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Dec 01, 2009, 11:11 PM
Victoria Super Mortem
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"Scale" Definately a Relative Word

O.K. So, I'm in the process of cleaning up and cleaning out. The shop I've had my planes in for 2 years is going to become my daughter's bedroom and the larger, but more out of the way and "junkier" room down the hall get's to become my shop. I'm glad because the kid gets a better room and so do I, but it means I have to do one of the things I hate most in this life. Move. I know.. whine, whine, whine.. it's just down the hall, but it's still moving.
Truthfully though, it needed to be done. After the JR indoor, I had so much stuff in the shop and in other places in my downstairs that I was actually mad at myself for letting things get in the condition they were in. But enough about how this came about. I discovered how relative the word scale is .. as it relates to this hobby. In the process of moving, I decide to get everything that is a kit, still in the box, open it, arrange it, and throw away any un-needed packaging or containers for said kit. So in the middle of a room full of stuff ... none of it where it's supposed to be, I come across the 1/7th Scale model of a P-47 that I purchased several months ago. So I began unpacking it and discarding the extra stuff, not needed for shipping and so forth. When I got it out of the box, it was much larger than I remembered when I took a 1/2 glance at it before taking it home. As it turns out, when you put wing halves together, they become a whole wing. Can you believe that? And, even though it had the wingspan on the container, it had no recommended engine sizes, so I'm thinking... 1/7th scale. That should be about a 60 or a 90 sized warbird. Just the right size for me... I like my electric conversions about that range. I should have read the manual. .. Which says... 1.20 four stroke or 20CC gas, because.. as the title of the blog entry says.. scale..... I forgot how big the real P-47 is for a single seat fighter. I must be bigger than I can even imagine right now because I can tell you for sure 1/7th of it is huge.
Unable to control my urge to see it whole, I dug out the wing joiner tube and the two large wing mounting bolts to "mock it up". When I was done, the wingtips had knocked over several things in a circle around me that I believed to be well out of reach and I had a plane that I could barely fit through the door, because it was blocked by other planes, furniture, vaccum cleaners..etc.. I managed to plop it down on my un-made bed, which turned out to be a great size reference and the wadded up blankets an excellent podium. I called by friend Vyceroy and sent him a camera phone picture of it.. he asked if I was going to sleep with it because it was sure a sexy looking thing... and he had a point... The main point of which is Whoops! 1/7th of a P-47 is a whole crapload bigger than 1/7 of a Piper Cub. But .. it's all good. It's a Jug.. and I'll just have to crank things up a notch and finish her out right. I guess if you think about it.. relative is a relative term.

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Jan 17, 2010, 11:58 AM
Team Cobra!!! Ssssssss!
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Hey Bo, you know, that P-47 would fit in my trailer pretty good.... Im just sayin.


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