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Dec 02, 2009, 08:33 PM
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Great Camera, and AMAZING service! $16 Panasonic Cx-161.

Hi all!

Well, I just have to post this here- I recently bought this $30 camera off Ebay (AKA, the Panasonic Cx 161), and have had A WONDERFUL experience with the camera, and most importantly, the seller. I was going on vacation, and the seller shipped the camera out at 7PM to catch the last truck out (I sent payment at around 5:45), and he shipped to my vacation destination, so it would arrive when I did! What a great guy. Sadly, my plane was broken (ESC and new Radio problems ) so I wasn't going to be able to fly while I was there. The box arrived the day I did, but the Postal service appeared to have dropped a heavy box on it- the corner was crunched. I tested the camera, and found it to have been killed in the crunching. I notified the seller when I returned, and he asked me to ship it back. I sent it out this Monday, and today I received this email:

Hi Kevin,

I sent the camera today. I actually sent you a 2.9, and a
12mm color. I tested both, but I thought just in case you
had a problem I'd send you an extra. I don't know how
you took the lens off of the one you had, but I'm guessing
you took out the two screws on the back and took off the
whole lens holder.

Why I'm saying this is; all the cameras are the same except
for the lens holder & lens. So you can put a 2.9 lens holder
on a 12mm board. The circuit boards are all the same except
there are color & B&W boards. I sent a piece of a .035
allen wrench too, because when you swap a lens holder,
you need to re-adjust (screw) the actual lens in or out a little
to get a perfect focus. There's a set screw on the lens
holder (little hole that has the set screw in it). Maybe
you knew all this and have the .035 allen wrench (&
maybe not?).

So the piece I sent can be clamped in a little set of vice
grips or something like that, to hold and make a makeshift
allen wrench to work that set screw. Whew!

So without any prior dealings with me, he shipped me a replacement, even before he received conformation that the "dead" ( for all he knew, I could have been lying) one had been shipped back. I have had probably close to 20 email messages sent/received, and he has always been a greatly helpful person to deal with. I am soo very glad I chose this camera, not only for the great quality for the price (watch any of Trappy's videos, and you will see how amazing this $30 camera is), but the great quality of the seller. I plan on flying completely on these cameras, and buying exclusively from this seller. He very well is the best online seller I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Anyways, I am such a thankful and happy camper right now!


Originally Posted by JetGun
Greets Everyone!

This is Rick, the guy with the Panasonic GP CX161 cameras. (A lot of you Pilots know me from e*bay.)

I've received the cases that Xnaron (Brendin) made on his CNC. I've put the cases & cameras on my site:

I have shipping setup per order for the US, Canada, and international worldwide. I've tried to keep it is as low as possible. It's hard to get the correct amount for Intl until I'm at the post office, so we'll see how that works. I also have a 1st class option for just the cases, brackets & connectors. I'll try that & see how it goes Tyler.

If you have any questions you can use the contact page on the website to get me. Maybe we can get this up as a sticky on the 1st page or somewhere here, maybe a moderator or someone (Kmart) knows how to do that.

Thanks & Shouts to Brendin, Barry, Kev, Guillaume, Fishie, ... everybody up north & around the world

And here are some of trappy's videos, to boast of the video quality.

(4 min 6 sec)

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Dec 02, 2009, 08:41 PM
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I've ordered from him too, and agree with you that he's a great seller! The camera's are not bad for the price either. I use one on my Easy Star.

The set screw is .035 inch, or 0.9mm, either one will work. In fact I had to buy one to adjust mine, just came in the mail today.

Here's a video with mine:
FPV EasyStar 10-24-09 (10 min 0 sec)
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Dec 02, 2009, 08:50 PM
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I remember the previous thread on this camera; good feedback ther too.
So what is the best lens for FPV?
Dec 02, 2009, 08:53 PM
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I like the 2.9mm, haven't tried the others though.
Dec 02, 2009, 09:31 PM
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I have only used the 2.9 thus far, but will try the 1.2mm soon.
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Dec 02, 2009, 11:34 PM
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Thanks for the tip. I just ordered one.

Dec 02, 2009, 11:46 PM
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i too use the 2.9mm lense. the biggest problem with the camera is the connector for video out has the flimsiest wires imaginable. definately not intended to be flexed much. last weekend both of mine broke -- fortunately not during flight -- and one only had about 20 flights, the other had only been flown twice. has the replacement connectors for 3 bucks a shot and mine arrived today (dpcav had very fast shipping). i'm planning on cutting the wimpy wires to about 1/4" and soldering them to a micro deans, then hotgluing the deans to the back of the camera. hopefully that will fix the problem.

Dec 03, 2009, 12:24 AM
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I've bought several times from Rick. His eBay name if "" and his customer service is excellent. He is very fair, generous and even sent me a small piece of allen wrench too to take on and off my lenses.

I have some small allen wrenches but nothing the size required for this camera.

Great eBay of the best I've dealt with in fact! I believe he's running short on the cameras though so get them while they're hot.
Dec 03, 2009, 12:30 AM
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Less then ten 2.9 cams left- all cams are the same board, just diff lens, so any 2.9mm lens can be hot glued on to make it work.
Dec 03, 2009, 12:39 AM
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Looks like this is a 5V camera. Do you use a 5V transmitter also?
Dec 03, 2009, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by edragon
Looks like this is a 5V camera. Do you use a 5V transmitter also?
I would suggest not - He is probably powering it off a spare channel on his RX.
Dec 03, 2009, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by kmart
I have only used the 2.9 thus far, but will try the 12mm soon.
You can't fly with 12mm, believe me ...
Try 6mm first, it has the closest angle and thus perspective of a (single) human eye, give you the most exact matching experience of a real flight, especially landings. Tried 3.6mm and 6 mm and now flying with 6mm only.
Also, no more curved horizons.
Dec 03, 2009, 03:40 AM
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Its absolutely amazing this camera is back and being talked about again.

Here is the original thread from over a year ago...

Still a great cam with great colors.
Dec 03, 2009, 09:07 AM
I got a couple from him too.
I used 5VDC Voltage Regulator
It doesn't use the white wire so I did for the video.
Dec 03, 2009, 11:55 AM
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I'd like to point out that the quality is unbeatable for the price. But there are better quality cameras out there. If you're on a budget or flying risky, this is the camera you'll want. I've had the KX-131 to compare and the KX-131 is slightly better in every aspect (resolution, real color representation, clean picture, ground-illumination) ... except price. It costs about 8x as much!

Interesting to see they are $30 now ... they used to be $16 a piece The unpopular lenses are even cheaper. I've got 2 cameras now, I hope when I crash the lenses will be spared so that I can simply buy another board

Edit: There is one thing wrong with this camera. If you line up in a certain way towards the sun, the screen goes black for a second. Not too bad after the 5th time it happens, but the first 4 times will certainly get your blood pressure up
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