got some long running projects that I haven't touched in a while though.

Jan 23, 2010, 07:17 PM
Rsetiegerd Uesr
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Originally Posted by CyberJay
My collection:
Eflite T34
Eflite Taylorcraft
Eflite Mini Pulse
Eflite P47
Great Planes S.E.5a
Parkzone T-28
Parkzone Corsair
Parkzone Cessna Centurion
Parkzone Citabria
Align Trex SEv1
Ikarus Eco 8
Hirobo XRB
Guillows Cessna 170 rubber band powered freeflight.

Crashed sold or otherwise gone:
Lite Machines Corona
Fancy Foam Yak54
Parkzone J3 Cub BL
Helimax Rotofly

My how time flies... Current list:

Kangke Monocoupe 90a
Hangar 9 Toledo Special
Parkzone Radian
Eflite PT-17
Eflite L-4 Grasshopper
Pilot-1 PA-12
Hobby Lobby Cessna 172
Eflite Blade MCX
Eflite Blade MSR
Phase III EF-16
Sea Breeze Powered Parachute
Eflite Taylorcraft
Great Planes S.E.5a
Parkzone T-28
Parkzone Cessna Centurion
Parkzone Citabria
Align Trex SEv1
Ikarus Eco 8

Crashed sold or otherwise gone:
3D Hobby Shop Edge 540
Hirobo XRB
Guillows Cessna 170 rubber band powered freeflight.
Parkzone Corsair
Eflite Mini Pulse
Eflite P47
Eflite T34
Lite Machines Corona
Fancy Foam Yak54
Parkzone J3 Cub BL
Helimax Rotofly