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Dec 03, 2009, 10:38 AM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Build Log

Tweplica 40 build

Hello All,

First off,, a special thanks to all the Twistaholics who have contributed countless ideas, tips, and so much information to this RC flyin man, that it is an honor and privilege for me to have been a part of the best group of people I have ever met in the cyber world. we have met many friends along the way and only hope to add more friends as we continue on our journey into the ever changing RC adventures.

This is going to be a build of the Tweplica 40 with the courtesy of Nomatta who drew up the plans. I am going to go through building this plane step by step.

What is the Tweplica? this is one of the most fun planes you will ever fly. it was discontinued, (but now its re-continued) but I'm going to do the build thread anyway, so this build is for a group of us called the Twistaholics who love this plane so much, many combinations and altercations and mods have been tried on this plane. so we are hoping to be able to keep it around for us if no one else. Our good friend Nomatta went through and drew out the plans and has built and flown it.

So by doing this build thread and showing just how easy it can be to scratch build a plane we will hopefully teach some people how to build and even repair their own planes in the future, and of course keep this blast of a plane around for as long as this site exists.

You can build this plane as any size you want, I will be building the 40 sized version.
It is very 3D capable and will do all the 3D you can think of, but not the best for learning 3D.
As a fun flyer there is no end to the good time you will have.

On Low Rates it will handle like a trainer, on high rates well you just try and tame the beast.

I will begin this project in the 2nd or 3rd week of January 2010

I am listing the parts and plans so who ever would like to go along for the ride has some time to get the materials needed if they don't have most of it laying around already.

This is a very simple and quick plane to build and I of course welcome any idea and or tips along the way.
Everyone has their own way of building a plane so my methods might not be for you, I am going to build this plane with the complete beginner in mind, there are no special trades one needs to master to build this plane. if you can tie your shoe, you can build this plane.
everything will be explained very simply and slowly with pics and videos of how each part is worked on and completed.

So with that said save a copy of these plans and have them blown up to full size. for the 40 version the wing should be 4' long when done.
The cost was $5.67 at staples

The Twistaholics group can be found here. they will more than welcome you and answer just about any question under the sun. RC related or not LOL

The plans and other tips and great information are also located here

Big thanks for these go to "NoMatta"
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Dec 03, 2009, 10:40 AM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Thread OP
Here is the parts List

All the prices for the wood came from Balsa USA
The prices for everything else were from Tower Hobbies.
Use any place you like to use, I was just trying to have some kind of estimated cost for everything.

Feel free to change the prices under the "cost per piece" column and it will change the totals.
Tab 1 is the parts list, Tab 2 is a quick order sheet that has all the wood combined so you won't have to go through it all while ordering.
Let me know if something isn't right as I am not even close to perfect. lol

This is a chart on the different densities of Balsa wood.

I would like to say Thanks to Daoldguy for this research.

Save this file to your computer by right clicking it, then save as, then Change the file extension from .PDF to .XLS it is a spread sheet
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Dec 03, 2009, 10:44 AM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Thread OP
Here are some of the engine choices you can use. there is much more information on the Link above to the "Twistaholics Mods page". any choice is pretty much a great choice for this plane.

TT40 Engines
46 AX ...the standard. Run a 12.25x3.75 on this combo for max performance. 12x4 is ok too.
For a 4 stroke Hot Rod....Os 70 to a Saito 82 with a 14x4, 13x4
OS 61FX for 2 stroke max performance with a 13x4
Waldo's 61 ...."OS 61FX 13x4 and 13x10 for a hoot"
Plow's 61......."I like the OS 61FX/MAS 12 X 7 S2 Series (Scimitar) prop."

TT60 Engines
Ya know, this is a 60 but I dont know anybody runnin a 60
4s choice...OS 91 FS with a 14x4, 15x4
2s choice...OS 91 FX with a 14x4, 14x6
Crazies choice.... up to 125 4 strokes with a 16x4
Dec 03, 2009, 12:34 PM
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.pdf problem?

This is what I got.
Dec 03, 2009, 01:17 PM
Cookies Good - Bacon Better
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Balsabluster, change the .pdf to .xls and open in in excel.

Waldo, thanks for the public service. Remember, I'm watching you.
Dec 03, 2009, 01:46 PM
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Right-click on picture. Do "Save As", change extension from .pdf to .xls. - WORKS!
Dec 03, 2009, 01:48 PM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Thread OP
Cool, I was hoping I didn't confuse the thing right off the get go
Dec 03, 2009, 04:37 PM
Do Da Dippidy
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Thanks for doing this Waldo.

Dec 03, 2009, 05:00 PM
Suspended Account
Let me also say Thank You for the build thread . Although my T___T is still in great shape its great to know I can Recreate it if I dumbthumb it
Dec 03, 2009, 06:42 PM
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Ok, what did I miss? Oh, and Waldo.......I don't feel left out at all regarding engine/prop choice.....really.

Dec 03, 2009, 09:41 PM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Thread OP
Snowman What did you miss?? LOL you've been following along. I think LOL And wasn't it you who first put the 61FX on this baby.?

I just copied that engine ditty from the mods page LOL maybe I should have read it again lol Don't get to far behind now its your flying season coming right around the corner.

were having a group Waldo build along lol hmmm I might need to write some music to go with the clips, nope this is plenty enough for this ol boy
Dec 03, 2009, 11:01 PM
Newbee AMA # 912488
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My First Scratch Build for an ARF Guy!


I will be following your teachings, Sensei!

Subscribed!! and getting the wood!

Dec 04, 2009, 07:07 AM
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Waldo, how do I subscribe to this here build? Yes, I've been following since the beginning and anticipate every addition to it. With regards to the engine....I'm just pulling your chain. I doubt I was the first, but surely O.S. should be rewarding my promotional efforts, of getting the word out about the phenominal O.S. .61FX and it's many merits, by showering me with company stocks, world cruises, new cars, free engines, etc....
Dec 04, 2009, 03:33 PM
Walk of Shame Season :)
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Thread OP
Alright kids it looks like its shaping up pretty good welcome all who are going to swell their fingers with the xacto blade

Snowman I know your just bustin my chops, I wouldn't have it any other way, I'd be more worried if you weren't.

Jack211 and yourself were the very first people that talked to me on the original thread, and since then you were always raving about the 61FX combo, I just assumed you were the inspiration for that one as I never heard of anyone else speaking of it back then. it only took me 3 years to buy one with all the other projects I was doing. and the fear of the losing the way it handled with my 70 4 stroke, but man was it worth the wait. and if I don't know when your playing around with me by now, I never will lol
Dec 08, 2009, 06:55 AM
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I'am gone follow this.


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