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Jan 15, 2013, 03:07 PM
RC Connectors dot com
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I wish HK would stop using the term "JST" when those are clearly Molex PicoBlades.

And the Corona 919MG servos I found on HK say they're 12.5g, not 1.25g. The size of that thing and the huge torque (compared to the others) should alert someone to an anomaly.
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Jan 15, 2013, 05:51 PM
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Thanks for catching that, I completely missed it, duhhh....
I used to be smart, once... can't remember when I lost it.
Jan 16, 2013, 02:27 AM
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I know its out there I just cant find it.. A collection of ar6400 replacement airframe kits. Most are just planes with pre cut foam/balsa but for the life of me, I cannot find them.
Jan 16, 2013, 03:35 AM
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here are a collection ..from the UK

micro, JST,1mm 1,25mm 1.5mm pins, molex, nano... the connectors are a mess up... its a nightmare...
a lot of the products not only have different connectors they are also wired up differently, so every thing has to be checked and checked again...servos , connection leads, ...what a pain!!!.....
note... on servos you also have to check the opperating voltages...some are really only for 1 cell 4v use, some are for 4.8-6V, so the 1 cell servos are not so suited for the voltage that comes back from a 2 cell esc....despite that, people still use them with no problems at the higher voltage... however I supose that you could use a diode to reduce the voltage back to the rec...

They have not even standardised the way they name the bits, even though there are correct names for the diferent types
and HK is only one of many that doesn't help with their descriptions... HK also doesnt sell a full range of plugs and sockets to make it possible to change your own about...

I bought from HK a selection of different rec's like the orange, supermicro, and some micro servos.. and got all of the main 3 types of plugs and sockets, and both voltages for the servos (deliberately)... and I am still trying to organise them so they work together...
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Jan 16, 2013, 05:01 AM
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Or from Robot birds again in the UK

Jan 16, 2013, 06:09 AM
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Thank you for the "heads-up" on the servo voltages, it makes sense to look at that too.

I am quite amazed by the similarity among different RC manufacturers, there doesn't seem to be any standards committee out there for this, but they do have a lot in common anyway. I can think of many other commercial activities that share even less interchangeability, such as Cars, TVs, Power tools, Furniture, Sports equipment, and others. So I think we are pretty lucky for what we have.

Thanks again for the warning.
Jan 16, 2013, 07:13 AM
Dr John
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Originally Posted by 3d astronaut
I know its out there I just cant find it.. A collection of ar6400 replacement airframe kits. Most are just planes with pre cut foam/balsa but for the life of me, I cannot find them.
I have three foam kits listed in my blog that are designed around the 2 cell UMX systems. The Yak-54, Jumping Bean and MiG-29 are all laser cut depron and ply and include all required carbon fiber bits.

Dr John
Jan 16, 2013, 08:01 AM
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Be extra sure to check polarity if you get any leads for batteries..I bought some from ebay to go on 1 cell lipos...the red and black wiring was all in reverse...

lightweight covering materials...

youve seen my xmas foil ar 6400 size models..this foil is 40 microns and 22gsm , ok but lighter is better..its similar to a celophane material in that it will tear very easily when cut or slit , but is strong against a simple pull
So now Ive tried some cheapo plastic bag material..12 microns for the standard bags or 18microns for bottle bags... 50 bags or 100 , from ebay
The results are interesting...
The material is some kind of polythene.. its softer than the Xmas foil, it can be stretched, and it doesnt tear when cut..which is a bonus
I covered a small section using uhu por glue, then I tried hot air heat shrinking... its looking good.. next I must try the digital non stick modeling iron
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Jan 16, 2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by davereap
I need to work on a method to make the rec blocks easily swappable.. my few are all in models that are flying... until these get killed, which may take a while, I am stuck with building experiments only..
A couple of options to look at.

Zeke at has a neat system where the 1S motor and gearbox and the brick are mounted on a removable tray. Stub pushrods are mounted on the brick that connect to pushrod extensions in the plane with magnets.

Mark at has designed a system where the brick clips in with plywood parts.
Jan 17, 2013, 04:18 AM
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have you a link to the actual page...I cant find it...thanks ..dave

Ive been working on micro kites...trying the combination of CF rods and film to get a light weight structure.
I am still getting to grips with selecting the rod sizes, usually I make these for blue wonder motors..and larger
Both kites made are stronger than needed for the micro system, they would easily take 10gm motors , however they are both light enough to fly with a 2 cell brushless ar 6400 micro setup...or the geared setup from the micro SU

The first kite I covered with the Xmas foil... the second I am going with the carrier bag material...the bag material is a lot lighter and doesn't tear as easily

Using the digital iron 110 degrees gets a good shrink, the first test part didn't distort at I am wondering how light I can build , shrink cover and not get distortion..
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Jan 17, 2013, 11:46 AM
Richard Cox
There is an error in post 3400 regarding the 820 ohm resistor. It should be gray-red-brown,
8-2 and one zero.
Jan 17, 2013, 01:51 PM
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Thanks guys!
Jan 17, 2013, 02:08 PM
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Richard Cox,

Oh My! You are so right, I made that mistake in two places!! I edited them both, THANKS!
Jan 19, 2013, 05:42 AM
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I put my gear ito the IFO?BUG and the final AUW was 35gms which with the 5gm brushless gave me just enough thrust to hover... good.. however the motor started to fail to initialize, down to a wire becoming detached.. rewiring it still didn't work.. testing with a meter and I had no power to the esc... so rewired again.. and got power but in testing I shorted out the b***** thing and now the esc signal on the block is dead and the brushless esc on the block is dead...
Its just too easy to short something with these tiny blocks...and up it goes in a puff of smoke..
However the block and servos work so Ive now got to figure a mix that will let me control the brushless esc through the spare servo channel... .. if possible...

On the micro topic for anyone in the uk, these are from ebay and are usefull for parts..
The big twin motor gearbox uses the same motor size as on many of our micro models , the motors can be moved so one or both work a single shaft, giving more or less power as you like
..the tail rotor motors are the same size as used in the tiny linear servos..and on the twin AA planes...
the lipos are 85mA ...
plus there are multi colored LEDs, USB 1 cell charger leads and various other connectors and switches..
I dare say the TX boxes will have some bits in as well .. at the very least they have a charge connection lead plug..edit thats all that was worth salvaging from the tx...
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Jan 19, 2013, 06:11 AM
Can't fly 3D for toffee ...
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I hope this isn't off topic but I have an ageing and abused PZ T-28UM. This means an AR6400 plus aileron servo (long throw in my case, a replacement of the original) and brushed 1S set up. I also have 5 nice 190mAh Miniaviation 1S batteries.

Is there any kit that the entire guts of this Trojan would fit into? I want something more aerobatic than the Trojan, ideally.

I have found that 40 will buy me all the body and rod parts for a micro Su-26. I'm sure this would be good, even though the elevator and rudder would not quite have the throw of the original. However, this is a lot to spend when you consider any of the parts I put in could give up the ghost very soon.

I would prefer a cheaper solution. Those Donuts models would be great but I have almost no modelling experience and no idea how I would get them working so I probably need something more user friendly.

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