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Dec 23, 2011, 07:08 AM
Formerly bUd~Fokker
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I had my first FPV for a long time today with my new EZGP. Sure is a tight fit trying to squeze all the bits in so glad i put the servos from the bay to the tail.. but everything fitted in their right spots and balance with the 2200 3s or the 5000mah plus an 800 3s vtx battery without any extra lead needed!
Tested it at the local airstrip, and besides needing some more trimming and fine tuning of the rth it all went well!
I have the camera mouted high on a cf tube and it clears the prop and was nice and stable for the test flight.

Also tested the RF Beacon tracker which has a microphone on it that detects noise... and when it hears anything it keeps the tracker in a standby mode to save power and save it emmitiing stuff out on the uhf channel.
I mounted it on a wing, and wanted to see if it would switch on in a glide when everything was silent ... and even on a very slow glide in with no stick inputs to chatter the servos it stayed off ... which is awesome too!

So yeah i am pretty much all set to go for Christmas, as was my goal.... now the next goal is some cloud surfing and some distance testing!
Should be off to some nice scenic locations after boxing fingers crossed i will be able to get some footage!
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Dec 23, 2011, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by The_Mongrel
Hello Lads,

Just thought I would pop in to wish you all a Merry Xmas. Man it has arrived quick!!

Let's just hope summer turns up soon.

Hey mate, longtime.

Hope business is doing well, have a safe & happy Xmas.

Cheers, Kev.
Dec 23, 2011, 07:20 AM
Look outside the Square
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Great Stuff Bud. Glad it all went well. No fly'n here at the moment. Its either raining or Blow'n.

Dec 23, 2011, 07:35 AM
Jets Suck (and blow)
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Bixler back in stock Aus Warehouse
Dec 23, 2011, 08:54 AM
Registered User
hey all

I cant get my tracker to set to point north have tried several times with the setup but when its not just sitting there spinning around its off by quite a bit

here is a reset and north cal vid (easier to see it than me explain lol)
reset and north cal on MFDAAT (2 min 5 sec)

and here is a vid of it following the plane you can see the plane in some shots and the tracker is following the plane way behind it

MFDAAT tracking plane but not pointing at it (3 min 52 sec)

please help as i need to get it working (i've just ordered the ezuhf system for some long range but it will be useless if i have no vid

its not beeping so i don't think its loosing any data packets
Dec 23, 2011, 04:45 PM
The Flying Circus
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Does it need to be pointed at true N or magnetic N for its reference?
Dec 23, 2011, 05:57 PM
Jets Suck (and blow)
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Originally Posted by PMRfly
hi all
question for LRS users (433mhz) ... i have a question you may be able to help with..

has anyone ever had interference with LRS from digital servo's?

my antenna is very close (3cm) to a digital servo and i am wondering if that would cause interference with LRS (433mhz) signal?

cheers p
Not personally with 433mhz, but I have had this happen on 36mhz. Try a search on the net as someone will have written on this for sure. I remember reading about twisting servo leads to minimise interference, so someone is concerned

Anything is possible, test and you'll know.
Dec 23, 2011, 06:02 PM
Jets Suck (and blow)
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Originally Posted by BingWing
I wonder if the Fatshark Predators are superior to the Dominators ! I cant work it out !
A quick search finds this link to help:

Basically a different field of view, Dominator is 30deg, Predator 25deg.
Dec 23, 2011, 09:40 PM
Jets Suck (and blow)
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OH man, forget the Funjet, meet the ultimate Park Flyer mount for FPV!
Dec 23, 2011, 11:40 PM
Registered User
Hi guys, i'm looking at buying either a skywalker or a bixler, i need a slow flying-glider style platform for fpv.I have a taildragging hk epp fpv thats now resides in a rubbish bin.Any thoughts guys?
Dec 24, 2011, 01:14 AM
Member #1
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Originally Posted by birdscarer
Hi guys, i'm looking at buying either a skywalker or a bixler, i need a slow flying-glider style platform for fpv.I have a taildragging hk epp fpv thats now resides in a rubbish bin.Any thoughts guys?
I've just bought a skywalker coming from a AXN floater. The reason I bought the SW is cause I wanted something a little more agile but with more room for better gear. The floater is really nice and floaty, with a really nice glide characteristic.

It all really depends on what sort of FPV you will be doing most of. If I was searching the same search as you, I'd go the skywalker hands down. Watching a shed load of SW vids its deffinately the airframe that will suit my FPV style.

This probably hasn't helped much but it is another opinion/idea to get you thinking.

Just take your time searching and don't rush it.
Dec 24, 2011, 01:47 AM
Jets Suck (and blow)
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Go the Bixler for mixed fun flying styles is my advice, covers all bases fairly well. SW is for the longer, slower, higher flight stuff where you need the extra space.

From your description the SW seems the go for you, but there are other better options if 'Gliding' is your passion.
Dec 24, 2011, 07:08 AM
what goes up, must come down..
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Dec 24, 2011, 08:39 AM
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I built a Bixler for FPV over a 6 month period. You can get everything to fit very nicely and it'll flew fanastic with a 3000mha Lipo. Balanced perfect.

The problem with the Bixler is access. Once the halves are glued together you really cant get inside again.

That's why I'm going with the SW this time round. I dont really like the look of the SW but it's about functality.

Happy Christmas.
Dec 24, 2011, 04:11 PM
Jets Suck (and blow)
Peril's Avatar
Well, Bixler is a good all rounder once you have done the mods, I was throwing mine around OK unclipped. I think if you're considering clipping the wing you are better off with a Tech Sumo or a pusher jet. The Bixler is that good all rounder, it glides and it flies low and fastish as is.

I'd not clip it's wings, what I would (and did) do is use the extra wing area to carry the weight of HUD gear/good camera and carry out the airframe mods needed for flying fast.

No.1 being a new beefed up CF wing joiner. I went all out in this area, my wing is now crash proof, as tested in the first flight where I hit the deck full throttle left wing first. Trashed the fuse but the wing barely had a mark

8mm CF tube in each half, sleaved to 6mm tub all the way out 20cm past the ailerons inside edge. I use a further 6mm solid CF as a wing joiner in the center. Rod bind the centre 8mm tube to stop the CF splitting. Read the bottom link, I did most of these mods with some changes of my own. Strangely enough I have not changed the servos, these seem OK to me, let's hope so anyway
Last edited by Peril; Dec 24, 2011 at 04:37 PM.

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