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Dec 05, 2009, 12:14 AM
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Micro RC Battle Bots!

Okay, so i made this little guy today for battle at an upcomming show.

They're pretty easy to make, and only require a few simple things a lot of people might have lying around.

Materials list:

Pieces of 3mm and 6mm dperon (or cardboard)
2, 7-9 gram high speed servos
Scraps of carbon fiber flats, or balsa wood (for strength)
Hot Glue
Micro receiver
2s 200-400 mah lipo
Small BEC
Small motor with Rx connector wired up (for a simple saw)
Elevon mixing

Now, you can build pretty much any shape robot you want- I myself am going for a small design under 75 grams, and smaller than a 4" square box (for the competition).

First step is to modify your servos, so that they will drive continuously, and not stop when you push the sticks to the full (they will stop moving once at center).

Follow this link for step by step instructions to modify your servos:


Once you have done that, you can now either make some wheels out of foam or cardboard, and glue them to a servo arm, or cut some pushrods the same diameter as the hole in the servos output head, and use some wheels that have the same diameter hole as the axle, and glue them into place (carefully! you don't want to freeze the output head in place!).

Now, assemble everything onto the chassis, and then begin to build foam around everything. First, make the sides of the bot, so nothing gets in the way of the wheels. Now, make the front, and rear. Typically, you should make the front end as a wedge, so angle it back, and make the rear of the bot the same height. Remember to make everything high enough so that all your components can fit inside safely (and it won't hurt to put an extra piece of foam above the lipo for more protection ).

Now, hook everything up, and test it all out. You will have to enable elevon mixing on your radio for it all to work. Even a simple 3 channel radio will work for this, as you only need one stick.

Remember, pushing forward on the stick should make it drive forward, and pulling back should be reverse. Push it left, and you'll get the nose spinning to the left, and visa versa for right.

Now, your bot is just about done. That wasn't hard, right?

Now, the hardest part is going to get the saw disk motor to spin a saw fast enough. You should probably make it out of depron foam coated in a thin layer of epoxy to make it less dangerous.

Now take a few pieces of heat shrink tubing and shrink them over the motor shaft (it can help to rughen the shaft up a bit with sand paper and then put a snall tiny bead of CA beneath the first heat shrink tubing). Then, take your saw disk, and measure the center, and drill out a hole slightly smaller than the total size of the heat shrink tubing. Glue the disk on over the heat shrink tubing.

Plug in your motor to your Rx. Turn everything on. Wired correctly, the spinner should turn on when you power up your Rx. If you want, you can install an on/off switch on the positive lead to turn it on/off.

Then, you have to figure out where to mount it. You can mount it up front, so the blade sticks out front close to the ground (so as to pick up the nose of other bots and flip them), or on the sides or wherever to defend your bot.

The other option is to take another micro servo (doesn't really have to be super high speed, although higher speed servos will get a better result), not modified, and make a triangle or something to mount on the arm (or glue it on). Add an extention made of carbon fiber or something to stick out front to slip underneath other bots and flip them. I would probably make this so the wedge is parallel to the bottom of the chassis, and so the extention arm is out far enough.

Once everything is assembled, you can now go have some fun. Remember, the more bots there are, the better

Oh, and for 72mhz, you need to use a micro servo, and wrap the antenna up around a straw, or a piece of foam (this will shorten the range, but you only need a few feet), and tape it all up then shove it in.

Here's a video of the first bot I made:

Micro Battle Bot (v1.0) (1 min 6 sec)

I shall be making more
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